These ‘Republicans’ and Former Members of Congress Endorse Biden

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Jeff Flake) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Several RINO Republicans are moving to take shots at President Trump with a new group going by “Republicans for Biden”. This collective of sup-par Republicans is aiming to help Biden, a Democrat, beat Trump, a Republican, in the 2020 election. President Trump has endured endless attacks from the left and RINOs, these attacks came from when he ran for President and have carried on into his tenure as President.

This new herd of RINOs is just another group of grifters looking to score points with the left and secure future fame and fortune. Many of these individuals claim to stand on matters of principle, in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These individuals have let the American people down for the entirety of their careers and only make an effort when their positions are threatened, they are no good RINOs. Here are the RINOs who are standing to fight Trump:

  1. Face it, the Trump followers are the real RINOs, the other guys are OG gop.
    You should just re-brand yourselves as The Trump Party and be done with pretending to be gop.

    1. BOBO Your daddy should have worn a condom and prevented your birth.Find another blog that will have you, but then……….

        1. It will be better if the Democrats rebrand themselves as the “SOCIALIST AMERICAN DEMOCRATS, and go by the acronym SAD.
          A befitting tribute to the sadness November 3 will bring to the pseudo Bernie Sanders, aka JOE “the sniffer” BIDEN.

      1. The difficult part is finding some minor distinction between a modern Day Democrat and a traditional Soviet style Communist. Perhaps one knows where they’ve been and the other is too stupid to know where they are headed.

      2. How Ever You want to Label them, One thing is Guaranteed is They’ve Become the Dictators to Enslave the American People (Taxpayers) to cater to their whims at Taxpayers Expense.
        Nov.03, Vote for Freedom or Enslavement, That’s The Real Choice.

    2. Sorry loser. Your party of half-wit in-breeding is the only thing keeping the lunatic left scratching in the gutters of the Democrat run states and cities. If not for legalizing pedophiles and incest, there’d be no more rearing up of radical left government. You apparently are not, or, actually you may be an offspring of their ideals, anyway, good for you with typing your comment.

  2. That just means they are members of the swamp that President vows to clean up. They don’t want anyone to mess up their gravy train. The are members of the corrupt gang in Washington DC.

    1. NOTICE they are all “FORMER” etc., etc. All trying anything they can to get back on the gravy train!

    2. President TRUMP exposed them to US, It is our Job to Fire Them and Vote Them OUT. That is what pertains as to Draining the Swamp . He is just 1 man in a den of Hyenas to clean up the corruption and wasteful expenditures and Shows us Who to Vote Out. Tough Job He is Braving!

  3. I notice that almost all of these RINOS are named as “former”. No wonder. Also see that many photos are in black and white, which gives the impression they were taken a long time ago. Let’s see more recent photos of The Swamp People. We’re looking to the future- not the past.

    1. In life there are winners and losers. These losers have earned their station in life. They are the sore losers and exactly like the Democrat Party they have little to offer our nation.
      They might want to build a safe space for themselves to suck their collective thumbs. The Democrats might praise them for a day but curse them everyday thereafter. We the voters bequeath these losers to the Democrat party where every pathetic Marxist and Globalist can fine a home. A home of disgrace, loathing of God and Country and hatred for the weakest members of the human race.

  4. Did anyone notice that every single one of the people listed here are “FORMER” representatives and a couple of FORMER governors thrown in??? Hmm…looks like they will jump from party to party to do ANYTHING to get back into Congress!!! Think maybe it’s for the MONEY????

  5. I remember Jeff Blake. Isn’t he the guy who shit his pants in the elevator cowering to a couple of women berating him during the Kavanaugh Senate hearings? Then didn’t suck up to the left-wits for the next 2 years?

  6. Lets call a spade a spade. If you are supporting the most radical, Communist Democrat Terrorists ever you are not even a little Republican rino – you are a Democrat Terrorist who is frightening all of America. Wear it, be proud of it, because the true Conservative American Republican Party is no longer coddling traitors.

  7. There not only former members of Congress they are former Republicans. AKA RINOS.

    Perhaps someday soon they will join other former like minded Republicans like John McCain whose listless campaign against Obama gave this nation the worst thing in its entire history: OBAMA!. You can get shot down captured and become a prisoner of war and become a hero but losing that election was horrible price for our nation to pay. These lackys will be remembered with equal disgrace. Biden has a medical excuse for his dementia what’s the excuse for these tresonious toadies? The Democrats and the LEFT and the MSM will cheer you but they will curse you on the morrow, No one loves someone who turns on their own and I’m not talking about President Trump.

    1. Biden having dementia should have prevented him from running in the first place! Imagine his trying to have a conversation with a world leader, no one to help him, and no teleprompter. Maybe the rats don’t think that far in advance…js

  8. There is One thing that is Guaranteed for their endorsements and votes is a Payday coming into their Pockets. They Ain’t Doing This for Free, nor the “goodness” of their Hearts, That is for damn Sure.

  9. Bunch of losers. Who needs a drag on the wheels of progress. The party progresses better without them. Join the Democratic party and get it over with, they will be much happier there.

  10. The BIGGEST issue that the RNC and Party have today is allowing RINOS to be considered republicans. Under the United States Constitution We the People have the RIGHT to Freedom of Association.
    While many believe this allows someone to become a Republican upon their OWN will, it also means that ANY GROUP can disassociate ANY MEMBER for any legal reason (meaning racism, sexual orientation, etc are not acceptable causes). However, being a Republican and not upholding Republican Party Line and YES even supporting opposition over a republican in an election.
    While one has the RIGHT to VOTE any way they please, when they are a political animal and VOICE their differences in an attempt to overthrow the Republican Party itself then it is time that the party REVOKE their membership and even cause the revocation of their registration as a party member with the county registrar of voters.

    IF and WHEN the Republican Party begins to THROW OUT the trash, the PEOPLE will begin to FLOCK to the Party. It will be known to stand for something. That is why Trump is a great President, that is why the people tossed HRC aside in the last election. This is also why the PEOPLE WILL elect Trump again. He actually stands for what it RIGHT and JUST.

    WHEN the RNC begins to show out the trash, the party will be strengthened.

  11. I am an Arizonan and I can tell you that Jeff “flaky” Flake is pretty much despised in this state. Most of us are embarrassed by the fact that he got elected. Flake & McCain are two of the biggest mistakes the Republicans have ever made.

  12. Notice these are former, all probably lost their seats to democrats! Some may be planning a rerun as democraps

  13. These people should not be able to call themselves Republicans. How absolutely stupid are they? Are they that dumb not to realize what a Biden (Harris) presidency would do to this country.
    Abortion at any time after conception
    Open borders
    Healthcare for all illegal immigrants (just go back to the first Democratic debate)
    Not to mention the complete lack of respect for our brave people in Blue.

    Please just go and register with the Demo-Socialist Party. We don’t want or need you.


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