WSJ Finds Biden’s COVID Plan is Awfully Similar to Trump’s

White House [Public Domain]

The Wall Street Journal has pointed out that Joe Biden’s plan to address COVID is elected is similar to President Trump’s.

Many of the recommendations have actually already been implemented by the Trump administration.

According to Town Hall:

Picking up on a theme that the Trump campaign has been advancing for months, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal noted over the weekend that for all of Joe Biden’s complaints about the Trump administration’s COVID response, the ‘better’ course of action the Democratic nominee is recommending actually hews rather closely to what the incumbent’s team has already done — and is currently doing.  We’ve already fact-checked some of the Biden-Harris ticket’s claims and comparisons regarding Coronavirus.  This editorial adds some additional color and context:

The Democratic nominee is promising a better virus strategy, which would be wonderful if he had one. But the virus plan he’s pushing is little different on the substance than what the Trump Administration is already doing…Mr. Trump’s virus policy in practice has been better than his critics claim, and Mr. Biden isn’t offering better ideas. Start with testing. Mr. Biden promises to “develop and deploy rapid tests with results available immediately.” Great—the Food and Drug Administration in the past week has approved two new rapid tests that can be scaled up quickly. The FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention botched the initial testing rollout. And earlier this summer, shortages of chemical reagents and lab equipment led to delays in processing tests amid a surge of infections. But supply-chain hiccups are gradually being worked out. The U.S. is now conducting 700,000 or so tests a day, up from about 400,000 in early June and 100,000 in late March…

Mr. Biden is also calling for “a coordinated, country-wide, future-facing national effort to acquire, produce, and distribute PPE, test kits and machines, lab supplies, and other critical supplies, including by fully utilizing the authorities” under the Defense Production Act. The Administration is already doing nearly all of this. The Pentagon this spring issued $259 million in contracts to 3M, Honeywell and Owens & Minor to produce tens of millions of N95 face masks for medical workers. U.S. companies like GM and New Balance have retrofitted plants to produce ventilators and PPE, and the Administration has used the Defense Production Act to allocate more tests and protective equipment to hot spots. Mr. Biden wants to hire 100,000 federal workers to track down contacts of people who get sick. States are already doing this, though public-health officials say contract tracing is of little use when the virus is widespread in communities.

The Journal’s editors also point out how Biden is pledging to fast track the production and distribution of an effective vaccine. Maybe Biden could refer to this idea as “operation warp speed,” which is its official name under the Trump administration — and on which there has been very significant progress.  Of course, Team Trump should avoid politicizing the vaccine process because nonsense like this will sow widespread doubts about any splashy announcements that could arrive before election day.  Exactly this:

The piece did note a couple of differences. One would be a blank check to unions where teachers would be paid even if they refused to teach in the classroom.

The second difference would be the imposition of a national mask mandate even outdoor.

Former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer noting this piece in the Wall Street Journal.

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