Two Retired U.S. Military Officers Urge Military to Remove Trump – Biden Agrees

U.S. Army Sgt. Kalie Jones via Wikimedia Commons

In what might be the most insane public letter written by two military officers in U.S. history, retired Lt. Colonels John Nagl and Paul Yingling, Tuesday urged the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, to order troops to forcibly remove President Trump from the White House if he refused to leave after losing the election.

In the letter published by Defense One, they tell Milley that, “If Donald Trump refuses to leave office at the expiration of his constitutional term, the United States military must remove him by force, and you must give that order.”

Coming right on the heels of the firestorm of criticism created simply by Trump’s use of federal law enforcement officers to protect federal property in Washington, D.C. and Portland, this bizarre missive was not just unconstitutionally idiotic, and dangerous, but hypocritically tone-deaf as well.

The letter does serve to demonstrate however, how Trump Derangement Syndrome can infect even supposedly rational professional military men. In this case, the infection of these two faded field-grade officers had severe effects.

Their letter sounds more like something coming from a Rachel Maddow rant on MSNBC, than from a contributor to the Army’s Counterinsurgency Manual, and a seasoned combat veteran. Their fictional inaugural day scenario also reads like something out of a dime store novel:

January 20, 2021, and Donald Trump will be sitting in the Oval Office. The street protests will inevitably swell outside the White House, and the ranks of Trump’s private army will grow inside its grounds. The speaker of the House will declare the Trump presidency at an end, and direct the Secret Service and Federal Marshals to remove Trump from the premises. These agents will realize that they are outmanned and outgunned by Trump’s private army, and the moment of decision will arrive.

At this moment of Constitutional crisis, only two options remain. Under the first, U.S. military forces escort the former president from the White House grounds. Trump’s little green men, so intimidating to lightly armed federal law enforcement agents, step aside and fade away, realizing they would not constitute a good morning’s work for a brigade of the 82nd Airborne.

Under the second, the U.S. military remains inert while the Constitution dies. The succession of government is determined by extralegal violence between Trump’s private army and street protesters; Black Lives Matter Plaza becomes Tahrir Square.

The idea that President Trump would simply hunker down in the White House basement and refuse to leave after losing the election, is fairly preposterous to begin with but has been one of many outlandish ideas floated by partisans and ‘Never-Trumpers’ in their bid to keep the anti-Trump crazy talk going till election day.

And as I wrote earlier, even Joe Biden jumped onboard this crazy train himself when asked what might happen if he (Biden) wins the election but Trump decides not to leave the White House. Biden responded: “I promise you, I’m absolutely convinced they [senior military leaders] will escort him [Trump] from the White House with great dispatch.”

But assuming this bizarre scenario was even remotely probable, the fact that they would suggest that the Army should intervene to remove an ex-president is even more insane and unconstitutional than the idea of an ex-president refusing to leave.

Firstly, as any first-year West Point cadet should know, even if the military was needed for this, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is the principal military adviser to the president. He has no power to command, or issue orders, to the armed forces. That power falls to the civilian Secretary of Defense and to the Unified Combatant Commanders.

Asking Milley to intervene and issue orders is just plain dumb. As Fred Kaplan writes in Slate, “In other words, Nagl and Yingling sent their letter to the wrong address.”

Secondly, as I previously noted, this is not the military’s role. It would be a law enforcement action, and the Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, FBI, and other federal police personnel would be the ones to do it. But in the unlikely possibility that they could not, and the military was required, the one to give the order would be the civilian, elected president of the United States, Joe Biden in this scenario, not a rogue general.

Finally, even if these two retired yahoos are right in their wild speculation about Trump’s refusal to step down creating “America’s greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War,” their outrageous suggestion would only make that crisis far worse.

And presidential candidate Joe Biden echoing these Banana Republic ideas about the military removing Trump makes all this wild talk even more dangerous.

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  1. Since America’s entertainment is melting away,,,it might b kinda fun not to mention free to watch the left,,,while President Trump gets settled in and ready for his next 4 yrs….Trump-Pence 2020…


    1. And I believe those two scumbags are Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Both have made this remark several times before. The best thing to do, get Seal Team out there and find the main scumbag Soros and take him out.

    2. this is sedition and they can be recalled and court martialed. But the headline for the article is misleading. It says SOME when it is only two.

