Unlike for McCain, Reagan, and Trump Health Questions are Off-Limits for Biden

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

More evidence of media bias has emerged in regards to Joe Biden’s health. While health questions were not off-limits for John McCain, Ronald Reagan, and even President Trump, they are off-limits for Joe Biden.

According to Fox News:

The mainstream media has largely avoided coverage of Joe Biden’s health and fitness for office, but previous Republican presidential candidates such as Ronald ReaganJohn McCain and Donald Trump didn’t receive a pass from the liberal press on the sensitive-but-crucial topic.

“It’s all fair game,” Fox News contributor Dan Bongino said. “Asking the potential president of the United States to demonstrate to voters that he has the cognitive capacity to do one of the most stressful jobs in the world, isn’t an outrageous ask.”

However, the mainstream media has essentially treated Biden’s health and fitness for office as off-limits.

“The so-called objective media dislike any medical questions about Biden, just as they disliked any medical questions about Hillary in 2016,” Media Research Center director Tim Graham told Fox News.

A powerful comment came from Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson who said, “At no time in recent memory has a presidential nominee’s physical and mental health been more important than with Joe Biden.”

Yet, the media with access refuses to ask.

  1. The media does not get to decide who will be the next president, as was proven in the last election. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the Obamas, the Clintons, George Soros and all of their clan do not get to decide who will be president. Hillary and her entourage were very disappointed that Hillary did not win. God decides who He will raise up. It’s best not to fight against God.

    1. Well said. None of this is happening in spit of God. The only things that happen are what God allows and America has been on a course to hell for some time now. We may just be about to pay the piper folks.

  2. Journalism died when publishers stopped reporting and started selling. Fact is, journalism schools serve no purpose in today’s America. Schools like Columbia, Missouri, Northwestern, et al., should be ashamed to charge money for what they produce. Click-bait is the name of today’s game. Extreme bias that favors socialism garners interest from both sides of the aisle. It’s win-win.


    1. And he was NO hero. His daddy and grandpa bailed him out of messes that would have led to a dishonorable discharge for those whose family were not leaders in the military. McCain as his time in congress proved was not honest, was not loyal and was truly a self centered pompous crook. He served himself not the people of AZ. Since I was against illegal aliens, to him I was classified as crazy cause he was working for the agriculture guys in CA and AZ for cheap labor that started in the 1970s or earlier and spread to every industry.

      And of course illegals got welfare and benefits for our indigent without a question from all state and federal agencies. The industries that owned the politicians benefited as the taxpayers picked up the tab for those illegal alien benefits. Used by congress and their donors? You bet, including lost jobs. I remember when our citizen’s worked the fields. College kids, high school kids, etc.. But they had to be paid a fair wage and those troublesome taxes the ag guys wanted to eliminate!

      And congress liked the idea and proliferated the H1 and H2 programs years later. That is when we began to see our manufacturing leave the US as well but they still wanted access to our market. Hum? So if the manufacturing was gone, the casual labor was illegals and the other service jobs went to foreign imports like a lot of tech and computer jobs, how were the citizens to make a living? Answer was we became cheaper to hire and even then replaceable. Hum?

      Trump was in business and saw all fo this. He knows the games, the financial costs, and the politics. So glad he is here now at the juncture and we must support him and even the lousy rinos as we have to stop the left dim wit lunatics of the insane asylum the DNC is today leading us to a third world economy and culture. Adios to the country if we let them cheat to a win in this election year.

      1. We live in Arizona and can attest to your assertions. McCain was a useless, dishonest, self-serving political hack, His entire live was one big LIE.

  4. You would think the news media would like give at least 10 good reasons to vote for Biden during an interview.. only problem is i cannot think 2 good reason to vote for Biden after Biden spending many years working in Congress, plus 8 years as VP working in congress and the White house under Obama. i be Voting for Trump 2020 i could give 100 reasons vote for Trump with ease.

  5. the left has a few good resons to vote for biden! 1. finish of the destruction of christianity and God, open boarders so America will become a 3rd world country and never return to the country our foundes intended us to be…1 Nation under GOD, SO MANY DIED PROTECTING THIS RIGHT, now we are just going to give it away because we do not like 1 person!!! And to bring in the era of socialisum/communisum beyond repair!! How any one, left, right or center that truly believes in god can vote for the far left is beyond me. Not a matter of liking Trump or hating Trump! Is EVERYONE going to turn their backs on GOD HIMSELF!

  6. Didn’t you know that Democrats are a special kind of people, THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. Think for a minute, Joe Biden, then Vice President Biden, sits on National TV and tells the Ukrainian Government, If you don’t fire that Son Of A Bitch before I leave in about 2 hours, you are not getting the 1.5 Billion Dollars, the says, Well, son of bitch, he got fired. Is that what they tried to impeach President on. Crooked Joe, Crooked Obama, and worst of all Crooked Hillary.

  7. Creepy,racist,perv,china/ukrainian,slo,dementia,joe, needs to be tested for foreign substances, or his cognitive,abilities, nobody says the stupid crap this dangerous guy says.He is unfit, for the job,even his bff, barry, says don’t underestimate slo,joe, to screw the whole dumbocrap election up, we agree, not only will he trash the rest of your legacy, but embarrass u, knowing he isn’t playing with the full deck,save your buddy, have some compassion, for this senile,old fool.” Come on man” u know the thing” say him from himself, and our country, that’s what bst friends are for barry.

  8. This question will become more discussed by the MSM near the election to set the table having Joe removed from office to clear the way for Kamala Harris’ Presidency if he wins the election. God forbid should this happen.

    1. In the 2008 election, I remember people arguing more over Sarah Palin than over McCain. It was if they already figured he wouldn’t survive a year in office. So this time, the extreme investigation should be over Harris, since we already know Biden isn’t ever equipped today to handle one day in office.

  9. The new practice of the News Media. Hug and kiss Biden before they begin a silent interview. He merely says whatever he wants to and they applaud. Never ask any hard questions. Say something of a derogative nature about Tromp and snicker. Give out new poll numbers with Biden winning in a blow out. Maybe someone will believe it!

  10. Unlike for McCain, Reagan and Trump no questions need to be asked, we all see what is wrong with Biden but the left is just ignoring it for now. When he falls apart they will claim they did not see any signs of his deterioration and somehow blame Trump for his demise and try to impeach Trump for causing Biden’s dementia.

  11. This should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. They’re giddy about this ticket.
    Had a recent conversation with someone from Oregon. They said that there’s not enough people outside of Portland to overcome the voters who might vote Republican.
    Soooooo, we need to get out in droves to ensure a President Trump WIN! Let’s hope there’s enough Democrats and Independents out there who don’t want what’s coming down the pike if the demonic duo wins.

  12. The left raked Reagan over the coals over his age. Yet Biden is 10 years older than Reagan was when he won his first election.

  13. Will Joe “the sniffer” Biden’s health allow him to withstand the shock of an impossible and improbable victory on November 3rd?
    Is Kamala Harris seasoned enough to be addressed as President-Elect on November 4th?
    If the answer is NO to these question, then it is incumbent on you


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