Trump Has Highest Ever Job Approval Rating

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump’s job approval rating is now 52%. This is the highest of his presidency and is made possible by rising support amongst African-American voters, and Democrats.

According to The Washington Examiner:

Buoyed by [African-Americans] and independent voters, as well as urban dwellers shocked by the [BLM] protest violence raging in some cities, President Trump’s approval rating has hit a new high, according to a survey heavy with minority voters.

The latest Zogby Analytics poll just shared with Secrets had Trump’s approval at 52%. “The president has recorded his best job approval rating on record,” said pollster Jonathan Zogby.

What’s more, his approval rating among minorities was solid and, in the case of African Americans, shockingly high. Zogby said 36% of [African-Americans] approve of the president, as do 37% of Hispanics and 35% of Asians.

Approval among independent voters is also up, to 44%. And “intriguingly,” said Zogby, 23% of Democrats approve of Trump.

Zogby opined that despite some polls showing Biden with a large lead the country is mostly evenly divided. This divide leaves 10-20% of undecideds for the candidates to battle for.

President Trump has also focused on issues important to the African-American community like the economy, jobs, and criminal justice reform. This has led many to question their support for the Democrat party.

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2 years ago

His approval rating still has room to gain .

2 years ago
Reply to  Jim

It has never been below 50%…

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