Former Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele Joins Anti-Trump Group ‘The Lincoln Project’

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Former chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steel has officially joined the anti-Trump group, “The Lincoln Project.”

Steele has been a regular critic of President Trump on MSNBC.

According to Fox News:

The first Black chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, is joining the anti-Trump group Lincoln Project, which endorses Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and is working to oust the president’s supporters in Congress.

“The chair behind the Resolute Desk has always been bigger than any political party,” Steele said in a statement Monday. “Sadly, we have witnessed its occupant devolve into preying upon fears and resentments with narcissism that nurtures only chaos and confusion.”

Steele will assume the role of senior adviser to the group, led by current and former establishment Republicans. The Lincoln Project, which claims former President Abraham Lincoln as its inspiration, has skewered Trump on social media and in ad campaigns including “Mourning in America,” a riff on former President Ronald Reagan’s popular 1984 reelection spot “Morning in America.”

Steele made history as the first Black person to be elected to statewide office in Maryland, where he served as lieutenant governor from 2003 to 2007, and led the RNC from 2009 to 2011. That period included the Tea Party wave of 2010 when the GOP won back the House in a landslide victory.

Steele’s entrance into the group follows Trump critic George Conway. Conway’s departure comes as his wife, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway announced her departure from the Trump administration.

The Conway’s are reportedly taking time to address mounting family issues. [RELATED: Kellyanne Conway to Leave White House]

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    1. MikefromTexas I couldn’t say it better more of the swamp creatures!! good reddens we don’t need you in the Party traitor

      Am a woman for Trump 2020!!!

    2. MikefromTexas
      Just another CORRUPT “swamp creature” attempting to become “relevant” again. You are correct…. never WAS a “republican” to begin with,and probably a “black LIES matter” AND ‘ANTIFA supporter that wants to turn this country into a communist-controlled CRAP-HOLE.
      Alaways follow the MONEY..More than likely a soros/dnc-paid “useful idiot”.

  1. That only goes to show you how corrupt this country’s political establishment has gotten. Apparently what was once was never really was, just smoke and mirrors. The river rats are coming out.

  2. It has taken nearly 4 years for President Trump to expose some of the real denizens of the swamp. Sadly, at the end of his next 4 years the swamp will still have dozens of the critters residing therein.

    1. The RINO’s in the swamp are coming up for air … and as they do all the Patriots will see who they are … and if they are still holding an office they will loose this election cycle or their next election cycle. We the People are behind POTUS DJT and his MAGA agenda and Swamp Cleaning Efforts. TRUMP / PENCE 2020

    1. Ukraine was / is a hotbed of corruption, most of the Dems & some Republicans were using it as a money laundering gold mine for them and their families!
      The “Pay to Play” scheme has been running for decades to enrich themselves, MOSTLY by DemonRats!

  3. If you can’t stand the heat, Steele, get the **** out of OUR kitchen! I wonder if this guy is related to Christopher Steele~~ the guy who sold a phony dossier to HillRot. They sure sound like they are related. 8^)

  4. How do you join something that is totally against your “stated” values? How do you become pro open boarders if you loved this country, how to you support murder of babies if you love “Life”, how do support getting rid of capitalism if you love “freedom” and on and on. I sure could not. I love my God and the country that was founded “under God” with certain rights given to us. As the man said speaking about Communism and Cuba, this country is the “last place to go” to survive in freedom and rule of law for everyone “under God” who has blessed this country til we have kicked Him out. I pray for Him to come back.

    1. This is what happens when you don”t have term limits these knuckleheads have no idea what the real world looks like thru the eyes of the common man or woman, all these riots and looting waking people up in the middle of the night looks like the public gonna have to take care of things ourselves cops can”t or won”t for fear of losing their jobs or called racists, I think the people who give a damn about our country have had just about enough lockdown and mask wearing

        1. And no life time pay. Get social security, medicare and reduced retirement wages like the rest of the taxpayers.

  5. Haha, I remember him back in the day. Never thought of him as a REPUBLICAN much less a CONSERVATIVE. Must of served his purpose at that time back in the day. Haha. Nobody remembers him.
    LAST NIGHT, 1st day of the CONVERSATION, was simply AMAZING!!!! I’m still enjoying the happiness it brought us. Looking forward to 3 more days of beautiful people that are pro AMERICA and President Trump. Loved it!

  6. It’s a “repeat” of WHY Comy dropped the investigation into Hillary Clinton in 2016! He said it himself! He was SURE Hilary was going to win the election! I would suppose that he was trying to stay in her good graces! NOTICE that these are all “FORMER” this and that!!! They will do anything to get back on the gravy train!!! Apparently, they THINK the Democrats might win! NOW is the time to show them how WRONG THEY ARE!!!

