Here Are The Lies Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Told at Her FIRST Speech

Kamala Harris was only recently picked by the Biden campaign to be the VP nominee and she is already lying about President Trump and his administration as well as the current state of the world. Many of Kamala’s lies stem from recent developments around the Coronavirus and the current state of the US Economy. Here are the lies that Kamala Harris told during her first speech as Vice Presidential Candidate:

    1. The Truth of the matter is that Kamala Harris IS really That Stupid. She is incompetent and She’s not even black by any standards but is a Former Slave Owner from her jamacian grandpartents.

  1. She sounds and acts more like a 2-bit street hooker than someone who got picked by the demoSCUM party to be a running mate of a senile ol’ groper. I never thought much of politicians to begin with but they are truly scratching the bottom of the barrel with these 2.

    1. They are all fools. And will lose soon. It’s like a gindergarten against a senior. No way will the demturds win.

  2. Ebola was not a pandemic in the U.S. But I noticed she didn’t mention SARS where the U.S. had 60,000 deaths and Obama didn’t even mention it until 6 months in. And what did he do about it? NOTHING! What did anyone expect Trump to do with a virus that has in essence, been weaponized. He did the best he could. The press has done their best to blame him, while they effectively have quieted the fact that drugs such as hydroxychloraquin have been somewhat effective. They have been so successful in discouraging this drug, that a person can not get it in many states. They do not want people to have a cure because the populations fear would be gone and the economy would be rebound before the election. The Dems and the media do not care about the people, only power.

    1. In a plague you have four kinds of people:immune, carriers, survivors, and the dead. The faster that you can achieve the bell curve the better off you’ll be!

  3. I cannot believe that EVEN THE DEMOCRATS have stooped so low. I believe they knew they couldn’t win against President Trump so they threw out Good Ol Joe – just to make him feel important. I could beat Biden – and I’m not even a politician. President Trump is the biggest shoo-in since President Kennedy.

        1. i agreeeeeeee! Vote all democrats out. Their party has gone so far to the left to keep George Sorros donating to them. They are crazy, riots, stealing from businesses, looting and killing people.

  4. yes she is that stupid and will show us all more of her STUPIDITY, in the next few months, just how far her stupidity goes. She is a JEANY COME LATELY to this campaign, and I’m sure not who corrupt biden wanted, and this proves she and he both are controled by the demo-communist party, told what to do and when and where to do and say it. And all under the control of SOROS and his employees, and we all know what TRASH they are. Let’s put egg on their faces and VOTE RED in NOVEMBER 3rd. And VOTE HEAVY on the RED but let’s be honest, NO MAIL IN VOTES

    1. I agree no mail in votes. Biden and Harris are communism all the way. America does not want them. VOTE RED ALL THE WAY! I LOVE MY PRESIDENT TRUMP

  5. This is the result of ignorance applied with stupidity. Since both of her parents are immigrants she cannot serve as president! Both parents must be natural born citizens and she had to be born in the u.s.a. military does not come into play here.

      1. there is enough of this CRAP ,floating around in the political toilet bowl now, that keeps me up at night, it is time to start flushing.

  6. Kamala is a waste. I read the first 3 and thought I’m not wasting my time. She needs to go back to sleep and wake up on the right side of the bed. The Left side is way too stupid-!!! It’s demoncRats who disgust me. They are the ones who always throw the stones first and then cry, “pity me” afterwards. Kamala, have someone change your pull-up and go sit in a corner.

  7. Reading these comments it is easy to tell that people are not taking this seriously. Trump is not a shoo-in and anyone who thinks otherwise is part of the problem.

