Trump Warns de Blasio to Get His Act Together

By The office of Public Advocate for the City of New York, via Wikimedia Commons

Over the last 72 hours, 49 people were shot in New York City. Six of those victims died.

According to the Washington Examiner, that is 5 times more people shot in NYC than the same weekend last year.

Now, President Trump is warning New York City Mayor and failed presidential candidate Bill de Blasio that is he will step in if nothing is done about the uptick in violent crime.

In a tweet, Trump said “Law and Order. If [Mayor de Blasio] can’t do it, we will!”

As of Monday morning, de Blasio hasn’t publicly acknowledged the uprising in violent crime in his city.

There have been no statements on his social media accounts.

According to the New York City Police department, there was a 30% increase in murders in June of 2020 than in June of 2019.

This surge in violence in New York City takes as the city faces record vacancies as residents fleed the city due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a July report, there is a 122% increase in vacant apartments in Manhatten in July 2020 when compared to July of 2019.

  1. yipee! defund the police! deblahsio is such an he thumbs his nose at the administration but is begging them to give him money! he’s spending 2 million a night to house homeless and drug addicts in hotels at $175 per room per night! i’d tell him to go pound sand!

  2. Do it Trump!!!! DeBozo is the absolute worst mayor ever. All this crime going up yet he wants to defund the police?? I can’t go out with a bunch of friends to see a nice movie yet when I throw a temper tantrum over so called “systemic racism” and destroy property, I get a pass? NY citizens stand up!! Don’t allow this asinine politician another term in your city.

      1. That’s the sad part Tom. A friend of mine papered a story of Stalin. He ripped feathers off of a live chicken in front of his followers. The chicken was bleeding and suffering tremendously. But when Stalin tossed some wheat aside, the chicken began to follow him around. He then quoted “This is how easy it is to govern stupid people. They’ll follow you around no matter how much pain you caused them as long as you throw them
        a little worthless treat once in a while

  3. It isn’t that DeBlasio can’t do it, it is that he does not want to do it and isn’t even trying. The only work DeBlasio does is called “jaw flapping” or “BS” in laymans’ terms and he excells at it.
    In a sane world, he would be fired as he has grossly failed his political and mayoral apprenticeship.

  4. The residents are NOT fleeing the City because of the corona virus pandemic!! They are fleeing because of the huge climb in Burning Looting and Murdering by the mayor-backed (S)BLM and Antifa “protesters.”

    1. I just saw an article today that the citizens of Seattle went to court to get the Mayor of their city taken out of office. The court upheld them. Now they have to wait to see if the dear Mayor will take it on up to a higher court. They also have to gather 50,000 signatures to have her recalled. I doubt they will have much trouble with that part, as people are fed up with these do nothing Mayors. I would imagine that DeBlahsio could be recalled as well.

      1. The LIBS are not afraid of losing there jobs, because the people are to stupid and vote them back in. Just let the cities burn to the ground.

      2. Any citizens of Seattle who voted for her should have their signatures stricken from that recall petition. Let them reap what they sowed.

    2. Yes they are…….and the really bad part is they are the ones that allowed this….and where ever they go, they will forget what they have done to that city and take to make there new home into the same thing they left.

  5. Now the fact being that any time that a lot of persons are out of work, and money is not readily available, there is always a lot of crime including shooting, break-in’s and burglaries, along with other crimes and it does not matter which political party is in power. Now if you do not believe that compare Florida’s crime rate with New York crime rate and Florida is a Republican state. Now why exactly is Trump not commenting on Florida or Texas crime rates.

    1. Because in those states citizens are allowed to possess arms and defend themselves and others. In the Big Apple only cops and criminals are allowed to possess firearms.



  8. Hard to believe the people re-elected this idiot. But as long as he has a D by his name that is what they do. So, in essence, they are as dumb as he is.

  9. Unfortunately, many of those New Yorkers are heading to FL to relocate. I say unfortunately, because they will be bringing their liberal positions and politics with them, threatening to upset the balance we have in the Electoral College in future elections.