  7. Proof is always in the pudding, you can run 🏃‍♂️ but you can’t hide, being to face makes you a nothing, worthless.

  8. The Swamp continues to be drained, critter by critter. But don’t worry there are plenty remaining, feeding off our tax dollars.
    Now, you were probably thinking that the Swamp – Deep State – only exists in Washington DC, right? Well, take a good look at your local politics to see who is entrenched and always raising taxes, awarding contracts to the “right people,” encouraging police and judges who persecute rather than serve the people who elected them. Maybe they have been in office too long. So search out the true friends and civil servants and support them.

    1. Rev Roland, you are absolutely correct. Many times people ignore the mid term local elections. But, they are extremely important. School issues, Sherriff, local government. All important issues that affect one’s community.
      Great post.

  9. These anti Trumpers were never for our president. they be little and call him names because our president refuses to follow these swamp creatures because there only in it for them selves! Steel , Flake Romney are all for them selves and there policies to keep the power and classes separating the elites from the working person! Look if these individuals are willing to team up with Marxists, then their for control rather then allowing the the average working person to make their own life as they see fit for there own life styles and business! These so called republicans should just become a Democrat. These are the same people who voted against our president in 2016 and they still lost! These people really don’t want the laws and opportunities to be on an equal basis even when they say no one is above the law except themselves! They lie to us just to make who ever there against will fail! Just for there actions against the none woke and anti pc crowds prove they want equality and they want to change our constitution in there eyes not as our founders laid out to guide out great nation! We as true Americans not socialists or Marxist need to fight back and protect our rights or were going down the tube to communism

  10. He loses his job at MSNBC if he doesn’t join the rest of the hacks. Why not just announce to the world I am a member of the swamp, wouldn’t that be easier? What exactly don’t they like about Trump, getting the results that they all pretended to try and accomplish?

  11. Just one look at the guy and you can see why he flipped to the left,these kinds of morons bend with the political breeze so its best he’s gone.


  13. So, now you know what the REAL Steele Dossier was all about and it had nothing to do with Brits, simply fifth columnists within his own advisory group, placed there in all likelihood by the lunatic, Marxist oriented left to subvert MAGA and demean and destroy a duly elected, sitting president. THIS IS NOT AN OPINION BUT, RATHER A FACT if one but looks at the record which is right before their eyes and very plain to see by intent: IF ONE BUT LOOKS AT IT AND CAN COMPREHEND TRUTH, something no radical leftist is capable of! And, now, as used to be the starement at the end of every piece by long term excellent radio personality in the days when professional jouralism was professional and accurate and truthful and integrity was the basis of the profession, Paul Harvey, “NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY; GOOD DAY!”

  14. Anyone who really cares about this country would never vote for the Democrats. They have become the party of communism, hate, and racism. I can’t believe the hateful things they say. They have branded one whole race of people as unworthy, racist and “privileged”. They show nothing but hate for the country I love. They, like the media, have been bought by George Soros. No true American would ever vote for them.

  15. Steele, wonder if he is related to the orchestrator of the Steele Dossier … seems the DNA is the same .. ie hate Trump, fabricate and do whatever I can to stop him.

  16. This is the last gasp of a dying breed of NE lib/dem/commie Republicans, These are worse than democrats because these are the mafia of the party, thieves, warmongerers, open free traders who don’t care about our side of the bargain, They will be totaled wiped out in Trumps second term and they know he will be coming for them.

  17. Michael Steele is not a “TOP” anything. He is nothing but a “Step-N-fetch-it” who is a gross embarrassment to black people. He is the consummate lackey ass kisser and I know that this RINO is no loss at all.

  18. The left is hiding NOTHING.
    I’ve seen pundits on TV saying that while joe and the camel may not be their 1st choice, they know that they can and will keep pushing joe further left. That is a GUARANTEE!
    With these 2 COMMIES in charge, you’ll NEVER leave your house. You’ll be wearing a MASK FOREVER, you’ll HAVE to TAKE the VACCINE, and you’re GUARANTEED A 2ND SHUTDOWN.
    Start saying BYE BYE to your GUNS.

  19. Apparently, Steele has become another liberal Socialist traitor, who wants to make America a third world country.

  20. Is this the same Michael Steele who was fired as head of the GOP for lavish overspending on private jets and high life style? This is the same Michael Steele, whenever he speaks, shows that he has horsebiscuits for brains. What a loser.

  21. What a hypocrite, Michael Steel! You are not interested in America and her people’s freedom if you support Biden and his Socialist cohorts. You have lost my respect. Conservative you are not!

  22. Michael Steele is a typical representation of a democrat, uneasy with people of his ilk but sways with the wind and cannot be counted as as any form of statesman, when confronted with intelligent opposition. A Benedict Arnold, if ever there was one!

  23. Check his bank accts. and see what deposits have been made and by who. Dirtbags like this clown were never Republicans just sewer dwelling bottom feeding rinos.