  3. Of course! He is messing with their covert operations!!! It is sad to have to realize that high ranking military members can be bought.

      1. Good point and the Democrats, fake news and many supporters keep pushing this narrative about Trump not being in military. They do not want to talk about other previous Presidents or congress members that have no military experience. What about the fact that Obama or Bill Clinton we’re not military but the clearly want to bash Trump and we all know why? What about their fearless Joe Biden and Kamala where’s their military service ?
        Proud Veteran

  4. It’s pathetic military officers like these losers that got fragged back in the day. The Swamp is very deep. Needs draining and elimination. KAG!

  5. The only way I could see Trump refusing to leave, would be if that the election results are as “F” up as the Democrats are likely to make them. Believe me, you will have seen nothing like it before.

    1. Yes and there will be many of us, armed male and female patriots, that will make sure the demokRAT scum won’t hijack the election and the Constitution.

  6. Sure hope these two officers are prepared to permanently leave the country when President Trump WINS in November. Of course the other option is to try them for treason due to their subversive promotion to overthrow the government. Maybe we could build the gallows in front of the Whitehouse……

  7. This makes it look like the democrats really don’t want the results to be announced the night of the election, and plan to deliberately slow it down by mandating mail in ballots. The President’s term expires Jan 20th, and if we still don’t know who won the election by then, it could get chaotic. I think the Supreme Court would be the arbiter, not the military.

    1. I think We the People should be the arbiter. If Quid Pro Joe steals the election there will be blood shed in the streets. We the People cannot let the Dim socialist criminals take our country!! WWGWD? What Would George Washington Do?

      1. George Washington wouldn’t sit idly by and watch his freedom be stolen, like the vast majority of Americans do today, that’s for certain.


  9. I would just bet these pompous fools do want things back like the eight years with Bozo and Biden and likely even Bush since the establishment was in charge in the entire 16 years. Bozo elevated the weak in the service that he could manipulate and control and demoted or retired the rest in his way of his agenda of fundamental destruction of the USA

    As I remember when Bozo left office he said the country was in decline and that was the way it was gonna be. And Biden will follow Bozo’s and Soros’ orders once again so these asses think they need to make sure they are standing ready for their opportunity to make a big mess of the military just like Bozo did again.

  10. Just how STUPID can a human being be??? It amazes me that Liberal Democrats go so far in their institution of fear that they would even suggest that when Donald Trump’s time in office is over that he would refuse to leave. My gosh! The only one that showed they didn’t want to leave was Hillary Clinton! Even Barack Obama can’t seem to keep his nose out of White House affairs. It has been the practice of every president leaving office to shut up and keep his nose out of the current affairs, but not Obama!

    Of course Trump will leave when his time is over. The problem is Democrats hate him so much that they are doing everything they can imagine to get him out while he is still the president! May GOD help us if the Democrats actually win this election!!!! I fear that the crazy ideas and philosophy they have that they are going to drive America into another civil war.

  11. I don’t know who those officers are but their letter is proof positive that the military has been infiltrated buy the communist party.

  12. The above article is a waste of space. The opinion of two Lt Colonels has no merit. Yes, they are entitled to freedom of speech. Moreover, they are also entitled to greatly lessen the stature of their former military position. They do assume that Joseph Biden will win. That may not be the case. If Donald Trump wins reelection, then what? Will we get another meaningless article?

  13. Now what would anyone else expect, when Trump is the4 most disliked President since Carter who I served under. Now living in an area where the military has 7 bases in the close area and military persons and their families come here for the beach and partying, in all my years I have never heard so many active duty military voice so high a disapproval of a President of this USA, there is one thing that no Military member can stand and that is a liar mainly because it gets military persons killed, if it is a commander or platoon Sargent.
    Now Trump last decision to slow down the mail is really pissing them off because of frequent deployments they feel their packages from home will be effected along with any legal correspondence and they are also concerned about their votes getting back on time.
    Trump does not ever look at the long term consequences of his actions, just what is in his hand at the moment, now Military always have to look years down the road not just today or tomorrow.

  14. if so, you vote to Biden, I vote for re-elected President Trump-Pence. We love to see pair stay in White house 4 more years they’re having many jobs to finish, included jailed Obama and Hillary, you will see the report by sir Durham will show next Friday about fake FISA and all. Do you ?!