  10. It’s time for the people of N.Y. to wake the hell up, and recall this incompetent,mayor, that is not doing his job,because he is a dam embicle. While your doing that, it’s also time to recall Gov.Cuomo, and arrest him, and hold him accountable for the deaths of thousands of elderly, because of his incompetence, of putting sick people in with healthy, non=covid patients, and killing them too,how stupid can some one be, ask cuomo? Both are too incompetent, for N.Y, this is what happens when dumbocraps run cities into the ground.

  11. Their only one reason that I can think of to allow thugs to destroy America and hurt good people, that would be to hate America and the things we as American people love, De Blasio seems to fit the ticket of disliking America 100%, Vote for people that love America, De Stinko has to go and the rest of the Democrat klan would be a good start. Trump 2020 MAGA

  12. Debozo should be impeached or arrested for murder. One of these days New Yorker’s will wake up and vote against Hateful Marxist Leftist Democrats.

  13. Federal action is fully Constitutional, when State or Local governments …can’t or won’t, enforce Law and Order, to provide ….safety to America’s city streets.

  14. Crime is increasing while mayors do nothing to prosecute criminals and do the most insane thing in all history by reducing, instead of increasing, the number of police. It appears that they have an agenda which is to destroy our Republic and replace it with communism under which all of the people will be in a police state with no freedoms.

  15. come on trump….WHY would you send fed officers or military to that hell hole when they can not defend themselves???? Those scum are trying to kill them and they are not allowed to protect them selves?????? Why are they there. Time to use deadly force since this is not a protest but a attempt to take over our country…..And I do believe that is TREASON and that being found guilty….. the DEATH sentence is applied.

  16. ‘…record vacancies as residents flee the city due to the corona virus pandemic.” NOT!! The residents are fleeing because of the increasing lawlessness and vandalism and shootings in New York City!…Not because of the virus. If you are going to print a story, stick to the real facts…not made-up propaganda.

  17. how can anyone vote for a person like DeBlasio? just wrong

    these Dems are not only ignorant but they are dangerously stupid and anti american

    and DeBlasio may well have the uglies family in america….. bunch of fugly potheads.. just disgusting

  18. Congratulations Communists, you’re winning. You wrecked Detroit decades ago with Coleman Young, and it never recovered. People thought it could never happen to a city like New York, but the Democrat Terrorists have been working hard, while “good” people were sleeping, trusting their elected officials – now maybe they know, too late, you never trust a snake!

  19. Democrat controlled cities and states are failing their citizens in record numbers and the media refuses to report it at all. They continue to cover up the failing policies of the left. The publish phony poll numbers placing a man who hides in the basement, refuses to answer questions from reporters after his so called town hall meetings. More like coffee clatches than a real town meeting. What maybe 20 people sitting 6 feet apart, he speaks from a prepared speech and then refuses to take questions because he has to go to another event? Where is that other event. Who is he speaking to? No answers because there are no other events. And the running mate is someone who never reached the first primary in Iowa. But. The polls are all putting Biden ahead. How the hell is that? And already bogus claims of Russian collusion, or some kind of secret plans for Trump to steal the election. He is not the one demanding mail in ballots, which we all know will be rife with fraud. The Democrats want to impeach the AG because he is going after the coup plotters and the lies. We need to clean out the left leaning garbage that has done its best to ruin this country.

  20. People are not leaving New York City because of Covid. They’re leaving it because
    Mr. De Blasio has turned it into a cesspool.

  21. Time to recall, these two incompetent, jackasses, praise me Cuomo, and comrade Diblasio, both of them have destroyed, N.Y. and need to be held accountable for the deaths in the city. Both have done nothing to stop this insanity, how much more do, citizens need to see, to get rid of these two,pathetic,do=nothing dumbocrap politicians.

  22. The Mayor of New York Bill De Asshole is to busy painting Graffiti on the Streets of New York instead of trying to STOP the killings / Riots/ burning of Public Court Houses, Statues being destroyed and Violence in New York , total Loser, Nothing less. Trump 20/20 . the Rich people have totally abandoned New York while he begs them to come back and he will buy them a drink ! is he really serious, What does it take to become a mayor Now days. No Federal Funding for the Big Apple Period.! TRUMP 20/20 let them live in the shit holes they created


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