  24. Didn’t think much of Steele then and don’t think much of him now. Not liking Trump’s style is one thing, but if Biden wins how do any of these fools tell their children and grandchildren that they voted to ruin their lives by turning this into a Marxist country? Really? It’s obvious to me that they don’t care about America and don’t care much for their families either.

  25. Anti-Trumpers working in the Lincoln Project need to leave the Republican party. They are heretics. Us true Republicans do not want them in our party anymoe.

  26. Such a hypocrite RINO. He is just part of the deep state.
    I am a Mexican American female who is sick of Republicans in name only. Be honest and change parties.

  27. The Rinos are crawling out of the swamp, trying to bring back many who have left the plantation. They have said many times in the last 4 years that the public is stupid and they must choose our President for us, well I am neither stupid nor unable to voice my vote! I will be voting to re-elect the only President who has ever kept his promises to the American people and then some. The more these politicains fight to keep him from doing the job we sent him there to do the more I see the traitors and crooks that have been placed there by people voting, not vetting them from their past record. So many have joined the Republican party that are not true Republicans so vetting is the only way to find out who they really are. I know things are rough right now with the rioting and looting and it will get worse before it gets better, but by giving President Trump the majority in the House and Senate, we will be able to clean this country up. Don’t lose hope and stand up for freedom, if not for yourself, your children or grandchildren. This election is a fight we must NOT lose. #WWG1WGA #TRUMP2020

  28. I have been saying for a long time – you want to find the corruption in the GOP, look at all the anti- Trump so called Republicans. That is why they did not want him to be elected. He is an outsider and not part of the corrupt swamp. They have been quaking in their boots waiting for the shoe to drop. And I believe we are so close to that happening. And yes my Conservative family that includes every single one of the Bush family. They are not the little Gods that a lot of GOP think they are. You cannot be in politics that long and not have some baggage. We have GOT TO FIGHT for President Trump against all these Benedict Arnolds. God bless America and God bless Donald Trump and his family.

  29. OK, other than to receive a fat paycheck from Democrats, why is he doing this? There is nothing “Republican” about the Lincoln Project. If you read Lincoln, you will find that Lincoln would not support this group, or appreciate the theft of his name. If his motive is to steal money from Democrats, well good for him. Otherwise, he is a whore, and that is sad.

  30. Hardly news. Steele has always been a wishy washy Repub. perhaps now would be a good time for him to admit it and change his registration

  31. Lincoln had some great ideas and like Trump he faced a lot of rejection. But he also was the only President that removed Habeas corpus from the Constitution without first trying to change the Constitution as required by law. So, it looks like the current team is going to try and remove this President in any way they can. Legal or not but mostly by lies.

  32. Anybody who would VOTE for Biden is a fool.
    He is nothing but a puppet..Soros and Obama
    being the puppet masters.
    Harris who received less than 10% of the vote
    when she campaigned will in essence be the
    president when Biden is forced to step down.
    Knowing this and pursuing same is nothing
    but an attempt to rig the election..and put a
    handpicked candidate in as a ringer..a candidate
    unqualified that would NEVER HAVE BEEN

  33. Good riddance to bad rubbish. So glad he outed himself and left. Now we need a few more moles in the RNC to get out.

  34. ????? And WHY do we care what RINO’s (aka LibTards) do (join)??? We already know LibTards are ANTI-American. So this is a RINO being a RINO… surprise there.

  35. Wow they just lost fat boy Conway, now they pick up this bottom feeder! Your group sure knows how to lure em in!

  36. One more swamp denizen climbs out of the mud and muck to reveal himself as a socialist who had previously claimed to to be a Republican. At least we are learning who are pro-America and who are pro-socialism.

  37. He is a swamp rat !!!! Just another insider that is part of why this country is so screwed up , get rid of him

  38. It’s ’the purge’ of the Republican Party…the RINO’s, neo-cons & ’never trumpers’ and it’s voluntary…they’ve just been trumped…see ya!

  39. Would it not be Mr. Steele responsible for one Barack Hussein Obama being elected to the office of POTUS? Be careful to whom you listen!

  40. Michael Steele showed his spinelessness as chair of the RNC. He’s the same today. His current actions are not surprising.

  41. This doesn’t surprise me, but I’d like to know when he began his move to the left. I hadn’t seen him for a few years; then, I started seeing him as a panelist on CNN or MSNBC. When did he make the change?

  42. Anyone wonder why, under Michael Steele’s typical RION Establishment “leadership”, the RNC operated without any rudder? Steele joins the group he rightfully should be part of – LOSERS ALL!

  43. The group of people in this super pack, are ALL ANGRY HAS BEENS! They’re angry because President Trump WILL NOT give them the time of day. NO ONE REMEMBERS THESE RINOS!


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