MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace Blames Trump Supporters for Violence in Portland

By U.S. Department of State from United States [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace has joined the Democrats in blaming the violence in Democrat-run cities on Trump supporters.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

“He’s playing to harden his faction of the electorate, to make them more mad, more afraid, more frothed up than they were four years ago, if you can fathom what that might look like,” Wallace said. “I think we’re seeing it on the streets of Portland and other places.”

Portland has experienced nearly 100 consecutive days of violent riots led by left-wing activists in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Last week anti-police activists broke into City Hall, set fire to a police association building, and assaulted officers in what the police declared a riot.

Some right-wing activists arrived in the city over the weekend, resulting in clashes with left-wing protesters without significant police intervention. A member of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer was shot and killed during the confrontation. An Antifa agitator is under investigation for the shooting.

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler (D.) called for an end to street violence this week after allowing the violence to proceed for months. Rioters set a fire outside his condominium complex on Monday night, causing Wheeler to announce he is moving. The Portland police chief called on local officials to do more to stop the rioting.

Wallace also stated that Trump is looking to delegitimize mail-in votes and make it harder to mail-in absentee ballots.


  1. How could anyone with a brain even consider the thought that conservatives are behind any of the violence and illegalities in any of our cities? Oh, wait, MSNBC and CNN talking heads don’t have any brains or have $#!! for brains…that’s how!

    1. By the Trump supporters. The riots are the dim wits own brownshirts and they are bused or flown in courtesy of Soros and his ring of dim wit billionaires. And yes the mushrooms still believe and eat the BS fed by the fake news.

  2. What a pile of dog doo. It’s the Leftist Lunatic Liberals who are whipping up the loonies and sending them out to burn, loot, rape, kill, and whatever else pops into their empty heads. I’m sick to death of them trying to put the blame on President Trump all of the time, when anyone with more than 2 working brain cells can SEE that he has been working for the people and for the United States of America since he was voted in.

    1. Yep, Wallace is clearly what the bull left in the pasture. On the ground. In a steaming pile.
      That smelled like…. you got it- what it is. BS.

  3. These liberal news people are totally brain dead. I believe right now, they are the country’s number one enemy. They do more to stir up unrest with their lies than any other source. They really need to get consciences like right now or they will burn in h#ll.

  4. How is it the President’s fault? Aren’t all these little criminals like Antifa and BLM terrorists? They were encouraged by the mayors and governors in these DemocRAT strongholds but they called the peaceful protests!

    1. What a bunch of shit !!!! I can not wait till the first debate , Our Great President destroying babbling biden Man/boy….. MAGA 2020

  5. No words…just no words🤪🤪🤪
    Anyone who believes this crap has s h I t for brains and is anti-Trump no matter what.
    Trump 2020, if our republic is to survive.

    1. If Quid Pro Joe’s Dim Party steals the election there will be war. Patriotic Americans will fight to the death to destroy socialism in our land.

  6. These dirtbags NEED to be held accountable for their ignorant claims made while on the air. Their network needs to temporarily lose their license and the suspensions gets longer for every false claim after the first suspension. After 5 suspensions for spreading garbage the suspension becomes permanent. Time to put an end to this total left/demoSCUM BS.

  7. Calling MSNBC a news channel is like calling a dog turd a tootle role. Speaking of dog turds, Nicole Wallace is exactly that.

  8. Nicole Wallace has always been one of the most vile newsreaders on TV. I can’t call her a reporter or analyst….she is NEITHER.

  9. I’m so sick of hearing media equate absentee ballots with mail-in voting.

    Maybe it’s time to require everything close down on election day so we can have voting ONLY in person followed by an indelible ink stamp on the hand like they do in some other countries.

  10. This is an entire rerun of 2016. Keep blaming us for something we know for a fact Democrats started and keep pushing. Nov 3 is getting closer and the more the MSM keeps this BS. the better we come out. The silent majority will be in full force and it is showing in places like Portland, Seatle and yes even Chicago.

  11. Who believes anything the media says anymore? They are like snake oil sales people trying to sell their latest rot gut to a captive audience…or people that are to fat and lazy to get off their a**’s to change the channel. MSM=SOS aka main stream media = snake oil sales.

  12. Does Ms Wallace even know the difference between Absentee Ballots and Mass Mail-In Ballots.? It doesn’t appear so! Is stupidity a requirement to be a “reporter” fo MSNBC.
    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  13. Rule of Thumb: You will rarely go wrong in politics voting for the candidate that is most lied about while in office or during the campaign. It worked well in 2016 and I believe it will be successful again in 2020.