  15. These military men must be democrat because only democrats have a picture of a beaten candidate that would like the position to be removed,so she thinks everyone would do likewise. She has lamented for the last 4 years every possible senario of why she lost but never once has she told the truth.Why would anyone expect truth from her now?

  16. What a coincidence that these two former, former military officers sent this letter. I dont believe that Trump is capable of staying in the White House if he looses. The people will make that choice for him. Now Democrats and now former officers and news media are already in works with their plan to get him out. They are already stageing the scenario, preparing and motivating the liberal leftist for more protests and chaos. They will lose again but their plan to destroy more cities will be worst than before. They will claim that the election was rigged by the Trump administration. Democrats are the ones that will do that, and that is why they are fighting to go with mail in voting, and using the China virus as an excuse.

    1. They pulled this same stunt with Bush and Reagan. I think it’s “mandatory” for the loony Dims to spew this rhetoric every time there is a Republican in the WH.

  17. Lt. Colonels John Nagl and Paul Yingling are just 2 officers out of thousands. And they are going on the assumption that President Trump is going to lose. He is not. Would love to see the records of both of these retired officers. My guess is that they retired in the past 3 years and for the good of the service!

  18. My advice to those former soldiers and Creepy Joe is to not despair because Donald J Trump will leave the White House on the constitutionally provided day of January 20, 2025, just like all presidents before him. I am sure, if Creepy Joe is still alive then, he won’t know why President Trump is leaving office so soon, because Joe won’t remember the 2nd 4 years of President Trump’s terms.

  19. Hillary’s people said before Trump won in 2016, that Trump would not leave the White House if he lost in 2020. The suggestion was mad then as it is now, but they get crazier as November approaches.

  20. This isn’t a political ploy is it?. Imagine if retired military would’ve said, ‘We think Obama should be put in prison for giving Iran over a billion- in- cash.’ We’r didn’t hear that did we. Can these retired men be prosecuted, for insurrection against a sitting president? Probably not, but they can certainly be snubbed by present military.

  21. Both assifers still fall under the UCMJ and can and should be recalled to active duty and court martialed. Military does NOT play politics. and you stupid bastards don’t understand the law. Once his term is up, AND if he is NOT re-elected the speaker of the house assumes the mantle of President until the RIGHTFULLY and LEGALLY elected President can be proclaimed. DUMB DOUCHE MORONS

  22. These people are not only nuts and crazy, they are totally whacked out. Why on earth would Trump even consider behaving this way. Another mainstream media fake news crap to rile the never Trumpers up. I’m glad I voted for him in 2016 and will do so again in 2020. He has been treated very unfairly by these people. So he’s not perfect….who in the heck is???

    1. Trump 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032…… to infinity and beyond! (Don’cha love triggering loony liberals?)

  23. Lt. Colonels John Nagl and Paul Yingling proved how stupid they are and also how weak. These clowns have just insured that they will have no respect what so ever. Although I don’t believe they had much respect from others to begin with.

  24. How crazy ? There is no way President Trump will not be re-elected. Crazy Joe and flip flop Kamala don’t have a chance. Democrats are trying to steal the election. They want to screw up the vote with mail in votes that might not get delivered for weeks, declare themselves the winners weeks later and try to have him removed. Watch! Vote straight Republican ticket in November ! Get everyone you know out to vote. We need an undeniable victory.

    1. I just saw an article from Dr. Fauci saying that it will be perfectly fine to go out and vote within some guidelines. I don’t agree with much that he has to say, but I do agree with this. If we can don masks and stand in lines in the grocery store and post office among other places, then we can also do so to go vote. It may take a little longer than it usually would, and I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t extend the voting to 2 days.

      1. I really don’t believe wearing a mask will slow down voting or cause any longer lines. I agree if people can wear them to go to the stores, banks or gather to riot — they can get out to vote. There must be NO mail-in BS !!!!!!

      2. @Nancy Anderson, I totally agree. I’ve always wondered why they don’t extend the Voting to 2 days. They should do that especially this year. Such an important election,

  25. The notion that Trump might lose the election, refuse to relinquish the presidency and vacate the White House is absurd, borderline insane. I first heard of such nonsense when Pelosi blurted it out as part of the democrat objective to create election chaos. Seems to me these are two politicians who hid in the normally honor-bound Army officer corps and quit when passed over for promotion.

