Sex Offenders Among Those Being Housed by De Blasio in Upscale NYC Hotels for $2 Million a Night

By The office of Public Advocate for the City of New York, via Wikimedia Commons

Mayor Bill De Blasio is scrambling to buy property to house the homeless after moving them into New York’s high-priced hotels is costing the city $2 million a night and terrifying local residents.

In an effort to prevent Covid-19 breakouts amongst the homeless populations, shelters were closed in favor of an exorbitant plan to help cash strapped hotels stay afloat with government tax money while the tourist industry tanked. 

In May, the city instituted a program for 139 hotels to take in 13,000 homeless, including registered sex offenders, for $175 a head per night. FEMA approved federal funds to cover 75% of the $500 million programs, which is set to run through October and expected to be renewed while de Blasio searches for alternative shelter.  

When asked if he would consider converting hotels into a permanent housing solution, he ambiguously alluded, “There are buildings we control already and that’s where we’re looking to, or want to control or purchase.”  

Faced with the possibility of hotel guests turning into permanent occupants, residents of the Upper West Side have turned to social media to report the chaos their new neighbors are causing in the wealthy borough. 

Three upscale hotels are hosting droves of homeless men, who have been caught on film laying in the streets, shooting up, and publicly urinating. Parents in the area are alarmed about the ten registered sex offenders holing up in the Belleclaire, as several men have been seen masturbating in public.     

Locals have been harassed and spit on by new residents, who have been seen trolling the streets for drugs and fighting in the neighborhood they have taken over. 

Since the beginning of the shutdown, crime has risen dramatically. The homicide rate in July spiked 59% and shootings rose by an astonishing 177%. De Blasio has been instrumental in stripping $1 billion dollars in funding from city police, now residents are depending on them.

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  1. Isn’t it a proven fact that people that commit horrendous sex crimes with children cannot be rehabilitated? Why keep them around at all?

      1. I doubt it. Liberals seem to have poor memories. That’s why liberal cities and states stay liberal so long. You would think they would be voted out after some of the stunts they pull but Cuomo has become a dynasty and the beat goes on. Deblassio? wouldn’t surprise me if he ran against Jesus Christ Jesus would lose, Liberals have their party # tattooed on their butt.

      2. I beieve Groucho was suggesting the pervs be terminated also.

        Maybe a mass event on 5th Ave or in front of Gracie Mansion. Sell tickets.

      3. I hope you mean terminated the right way. Like how the mob used to make you a permanent resident of New Jersey.

        1. Not N.J. per say. The New Jersey meadow-lands where the Giants Stadium now stands. I wonder if the locker rooms are haunted?

      1. A lamp post and a good rope will work just as good and if left hanging for a few days it will give the others something to consider before they also go the same way.

  2. And the dems want us tax payers to bail out such idiotic decisions by the mayors and governors are totally idiots. NO WAY, they should resign and pay for it with their pensions which should be taken away. Why should they be paid for the rest of their lives and do such a horrible job. Who pays for the destruction that they caused?

    1. From the sounds of this article we already are thanks to fema. We are being raped by the demoSCUM party and noone seems to mind.

  3. So let’s review, he cut the Police dept. budget by a billion dollars so he can put up these homeless in posh hotels and the clients paying high rent in these posh hotels don’t want the undesirables living with them, yet they are against border walls, so they don’t mind the undesirables living with we the people.

    1. I wouldn’t want to stay in those hotels after they have those dirty pigs in there.
      I’m never visiting NYC again until they get Cuomo and DeBlasio out. NYC has to turn Conservative and have protection for the tourist or I’ll never go again.

      1. yeah so you have to show your papers to enter the city to see if you came from one of the states that are banned from coming in.sounds like some country in europe in the forties!like i would ever visit new york.the last time i was there guliani was the mayor and he cleaned that cesspool up!

  4. Most of theses are the prisoners he released from jail. Whats with that isnt he worried they might get Covid in the “New Jail”???

