Trump Lifts Obama-era Regulations on Methane Gas

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump has removed the regulations on methane gas imposed by former President Obama on oil and gas companies.

The regulations required oil and gas companies to monitor pipelines and wells for methane gas leaks.

According to CNBC:

The Trump administration on Thursday weakened Obama-era regulations designed to reduce climate-warming methane gas emissions from oil and gas fields.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s new rule, which has been in progress for over a year, would eliminate federal requirements for oil and gas companies to monitor and repair methane leaks from pipelines, storage facilities and wells.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced the rollback to the 2016 rule at an event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to the country’s booming natural gas reservoirs and a key battleground state for the November presidential election.

“EPA has been working hard to fulfill President Trump’s promise to cut burdensome and ineffective regulations for our domestic energy industry,” Wheeler said. “Regulatory burdens put into place by the Obama-Biden Administration fell heavily on small and medium-sized energy businesses.”

The article noted that Biden would reverse the move swiftly if he were elected. Wishful thinking.

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    2. You know less about gas and Oil production than you God Obama, Methane has always been burned off before it’s pumped through pipelines. this testing for it is a WASTE of time energy and dollars. another regulation by Obama to destroy America. Yes I know what I’m talking about, I worked the Montana & North Dakota Oil fields before you were born.

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  1. Thank God for the sanity Our President brings to Our Country.

    0blamo and bite me did so much damage with more regulations and laws than any other administration in history.

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  3. Thank you President Trump! Our whole family loves you and appreciates everything you are doing to help “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”!

    Trump 2020!

  4. Unless you understand how this industry works you have no idea how wasteful this regulation was. Methane in pipelines, oil wells, and terminals is always removed. The Obama regulation was stupid from the start and designed to make the cost burdensome and costly with redundancy for the specific purpose of increasing the cost so their expensive green energy policy can compete. It was meant to put fossil fuels out of business by regulation strangulation.

  5. EXCELLENT! Reducing the overly cumbersome and costly,
    not to forget…unnecessary effort…to inspect lines for methane leaks!
    Thank you, President Trump, for everything you are doing for America.


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