  8. Comrade Kamala is a world class liar and when she is not lying……she is flip flopping on a previous position!
    🤥🤥🤥🤥 4 pinocchios for you comrade
    (and trying for more)

  9. I am a DEmocrat, so Actually I think TRUMP is at fault. But being he’s been attacked by so many, I guess I will give him the benefit of the doubt:

    AND SO I am giving him one more chance NOT to mismanage anything!!! What I want to see is for him to DO HIS DUTY and manage ALL HURRICANE’s from coming to our shores!!!!! He should be able to!!! He is the PRESIDENT!! He is the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF OUR LAND!!! Mind you this is just a Test…If he succeeds, then I want him to do something about the ‘Ice Melt’ at the North Pole. He should be able to manage that too!!!!

    But if he fails the first Test, and IF EVEN ONE COMMUNITY is destroyed during the Hurrican season, I will have good cause to NEVER Trust him to MANAGE the HURRICANES again! I will Not VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN!! Instead I will vote for Joe Biden (as bad as he is).

    He should be able to STOP the HURRICANES from coming to our shores!!! (Shouldn’t he?)

      1. I really think Rick was writing “tongue in cheek,” don’t you? If NOT, then the chappie is clearly DAFT!

    1. President Trump is a great President. He cannot control hurricanes, only God can control mother nature. Trump is not God and you are an idiot if you vote for Biden and his communism ways

    2. Hurricanes – only almighty God can control the direction and intensity
      Ice Melt – only almighty God can change the earth’s cooling and warming periods that have occurred since God’s creation of the planet
      YOU know this (unless you are deranged), you are berating DJT supporters, as most Dems do, by falsely accusing us of believing DJT is a deity! Trust me we don’t! If we believed that, we would not be working so hard to get him reelected! If he was a god, he would control the Dems, even you!

  10. Dems follow the script as it’s given them. BIDEN and HARRIS are having their 15 minutes of fame and are empty headed for the roles they have been nominated for

    1. the real runner for the POTUS seat at the WH. is SOROS, and he will run it thru these 2 morons if they win, and they will be instructed hour by hour day by day, from soros obama and clinton. joe and his ho are , just grade D actors , and as long as they are paid and paid well and are allowed to continue their CORRUPTION, all is well and good for them. They don’t care. But when they make a mistake or mess up the works, they are just collateral damage, EXPENDABLE. And when they get expendabled, the DCCP will make up a distraction story cover up. VOTE RED in NOVEMBER

  11. LOL the Democrats have put two turds together on a presidential ticket. They are a joke. Neither can do either job. She is a sham as a senator and was a failed prosecutor. She would not be in any office if she hadn’t slept with Willie Brown. As for Biden..he doesn’t even know how to behave!

    1. yes they are, only thing could be worse, is a ticket with pelosi/schiff or pelosi/schumer. but they are in a 3 way tie for 1st place of the worse.

  12. ALready elected politicians should be required to leave current position in order to seek another position. I am willing to bet that if things were just like that, we would see fewer idiots running for office! The fact still remains that she can not be an effective senator while running for vice president.

  13. Harris us just another place holder. After Biden is declared incompetent Harris becomes president. Pelosi then forces Harris out, blackmail is the usual action by Pelosi, then Pelosi becomes president and America ceases to exist as a free country and Pelosi becomes queen of a socialist utopia like San Francisco.

  14. I heard her say 3 times today that “If X doesn’t happen” the “I” will sign a Executive order,As if she were already President. What a Moron!!!

  15. If she weren’t a woman, if she weren’t black, and she weren’t a massive liar of course she is a lawyer, the communist a.k.a. Democrat party never would’ve put her in that position, is Joe Biden didn’t do it it was a one world order money in the communist a.k.a. Democrat idiots that are nothing but communist to the core seeking the destruction of America for the pimps the one world order billionaires!

  16. Kamala had the blame Trump stories all ready to go. If you want a conspiracy theory to fall back on, try this. Democrats blame trump for everything bad and credit anything good to Obama. They knew that they would need some crisis to offset all the good Trump stuff, and they have close ties to China. How about they learned about COVID-19 (before it had a name) and suggested that Xi spread it all over the USA to create a medical emergency. Xi decided to take it even farther, to the whole world, and get more benefit. And here we are.


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