  5. Sex offenders and pedophiles should be physically neutered leaving just enough genetalia to urinate! They should also be chemically neutered to remove and prevent them from even thinking about committing a sex act of any kind!
    They may be deranged but, I cannot find a smidgen of sympathy in my heart for them considering the mayhem, permanent mental and physical scarring as well as murder they commit! Their victims lives are forever altered… should theirs!

  6. You democrat voters out there just keep voting these fools into office and I keep waiting to see when your I’VE HAD ENOUGH threshold is reached,no brain no pain.

  7. How fkg crazy is this? U have two idiots, Lying,Cuomo and comrad stooge Deblasio, dumb and dumber destroying N.Y. Homeless trashing high end hotels, running people out of their homes/property. Time to recall these two, incompetent,politicians, who have run N.Y. into the ground.

  8. Not that long ago, we were watching movies about the Italian Mafia and how bad those boys were. The cops were Irish, Italian and other ethic groups. They were equally tough. There are so many stories about how heroic New Yorker’s were during the two World Wars. Where in the hell did these guys go? Did all of them die? Their children are wusses? No one is doing nothing while this once great city is being dismantled by these asswipes. Where did the tough guys go? I sit, watch and stare in disbelief as no one stops this carnage. A few people can cause this while millions watch and do nothing. A few hundred people have whipped the tough guys. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. The old guys would have nipped this in the bud.

  9. New York residents, please WAKE UP!
    How can you possibly keep voting for this trash?
    Your neighborhoods are ruined.
    What do you have to lose by taking the RED PILL??? Just wondering????

  10. New Yorkers are only behind #1 Cali as having THEE LOWEST IQ’s on this planet!!!!!!!! Not to mention that they are PURE EVIL to ALLOW their states to sink this far into HELL!!!!

  11. Meanwhile, deBlasio is crying for Federal money, your tax dollars, to pay for high class hotel rooms that he has chosen to rent for his voter base. DeBlasio has money. Let him pay for the hotel rooms instead of the taxpayers from every state in the United States.

  12. there was one hotel,not sure it was in new york but the busted one room that was a meth lab.also any hotel that refused to take these scumbags in would be posted but not sure where!now the governor is beggfing for the rich to come back to the crime ridden city because they need their tax money.what a joke.oh btw bring your elderly parents so we can put them in the virus infected nursing homes

  13. How can the people of NYC put up with such trash as elected government? He does not have sense enough to run a zoo and they are doing nothing about ridding their city and state of this nonsense from JERKS.

  14. New Yorkers have got to be some of the stupidest fools on the planet to elect and tolerate ilk like Como and De Blasio.

  15. Deblasio you are one ignorant POS. I don’t have the words to describe you and what you are doing. Why in the hell did people elect you. Oh, let me ask , how is DeNero liking New York now , and the local government there

  16. Just think, if we the American voters, are “dumb and stupid enough to elect the criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership back into political power in the 2020 election, we will have this happen all across our America, period”!!!!! This proves that the criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership is “crazy, insane and just plain nuts and needs to be crushed in the 2020 election to save our America”!!! Joe Biden is the “poster boy for all of this in the n2020 election, period”!!!….

  17. New York is a slight example of how bad America will be if Comrade Biden the pervert is elected. Anyone who votes for the for the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is a Traitor, not to just his country, Family but to God. God Blessed this country more than any in the world. Were their mistakes, yes but it still is the best in the world. Don’t let BLOM (Black Lives only Matter) and Antifa ( Anti Free America) destroy our country. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party supports and encourages them. Also, President Trump is correct in what he said about Hydroxychloroquine Helping to cure people of the coronavirus is true. Real Doctors are using it with success. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat owned News/Social Media and Brainless talk shows are lying, promoting fear and hate to support the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party
    goal to overthrow of our Country.

    1. Ny has the government it deserves. Both Wilhelm and Cuomo, keep voting these two back in see if anything changes. NYC residents have no weapons to defend themselves with due to the Sullivan act. The governor says there is no need for any “ we have the largest police force in the world “. Let’s see how this works out for nyc residents.


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