    They captured my interest in two ways. First, Yingling seems frustrated that, after 22 years, he had advanced only to Lieutenant Colonel. And after retiring, he taught high school social studies. As a pampered and privileged private school product, John Nagl is the purest form of military politician. He too seems frustrated at spending two decades for silver oak leaves, retiring as headmaster at a boy’s K-12 prep school.

    I’d lay odds that these two wannabes are in cahoots with Pelosi’s attempt to rouse more rabble and chaos. In my personal experience, most enlisted men and women have little respect for such officers. Fortunately, they’re not prevalent and most officers, even generals, have the respect of those they lead.

  26. These retired yahoos should have their huge pensions compensated for conspiracy! Besides that, they have gone senile and Joe agrees with them! Whatever gives the the idea that the President would not leave the WH if by any chance Biden would be elected. We don’t think that’s going to happen!!

  27. Who paid these two “retired” Military Officers
    ……….to write this wildly outlandish letter?

    There is one obvious point… that seems to
    have been missed and by a very wide mile,
    is the well-oiled Military chain of command!
    These two Officers, don’t know it?? WOW!

  28. Tratiors, dirt bags and a sorry excuse for a service member. No one wants your opinion, remember they are like Aholes every body has one.

  29. The communists democrats have carefully planned and conspired to defraud the election and they know it will be protested, So they are trying to pre program his removal

  30. I have never seen a more desperate and despicable group if scared to death democrats. They know they cannot win but I believe Soros is telling them what to do and how to do it and they think if they can float enough fraudulent votes that they will win this election. Well, the American people want and will re-elect President Trump and will resist anyone attempting to bodily remove him and these clowns cannot stand up against 330 million people. After all, it is our nation and not Soros.

    Then, we MUST ask that very timely question WHY are they so desperate and so scared to death??? They know that if President Trump wins this next election they will be exposed for the TRAITORS that they are. All the f their corruption will be shown to the entire world.


    They know they are fighting for their lives and they are pulling out all stops so, expect to see a lot of voter fraud and be ready to demand that all votes must be verified or thrown out.

    We want NO illegal aliens voting, no dead people voting, no voting multiple times by anyone, NO MAIL-IN-BALLOTS, no hiding of certain votes and stuffing of ballot boxes with certain votes and every vote that is counted MUST be verified and verified by 13 people (people from both parties) and if that vote cannot be verified then it MUST be thrown out. All voter rolls MUST be cleaned up prior to the election and any state that does not clean up their voting roll MUST have ALL their votes thrown OUT and NOT counted. So, California, Virginia, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington state, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and some others MUST be watched for MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD.

  31. They are retired Lt. Colonels because they could no longer advance among their piers, not the end of life, not the kiss of death, they were just not competitive and in most cases lacked stamina, made some stupid mistakes along the way, and were not good managers of their career, the bottom line not the sharpest knives in the drawer so not much credence to there foolish comments.

    1. President Trump and Vice President Pence cannot do it alone. Too many Americans think they can sit back and ride in the cart while the “other guy” fights their battles for them. That’s why the left has gotten this bold in the first place, because they know their opposition is a bunch of obese working-class people that would rather pay taxes than fight.

  32. There might be a situation like this take place. As the left continues to demand a change in how we are allowed to vote thus putting the results in a “Court situation”. The final result could go through the Court decisions resulting in no decision by the 20th. Then we have NO legal change of President. So here is what could be…neither party wins yet and Pelosi becomes the President Pro Tem until the final thing is settled. So, what do we the people do?

    1. Probably nothing at all. Americans are too coddled and soft and have decided to trade comfort for freedom.

    1. Step 1: Primaries and Caucuses. There are many people who want to be president. …
    2. Step 2: National Conventions. Each party holds a national convention to finalize the selection of one presidential nominee. …
    3. Step 3: General Election. …
    4. Step 4: Electoral College.

    Those are the ways our Republic selects the President. We are not under a Democratic run election. The main reason is to NOT allow a central area of population to rule the balance of the nation. It is the only method where every state’s citizens get to have a say in the process. Democrats hate that.


