‘China Owns Biden’ Trump Slams Biden During Fox News Appearance

President Trump slammed Joe Biden while speaking with Steve Hilton on Fox News on Sunday night. Biden was called out for being owned by China and the President would go on to claim that China would own the country if Biden were to be elected. More from The Daily Wire: 

This past January, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump and China reached a trade agreement that he would be willing to sever in the face of what the communist country did to the United States by hiding the virus long enough for it to spread across continents.

“If they don’t treat us right, I would certainly do that,” he said regarding severed ties. “We were doing better than we’ve ever done with China and I was all set to rock ‘N’ roll. Then we got hit with this damn situation.”

As the Daily Wire recently reported, top intelligence experts have warned that China has secretly been working to sabotage President Trump’s reelection in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden.

While Trump has been very hard on China during his presidency the same could not be said about Biden during his tenure as Vice President during the Obama administration. Trump has been engaging with more press recently as the 2020 election draws closer every day, more remarks like these are sure to come.

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