Ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali Slams Biden for Being Sympathetic to Sharia Law

Former Muslim and Hoover Institution Fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali warned of Joe Biden’s sympathies to Sharia Law while appearing on Fox News recently.

According to Fox News:

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden quoted the Muslim prophet Muhammad pronouncing Sharia law during an address to Muslim voters last month, Hoover Institution research fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday.

According to Ali, elsewhere in his speech, Biden said, “‘If you see something wrong’ — and he quotes the Prophet Muhammad — ‘use your hand. If you can’t use your hand, use your tongue and if you can’t use your tongue, use your heart.'” What he’s basically doing from that point onwards is enforcing Sharia law and it is vigilantism on steroids.

“If you’re a Muslim, [if] you grew up within Islam trying to reform it, or [are] just a good American Muslim, you’re being confronted with … a candidate for a major political party who’s basically saying ‘Let’s enforce Sharia law,” Ali went on. “I’m with him on ‘Let’s fight [anti-Muslim] discrimination, we should not be bullying Muslim children’ … but I don’t know who puts these words in his mouth and I’m alarmed.”

“I understand Joe Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing and I think most Americans don’t,” she said. “But he does have a campaign team… Joe Biden should come out and apologize profusely to the American people, especially to those American Muslims who have adopted and embraced the foundational principles of America.”

Ali claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood has a lot of influence over the campaign and got Biden to make these comments. She said if he did decide to apologize it would show a great amount of leadership from Biden.

    1. Point well taken, but if these 2 bafoons make it to the WH, all religions will be under attack. The closure of churches due to the pandemic, are a trial run. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

      1. I could not agree more. If there is one reason for anyone to vote Biden/Harris, I have yet to see one. As Nine Island Girl wrote “WAKE UP AMERICA”.

        1. I think the whole plan is to cheat like no one has ever cheated before to win the election. He will then will be proven to be mentally unfit to perform his duties and then WHAM Kamala will be the first black woman to ever be President of the United States. Oh joy!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!

          1. I don’t see how Biden is even eligible to run for President. There are MANDATORY physical and mental medical exams in the process for vetting a person running for office as HEALTHY in mind and body. I want to see the medical reports on Biden!!! How about confirming statements from the medical staff???

          2. You are forgetting the libitards get a pass, they don’t have to abide by these simple yet critical measures. Only conservatives have to pass muster.

  1. We really have to question the judgement of anyone who actually believes this blathering fool is fit to be US President. He apparently doesn’t know who he is pandering to. To unhappy democrats, I say one word: Walkaway!

  2. If they want Sharia law, let them go to the country who has it. This is America not Afganistan go there if you want sharia.
    This is stupid, we are s FREE COUNTRY and it will stay that way

    1. Debra – I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. Why in God’s green earth are some people in this country allowing them to come here and destroy our country. Most of us do not want to be changed to their way of thinking. Let them go back to their country if they like the laws so well. Most Americans ( and I mean TRUE AMERICANS) do not want their laws here.

  3. Joe Biden’s dementia is progressing rapidly! His ability to read what has been written FOR him is not diminished but, I hope people realize Biden is reading which does not require a thought process! I wrote that to write this…..people in Biden’s condition are usually easily led, while trying to conceal their demented condition, they will agree to things they wouldn’t if their brain were functioning! This would prove to be not only detrimental in his governing ability but extremely dangerous in dealing with foreign countries AND dealing with enemy countries w-e-l-l……..FORGET ABOUT IT! Biden must not be elected!

  4. This is just one of the copious piles of reasons to banish Quid Pro Joe to his basement for the rest of his mixed up, confused, racist and evil life.

  5. Anyone who wants or supports sharia law in this country needs to not hold ANY public office — better yet — needs to get out of this country.

  6. Biden is an instrument from the anti American left. His choice of Kamala Harris and his quote of this muslim verse shows how crazy a candidate he is. Shame on Biden’s. family for letting the Democratic Party use this brainless man as a pawn in their far left campaign. Making gaffes and disparaging remarks is demeaning to him and others as a human being. Although he is a crooked, ego centric and known as a sexual predator It still condemns him as stupid dimwit. It’s discusting to see the Democrats have stooped so low as to put him forward as a candidate. Kamala Harris is a person who hopefully will bring both of them down. As far as Sharia law, Obama brought a lot of Muslims to the states and this is obviously something he wanted to have happen. The Democrats are Soros bought and paid for and Obama and Biden wrapped their arms around this ideology. I pray they lose and Republicans stand up and vote all Democrats out in November. VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!! Take back our country now!!!!

  7. Now since Sharia Law has been practiced and recognized by the legal system since at least 1890, and has done no harm, why should Christian law be the only law in this USA when the Constitution says that no law shall be made in support of any one religion. Now the Catholic Church for years had a similar law on the books where the church settled disputes and netted out punishment to the believers in the Catholic Church. It seems like some need educating about FREEDOM OF RELIGION, where it says all faiths are free to practice their religion in this USA, not just Christians.

    1. The U.S.A. has its own laws and those laws are not be superseded by Sharia Law. Our laws are not based on religion even though Christian values are interwoven into some of our laws.

  8. Dumb SOB! Stepped in it!

    But it’s a good choice for us!

    She asked at one of her primary rallys, if they were ready for her as president. The crowd answered with a resounding “NO!”

  9. This is just the start of the unraveling of our nation if Biden/Harris get in. There will be no Constitution, and what we will be left with will totally plunder our country.

    Not everyone is overjoyed with the personna of President Trump, but there is one thing no one can deny – PRESIDENT TRUMP LOVES OUR COUNTRY! He has proven it time and time again. If we as a nation do not stand-up, and go to the polls (no mail-in ballots) and vote for President Trump, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

  10. “Progressives ‘Disrespected’: Biden’s Harris Pick Is ‘Slap In Face To 1/3” Of Democratic Voters”
    Hey progressives….better go riot some more, better go destroy some more historic statutes, better go burn some more buildings, better go team up with your black brothers and sisters and go loot some more high end stores (cuz we know you’re hungry) …. yep…..ya’ll got “disrespected”. lol lol lol.
    You would have thought your uncle Biden would have picked a running mate from some place he’s familiar with….like the Ukraine maybe…..or even a nice socialist country like Venezuela or Ecuador.
    Yep….. you knuckleheads got dissed……….AGAIN!!!!!!!


  12. Shocking to hear it, but we are going to be shocked for the next 2.5 months. Nothing that Biden should really surprise anyone who knows what the facts are (as opposed to the truth). With a leftist Californian as a running mate, who proved her viciousness and propensity to lie during the Kavanaugh hearings, there is no reason for any American to vote for anyone but Trump. And also vote only for Republicans so Trump can proceed with his pro-American plans.

  13. I very much doubt that Biden knows what apologize means! And if he does know, he wouldn’t care if what he says requires an apology or not!

  14. It’s unlikelythat Biden would know what being “sympathetic to sharia law” means! If he does know, it likely wouldn’t occur to him that there might be issues and other matters that he would also have to know if he was planning on discussing Sharia law at all! It’s highly unlikely that he’d understand any of this!
    Frances Weingarten


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