Democrat Rep Blasts Pelosi for ‘Absurd’ Move

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Democrat Representative Ro Khanna (D-Cali) has blasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her “absurd” recess arguing that lawmakers should be working.

According to Fox News:

Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, called the House’s planned monthlong recess “absurd” and urged Congress to continue working on coronavirus relief legislation.

“I think Congress should be in session,” Khanna said Tuesday during a Facebook town hall with his constituents. “I think it’s absurd for Congress to be going on a break during a pandemic and a national crisis.”

The last time the House took votes was Friday, July 31. No votes are expected in the House until the week of Sept. 14 unless both parties can reach a deal on a coronavirus stimulus package.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., had been in talks with the White House in recent weeks over a stimulus deal, but they are still not close on finding common ground. Democrats had wanted at least $3 trillion in aid, while the GOP pitched a $1 trillion plan.

It is typical for Congress to recess during August, but the situation is different this year with the pandemic wreaking havoc on people’s lives and businesses.

      1. she is also a Card Carrying COMMUNIST along with her Husband, she has NO business being in any position of power in the USA

  1. when is the last time the demoncrats did any work in the past year (the impeachment charade shouldn’t count as it was a total waste of time & money); we all have an opportunity to flush these libturds in a few months; otherwise we deserve the stench

    1. well, they still keep it alive because the fools they pander to believe them when they say Russia colluded with Trump. Now they don’t want people to talk bad about the first black VP candidate. I think they need to be reminded of how they treated Sarah Palin when she was a VP candidate.

      1. She is not “black” she is a women of color born of Non-American parents and thus of questionable qualification to run for VP

    2. Robert — the House demoSCUM have NOT 1(one,uno) positive accomplishment since President Trump took office almost 4 years ago. All their time has been used trying to oust our duly elected President. They have proven without a shadow of a doubt that they are absolutely UNESSENTIAL to the operation of our government. It would NOT hurt the functionality of the House of Representatives if every house demoSCUM seat was abolished.

    3. Democrats don’t work the let other people work their ass’s off and then swoop in and feed off the fruits of other peoples labor,why do people keep voting people in office to represent them when those reps can’t even go out and fend for themselves yet they are able to watch out for our best intrests?

  2. I absolutely agree that lawmakers should be in session. Lots of American citizens are on forced recess thanks to the virus, and they are not getting paid. Other citizens are forced to be working throughout the pandemic because they are on the front lines. Pelosi and Schumer need to put their humble panties on and work with the Republicans to finish a stimulus for those of us who are not protected like they are. Democrats complain about bills not being passed by the Senate but fails to mention that not even Obama would not have passeded most of those bills. Then she uses it as a club to beat the drum of “we have been working but Republicans won’t even discuss our legislation”. Congress has taken more vacations (recesses) in their mansions than any person who is actually putting their nose to the grindstone day in and day out. They should ALL be taken out of office….forcibly if need be.
    Rant over.

      1. You are totally correct! All politics to DEmo-rats, they do not care about the Nation nor it people! The END justifies the Mean, so any thing goes if it advances their commie agenda.

  3. For whom the bells told crazy Nancy Pelosi has put the final nail in the Democratic run for anything.
    Hopefully the die hard liberal democrats will finally wake up to the grim reality following them down the road to hell they are destroying the cities and states that they control open your eyes and take a long look at at how screwed up THOSES cities and states have been governed.
    Common sense has died a horrible death but there’s always room for stupidity keep up the good work and vote for those Democrats LOL

  4. We have these lazy politicians because there are a lot of American and illegal people voting for them again and again . Our problem is the people who continued to vote for these corrupt politicians . Vote them out and the problem should cease . Nancy , Schiff and others are for re election . Vote them out .

    1. That’s why a wise person “coined” the phrase “die hard Democrats” because there are those who would vote for Satan if he had a “D” behind his name!
      I have lived a long life and my mother used to talk about die.hard Democrats when I was a child!

    2. Pelosi is a millionare who cares not for struggleing americans . Why can not she and the rich in California pitch in a couple milliom each to help all those out of work because of her rants against Trump but she is helping the rich get richer. Ask her how she can condone this?

  5. People are hurting. Demoncraps are out playing. Does anyone else see the irony in this? We need help. Not in Sept., when PUlousi decides to come back, but NOW.!!!! That stimulus check was nice, but it didn’t come close to covering MONTHS instead of weeks. We need more help, or just turn people loose so they can go back to work. Many places are managing to have people working. It just took more care in cleaning, dividing up work spaces, and doing like the stores, with one way aisles in and out. A lot of other places could do the same. People want to work. We don’t want to sit at home worrying if we are going to be able to pay our bills while the Demoncraps sit and spin. It’s time for them to get to work and help the people who PUT THEM IN OFFICE.!!! THEY WORK FOR US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.!!!! It’s time they found that out.

  6. I say getrid of all of them.republicants and Democraps and install Sean Hannity as president with rush Limbaugh vice president and tucker Carlson as speaker

  7. Its vacation time man, let’s not bring them down with responsibility and accountability issues concerning the country and citizens. All that can wait, these politicians are all still getting paid and now want time off to eat ice cream.

  8. Now when the Republicans took the time off when there was a Democratic relief bill in the Senate for over 2 months they refused to act on at Trump’s supposedly request because he wanted to make it look like the Democrats were doing nothing but the actual facts say the Republicans in the Senate were doing nothing. Now everyone is suffering except both parties in the negotiations about the relief package. Maybe if we secured those in a uncomfortable place with little or no food or in a hot dark room thy might seem to get the point of the entire thing that is effecting other persons.