  15. The media is to blame for all this violence in our cities and not Trump or the mayor. These violent protesters are being funded by some raducal left monsters who think having wealth plus power will be their goal

  16. That is the most stupid thing I’ve heard. President Trump said all they had to do was ask him for help and he would send in the troops and put an end to all the turmoil. No matter what he does the evil media twist it and turns it and I believe with all my heart they are part of the problem and some of the stuff I just don’t see how they even report it with a straight face. I don’t think even they believe their lies.





  18. Satan has these smucks in his top left vest pocket. Did any one see any demonstrations after the demoncratic convention? No, we on the right have the grace of God with in us, we believe in Jesus and the Ten Commandments and have respect for others. I fear for the demonrats when the Holy Spirit tells us ” that is enough, these evil people must be taken out.”

  19. Right on time! The “sleaze campaign” against Trump supporters
    ……….has begun. This is always a side-ways to smack at Trump!

    QUESTION: When has a Conservative been found:
    ……….Looting, committing Arson and destroying businesses?

    I’ll wait. ………………………………………crickets.

  20. Very NORMAL for the anti American Communists Democrat Party to blame their failures on President Trump.
    And seriously, does ANYONE still believe those in the media any longer?
    Ask yourself one question, who is offering to go in and maintain law and order and who is not doing much to retain law and order in Portland, Oregon?

  21. Can’t the Federal Communications mandate that news organizations must tell the truth?.
    Or…..make these network news programs state, UP FRONT, that what they are about to say is their opinion or view and NOT FACTS?

  22. Wow! What universe is this rabid leftist hack (Wallace) living in! Certainly not any world I am familiar with…and we give these wild-eyed extremists credence? I don’t think so.

  23. Of course Trump’s being blamed for the violence in Portland just like he was no doubt responsible for the same antifa crowd in Portland a few years ago.

    Does anyone really think the Democrats are going to take the responsibility for this?

  24. This is a total out of touch Democrat the city is run by democrats who allowed the children to run wild get your facts straight before making accuations you socialist cow. Look at your hand while pointing the finger at Trump there 3 pointing back at you.

  25. “Frothed-up”…. Nicole Wallace from CNN should know about that. It accurately describes CNN’s coverage of anything to do with President Trump.

  26. MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace is missing a few screws upstairs. I fail to find the appropriate adjective to describe the type of stupidity that makes up the narrative of people like Ms. Wallace.

  27. She must be another liberal idiot. Typical stupid lame stream remarks.He is the one trying to stop the riots, looting, burning and assaults, while Dems keep calling them peaceful protesters. Stopping mail in ballots, has nothing to do with absentee voting. Absentee voters request a ballot, and must have a good reason, Illness, away from home etc. Mail in ballots is the perfect way for liberals to harvest votes, or make votes disappear, if they aren’t for the candidate they choose. They are sent to everyone old enough to vote automatically. Some of these ballots go to people who no longer live in the area, or who are dead, but have not been removed from voter rolls. In many states that could be a million or more ballots going to the wrong people, who can fill them out claiming to be the person who’s name is on the ballot. There is also the case of people going around offering to deliver ballots, for these voters. If the ballot is blank, the volunteer will fill it out, and if they are filled out but for the wrong person, the volunteer will hide or throw them away, so they are never counted. Like all liberal media, you don’t have a clue about facts.

  28. I’m telling you….
    Suburban, college educated white women are going to screw this up just like they did in the mid-terms.

  29. Nancy Pelosi’s video says it all, she tells the viewers of this video that in order to win politically you must FIRST CREATE A LIE; SECOND, past the line on to the fake news media; THIRD, have the government recognize the lie as fact, start an investigation and increase the lie by exaggeration and hyperbole, innuendo and speculation. This will ensures that the CREATED LIE will be spread worldwide convincing numerous people that it is the truth and consequently, as in this case, hatred of President Trump. The CREATED LIE by the Democrat party, Hillary Clinton, the CIA, the DOJ, and the FBI, have used the lie of the Russian dossier to go after President Trump. This news article is just an example of THE DEMOCRAT PARTIES PROPAGANDA MACHINE THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA blame Trump for everything.

  30. When the media conspires against the President or interferes in any kind of election in regards to a political party they have committed a crime of conspiracy. When you conspire to commit a crime it is a felony whether you’re an individual or a liberal news media. Close them down and lock their butts up. Let the courts decide what the punishment should be. I hope they are held to a higher standard or they should be closed down. Russia, China and North Korea combined have not interfered in our elections as much as the lying liberal networks.

  31. I am sick and tired of the far left blaming everything on President Trump and his supporters. It is time to expose this lie for what it is: a lie.


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