15 Things to Know About the Dangerous Kamala Harris

By Lonnie Tague for the Department of Justice [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden has officially selected Kamala Harris as his running mate, although it was leaked early by one media outlet nothing was set in stone until yesterday. Many are unsurprised by Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris for VP yet some are still outraged by the move. There are many American’s who know little about Kamala Harris as she was only elected to national office in 2016, here are 15 things every voter should know about Kamala Harris:

        1. Disqualification must be FILE! Our Constitution MUS BE OBEYED by everyone, regardless who or what that one might be!

        2. Not now days as Obummer was not American born. His own grandmother, on national TV, said he was born in Kenya & she was there when he was bornThe radical left gets by with anything, however, all the Constitutional laws are only for the white people.

      1. No…To be a “Natural Born Citizen” both parents must have been Legal Citizens at the time of the birth. Has nothing to do with being born on US soil, if parents aren’t citizens of the country……..This subject is getting so tiresome. Hussein got by without ANY US citizenship, But people refuse to do their own homework and Actually study the Constitution.

        1. To be eligible to be the President or Vice President of the United States of America, she must be a natural born citizen which means both parents must be citizens at the time of her birth. An additional requirement may or may not be valid, and that is that both parents must be natural born citizens. Either way, she is not qualified. But since Barry Hussein skated by, not being born in America, not born to both parents who were citizens, I guess the Dims think they can just plant anybody in OUR White House. Not only is she not qualified, she is farther left than Bernie!!

          1. The one thing that really annoys me is that Kamala will get women to vote for her simply because of her gender. Nothing else.

          2. Only heartless and vicious women can vote a creature who wants that women should have abortion even after a baby was born and allow the sale of the baby´s body part.
            She is an ogre and should be sent to Jamaica or India

        2. She is NOT Eligible for the office because she is NOT A natural born citizen !! Neither of her parents were American citizens when she was born !!!!

      2. Requirement to be V P or POTUS is that she must be born in the US and both of her parents must be US Citizens at the time of her birth. Neither of her parents were citizen when she was born as they were here on a students visa. See Vattel’s Law of Nations for proof.

    1. Yes it is the same as obama. He was born in Kenya and actually didn´t qualify to be president.
      This creature Harris is not qualified to be VP.

    2. Kampala Harris is NOT Eligible for the office because she in NOT a natural born citizen as REQUIRED by our Constitution ! Neither of her parents were American citizens when she was born !!!!

  1. She was born in the US, her parents were not citizens at the time of her birth. Parents are Jamaican and Indian. She is an anchor baby. Like obutthead not natural born citizen.

  2. She is a crook, liar, and a huge phoney! She is evil enough to stop a dna test that would prove an innocent man on death row until the courts forced her to give it up proving the man was innocent! To save face, she was willing to allow an innocent man to be executed! She would sell her own mother to get what she wants! Horrible for america!

    1. And her father has even come out against her! She is truly a horrible person. I just wonder how the Dims are going to sweep it under the rug that her family owned slaves in Jamaica. They are even tearing down statues of Washington because he owned slaves, but KKKamala will be given a pass~~ after all, she is a Dim.

  3.  less than one-third of American’s think this is a good idea.”
    Somebody should check articles for the grammar…:( Mistakes like this makes the author seem insufficiently schooled. It helps the libs.

  4. This radical,liberal, sounds as corrupt as hildebeast, no accomplishments, whatsoever, a very good pick for Trump and conservatives, Only racist,slo,joe could make this terrible pick, now we have baloney joe, and phony kamala, every time they open that pie hole they lie,standard for most dumbocraps, what a slaughter is about to happen,Trump in landslide in 2020.

  5. Common sense would indicate that the VP should be eligible to succeed at President, but when did politicians start using common sense? There is no requirement that the VP meet the qualifications for President – until it is necessary to become President. Then it will be ignored by the party in charge, like with Obama’s obfuscations and concealments and lies. Until Congress passes a law defining and enforcing the “natural-born citizen” term, this will continue.

    The best thing is NOT TO ELECT anyone who could precipitate the problem, as would likely happen with Biden-Harris. Just one more excellent reason to vote for Trump!

  6. You say in #11 “…Kamala Harris has personally floated the idea of racial reparations in the past but interestingly enough her father publicly stated that they themselves are the descendants of slaves.” I thinnk you meant the “descendants of Slave OWNERS.

  7. You forgot to mention this snake in the grass screwed her way to where she’s now. Living in San Francisco, ‘heels up’ kamala harris was one of the cities worst district attorneys in a long line of worthless ineffective buffoons who call themselves ‘attorneys’. First was with willie brown to get the district attorney position despite being unqualified for the job. When she for she got it she dumped brown (a married man) like a load of rotten potatoes. Then she want on to screw someone unknown to get the California attorney general position and finally she’s been screwing the people of California for years with her leftist policies. Does anyone with eyes and half a brain see a pattern here. One more thing, she has no morals, she’s a hypocrite, phony, will say and do whatever to advance her agenda, is anti Christian and a liar and thief. There’s probably more but I’m busy and the aforementioned is sufficient for now. God help us if this snake in the grass along with lying, thieving ‘chinese’ puppet touchy feely sniffee joey biden get the White House in November, this country will be screwed big time.

  8. Kamala Harris is not a woman I would choose to have as a friend and it would likely be even worse to have her as an enemy or worst still, especially as a cohort! I’m aware that this sounds nasty but truth be told, from all I’ve heard about her and her handling situations, certainly not as a cohort!
    Though I’m not a fan of Joe Biden, I don’t envy him having Kamala Harris as a cohort! It’s not something that I’d wish on anyone!

  9. EXACTLY like B. FREEKIN Obama! A foreigner and THREAT to this nation! This woman is against GOD and she will be the straw that breaks the camels back if ….1 Tim 2:12/Titus 2:5/Proverbs 31:3 KJV

  10. Since when does the constitution matter anymore anyway! These JACKA$$E$, and I apologize to every fourfooted Jacka$$) only care about their CONTROL of this nation and it’s AUTHORITY over the same! That’s called Communism! EVE plunged the world into SIN, and the woman will finish it off!

  11. I knew all I needed to know about Kamala when her bed partner, Brown, whom she slept with to get to where she is, admitted that was how she got where she is. Him I’ll believe. Which makes her just another hooker, but with a higher price.
    Or is it more appropriate to say she’s just a cheap whore?

  12. Must be born in the USA, unless of course, you are a Democrat Domestic Terrorists (DDT) who wants to rule over this great country, enslave its people and reap its riches. Obama got away with it, why shouldn’t others? Obama snuck in under the radar – although Donald Trump called him out, so no one really had an excuse for voting for him, other than that he was the wonderful, first black “president.” Hopefully, after the election, assuming its not hijacked by the DDT party, President Trump will expose and prosecute that travesty of justice, along with the rest of the Swamp leaders!


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