Two Dems Steal Boy’s MAGA Hat and Attack His Mother

NOTE: The child in the picture is not the one who was attacked.

Two Biden supporters were caught on camera physically attacking a woman after they stole her 7-year-old son’s MAGA hat.  

Abbey Wigton and her son Riley were about to have dinner at a restaurant across the street from where the DNC convention was being held, when two dems began tearing up her paper signs.  


Wigton catches the Democrats as they tear up signs and throw the pieces at her, while she tells them what they were doing was a felony. Abbey’s son Riley can be seen sitting on the sidewalk as one woman encourages the other to steal the boy’s hat.


After seeing the video, Trump Jr. retweets it with a call for help to find the victims.  


The boy yells as he bravely chases after the women, “That’s somebody else’s hat.” The women tell him, “We don’t give a f**k, your mom likes Trump.”


Riley trails after the woman, identified as 21-year-old Camryn Amy, in distress, asking his mother to call the authorities. Abbey tells the women she’s going to follow behind to their car to get the license plate.  Amy replies: “Then I’m walking.” 


When Riley makes a grab for the hat, which has fallen to the ground, Amy kicks at him. 

A concerned Twitter user asks the president to send Riley a new hat. 


The second woman, identified as 21-year-old Olivia Winslow, sneaks up on Wigton and sucker punches her. 


Amy throws Riley’s hat over a construction fence… Not to worry, Trump Jr. is sending a new one.  


Wigton repeatedly tells Winslow “I’m not afraid of you,” as the woman’s male companion bodily carries her away. Amy comes back into camera and repeatedly swings at Abbey until the video cuts off.  


A call to identify Abbey and Riley’s attackers went out on Twitter.


Riley reportedly received a call from someone very special…


Wilmington police arrested Winslow on Friday, charging her with robbery, conspiracy, and endangering the welfare of a child. She has since been released.  

Amy was taken into custody on Saturday and was charged the same with the addition of offensive touching.  She is being held in a correctional facility on $45,000 bail.    

  1. We know we live in a nation of idiots when we can make wearing a MAGA hat political. Who wouldn’t want to make America great or greater. We should have pride that we still accept the concept of FREEDOM in America. If the Socialists and the Islamic followers can NOT live under our US Constitution then they have my permission to leave and live elsewhere. Apparently the idiots forget what FREEDOM means in America. FREEDOM in America can be defined as living your life on your own terms as long as you do not infringe on the rights of other US Citizens. You can even live your life under Islam as long as you do not force your Shariah Law beliefs on other US Citizens. It is not a hate crime if a person does not accept Islam. Freedom of religion is a choice and not mandatory in America. You can even worship the Devil himself as long as you do not force this worship on other US Citizens. Many proud American dies to keep FREEDOM alive in America. This includes the FREEDOM of every faith or belief of all US Citizens. Not just the Political Correct Citizens.

    Socialists and followers of Islam can live their live freely as long as they do not force their ideas on other Americans. Both of these ideals have no place in our US Constitutional Republic because both are in conflict with a free nation under our US Constitution. Under our US Constitution and it’s Rule of Law (created in our US Congress) laws are established to protect all US Citizens. If the idiots turn their heads from our US Constitution and it’s Rule of Law, no one is FREE.

  2. On one hand,,,it’s truly sad to see and hear these stories,,,but on the other hand it nice to see the dems digging that hole bigger and deeper…


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