WaPo Takes Cheap Shot After Trump Family Death, Trump Roasts Biden/Kamala With New Nicknames, NJ To Send Ballots to All Voters

White House [Public Domain]

WaPo Uses Trump’s Brother’s Death to Take Cheap Shot

President Trump’s younger brother, Robert, died Saturday night at the age of 71.

After Robert’s passing, some news outlets allowed their disdain of President Trump to cloud their coverage of his brother’s death.

Senator Ted Cruz called out the Washington Post for their “sick” headline.


Fauci Says No Reason Exists for People Not to Vote in Person

Dr. Anthony Fauci has revealed that no good reason exists for people not to vote in person in November.


Trump Slams Joe Biden’s Pick

President Trump wasted no time weighing in on Biden’s pick.

At a press conference last evening Trump said Harris was “nasty” to Joe Biden during the democratic presidential primary and to Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.


New Jersey Will Send Ballots to All Active

All of New Jersey’s approximately 6.2 million registered voters will receive mail-in ballots to vote in November’s election as the state continues to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, under an executive order Gov. Phil Murphy signed Friday.


The Petty Tyrants In Your Shower

When President Trump objected to federal regulations of showerheads and when the Department of Energy this week proposed to undo President Barack Obama’s shower rules, Trump’s critics decried the actions as petty and the subject matter as too picayune.

But Trump’s critics are the ones with a question to answer: If the flow of a person’s shower head is too petty to be deregulated, then how was it momentous enough to be regulated in the first place?

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  1. WAPO the “newspaper” for leftist WACO’s. Anyone that believes anything they print, also believes in the NYT. Never a named “source” they promote the vapid imaginings of braindead leftist writings based on FICTION. Show that you have a brain people, VOTE TRUMP.

  2. The WaPo is not a “Newspaper”. It is a “Liberal Rag”. They don’t report news, they give you their opinions and they are usually dumb as hell.


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