  34. Two desperate assumptions (1) that Trump WILL loose (2) IF he loose the election, he will remain forcefully. We can be certain that only a stark raving lunatic, which President Trump is not will choose to lock himself in the WH. IF that happens (which I am sure he will not: he will retire gracefully with his golf bag), Mr. Biden will have to carry on from maybe Blair House. That is the civilized and decent way. NOT send an army like what happened in the Philpines several decades ago!!. Remember that the media/Dems were howling when Trump suggested sending Federal Troops to stop the extraordinary and savage rioting???!!!

  35. I hope and pray Trump wins again so we can still have a strong country both economic and military. Sounds like a few military officers have picked sides like Comey, McCabe and Brennan due to personal and/or political agendas ? So sad because that is not what I learned in the military as an NCO.

    Proud Veteran & Patriot

  36. These two officers have been sitting on their brains too long. After all Pres. Trump has done for the V.A. and rebuilding the military so our men have the firepower they need in battle, these two should loose their pensions and get a good azz whooping. Let me know if help is required. available.

  37. Do you not understand what these people are doing? They are setting the stage for when democrats steal the election. The globalists and the left cannot afford to be set back by the re-election of President Trump and they have absolutely nothing to lose by trying ANYTHING.

    You people better wake up and think about what you will do to prevent that. If you think I’m spouting off crazy talk, then you haven’t been paying attention at all.

  38. Seriously, think about what you will do when the election results are so disorganized that we have a situation such as when gore tried to steal the election in 2000, and democrats try to remove President Trump in such a manner.

    You’ll do nothing but sit at your keyboards and whine while your freedoms are literally stripped away because it’s too inconvenient to fight.

  39. They sound more like obama’s transgender military than military officers but then agains I was never too fond of the many schittbird officers I came in contact with. They certainly are an embarrassment to our mighty forces. I wonder if they sit to urinate. Better check their bank accts(all of them) to see if some large deposts were made lately and by who.

  40. The left has gone insane. These two retards need to be locked up. They are a danger to the Nation not to mention Seditionists and Traitors. I fear the democrats have brought us to the brink of Civil War, and if they keep going, they will get what they want, but this time, we will be forced to annihilate them utterly and completely. Vote Trump 2020 to avoid Civil War.

  41. I used to think there were some sane Democrats.
    Now I know there are not.
    At least those two totally moronic retired officers.
    It’s no wonder that our boys have been getting hurt, they’ve been led by idiots.
    Now I can understand the term “fragging”. And understand WHY it would happen.

  42. If they retired as Lt Corn nails then they weren’t the cream of the crop and it is self evident by the letter to the Joint Chief of Staff. You need to keep any military advice to yourself because we wouldn’t ask u to plan an engagement so keep quiet and go fishing u fools

  43. The President is Commander in Chief of the military. In the twenty five years my husband served had he spoken out as the two officers did he would have been severely reprimanded. At the very least they should receive an Article 15 which will end their chance for advancement. Ideally they should be asked to resign their commissions as “officers and “gentlemen”. It is no wonder that people like this are not respected in the military. Politics have no place in the military. A person volunteers to serve the country, not the President. However you do not make political remarks about the Commander in Chief it was pretty much a rule until Obama. When some high ranking generals disagreed with him their military careers were terminated. However eventually their concerns were regarding the condition of the military were proven valid. These men have no basis for their allegations.

  44. that’s right Fred they’re talking about a military coup to remove the president by military force ! those two Lt. colonels are dictatorships that’s treason!!! they should be arrested and prosecuted by military laws strip of their Lt. colonel rank with dishonorable discharge!!!

  45. The fairyland thought of entitlement, as confirmed by these two bubble head retired military officers, has now ingrained in the DNA of the deranged liberal left.
    Hillary in 2016 felt entitled and to this day has not reconciled with the fact that she lost as per the electoral process.
    Joe in 2020 is also convinced that he is now entitled to the Presidency. As a matter of fact he is sure he would have won but the deranged Dems wanted to put up Hillary (probably as part of an agreement between Obamas and Clintons in 2008).
    Unless the Dems become unchained from Obama they will be like a rudderless ship – drifting aimlessly.
    This brings me back to the two bubble heads who are echoing what Hillary started. She might want to try some meditation, using the mantra “I LOST IN 2016”.
    REMEMBER, President Trump did not need this job, has not taken any salary, and moved down in his move from Trump Tower to the White House as a residence.



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