    1. If Pelosi would include only items the bills should have in them and stop loading bills with pork for her damned pet projects and because she “owes” people for favors and votes she would get more cooperation from the Senate!
      Soooooo, I hear you saying your fearless leaders lied to you about why the Senate held up the bill well, nothing new there!

  9. We all need a RECESS from Polosi and her Dem CLOWNS !!
    Good for KHANNA for STANDING UP for the COMMON PEOPLE and showing up the DO NOTHING CONGRESS for NOT DOING THEIR JOBS!! They have too many RECESSES as it is.. !!

  10. “Teflon” Pelosi is so confident of her position within the Democrat party she is taking the August Recess come “hell or high water”! DJT’s E.O.’s did not cover nearly everything that needs to be addressed, some things Congress has to do! But, never mind what the American people need! Pelosi is in a rage, having a toddler tantrum because she was outsmarted and outflanked by DJT so she will show him by punishing America, Democrats and Republicans alike! (Does everyone remember she/Pelosi is the real leader of the Democrat party?) How in hades is there a single Dem party member left, I ask?
    I am sure her $24k ice cream freezer full of designer ice cream will solve her problems but, what about the problems of the American people?
    I despise this evil shell of a woman worse than she hates DJT!

  11. our government is so FUBAR it is a sick joke.
    US Congress says, “screw all you F’king Americans, we got play politics, and KEEP paying those taxes !”

    1. Not to mention her dad had slaves, and was just as mean and evil as she is. MSM will try and paint her black. She has less black the Warren had Indiana in her. What a joke Democrats trying to push her off as black.

      1. As much as I abhor Kamala Harris, the truth is important. Her dad did not own slaves but his ancestors did which means Kamala’s ancestors did. Don’t give her supporters ammunition by not being truthful/factual.

  12. There is NO ‘pandemic’; it’s a PLANNEDemic and those of us with THINKING BRAINS (aka HUMANS) see right through the BS!!

  13. No, no, let the democrats go on recess yet again. They keep trying to justify themselves a pay raise and their constituents are looking for them to be at work, but they are on another recess.

  14. Doesn’t it show how eager piglosi and schumass are to work this out, why do these privileged money wasters get so many vacations, they should have their pay stopped until they sort this crap out.

  15. Let’s out source the government or at the very least put all of it on commission….show a profit, get paid, show a loss, no pay and they have to chip in to cover the loss….

  16. Nancy Pelosi is a nasty, snarky beech full of her own self importance. When are the gays and lesbians of San Francisco going to finally have enough of her power hungry stupidity?

  17. So, what is congress good for other than stealing our money pocketing most, then giving the rest to illegal aliens?????????? Congress should be dissolved immediately!!!!!!!!!! They are worthless to the people of this country especially American citizens! “We the People” need to organize enmasse, and vote for cngresses expulsion!!!!! THEY ARE WORTHLESS CROOKS!!!!!!!!!👎😢👎😢👎😢👎😢🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. The stupid witch thinks recess means she gets to go outside and play on the monkey bars. (Oops, can’t call them “monkey bars” might offend a monkey”).

  19. She IS the enemy within to Constitutional Process, the Rule of Lawand has utterly no moral conscience and should be removed for CAUSE by Recall election if anyone has the cojones to try it!

  20. Wow, a Democrat that gets it right and goes against “Queen Pelosi”. It would be nice if more Democratic Congressional Reps and Senators had the “guts” to go against “her majesty” and stand on their own two feet. Dems, the true honest hardworking voter type Dems, are these the people you want to entrust America’s future too, political leaders that will not stand up to an “Amazonian Bully” for America? They do whatever the “Queen” tells them to do. Have the courage to “Walk away”, take your vote from your foolish, clueless, and truly misguided political leadership (i.e., political leaders like; Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Nadler, etc.). Walk away, I was a Dem but got tired of the garbage my party was dishing out so I walked away, you can too. It just starts with a single step in the “right” direction. Others have done it – you can do the same! Check out the walk away website:, if you want (or care) to know more!

  21. We should give Ro Khanna a bit of credit for going against the establishment Democrats and siding with the needs of the people. I probably do not share many policy ideologies with Rep. Khanna, but it takes nerve to stand in the way of the party if one is a Democrat. They tend to cancel their own as fast as they cancel Republicans.

  22. Why worry? Congress gets their paychecks during this time. And Summer is almost over! The hard working congressmen deserve some time off to get away from the annoying constituents and issues of the day. They also need to work on getting re-elected in November. There’s no time for them to do their job. C’mon Man!

  23. So explain to me again how a recess for a month proves pelosi cares about us? I for one just don’t get it? While people get thrown out and starve with out any money she goes on break and some how in all this it is still Trump’s fault and the GOP? Have they thought about drug testing all the democrat’s?

  24. One thing that the house has proven is that there is no need to have any elected officials to be in DC. All the work that they do can be done within their own states. This way maybe they will hear the local people’s voices and not the slush funds loonies that swamp up DC. Even in the days of horses Congressman where only in DC for 3 months out of the year then they went home to work.

  25. Crazy,wicked,pathetic,sick,demented,incompetent,n.piglosi,”the ripper”, and crying,lying,chuck the smuck, schumer are the problem, they could care less about the American people, that’s why they both need to be voted the hell out, right away.

  26. The nasty Dems are starting to realize that their delay in working out a compromise relief bill is going to have severe repercussions in november. Trump put em behind the 8 ball with the executive orders.
    The idiot Piglosi took the bait. Sweet!

  27. Another Democrat stunt to make the American People suffer while they “think” they are gaining political points. Demo’s have pulled this stunt time and time again. Then the Demo’s will cry we are working for you people against the evil Republicans , yeah and pig fly every day, too!


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