Trump Announces Historic Peace Deal

White House [Public Domain]

On Friday, President Trump announced a breakthrough in one of the world’s most fractured region: The Balkans.

Trump oversaw a historic deal between the Balkan nations of Kosovo and Serbia – which will normalize economic relations between the two rivals.

The deal also included Kosovo recognizing Israel’s right to exist and will move Serbia’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić signed the peace deal in the Oval Office of the White House.

President Trump released the following statement:

“Today, I am pleased to announce yet another historic commitment.  Serbia and Kosovo have each committed to economic normalization.  After a violent and tragic history and years of failed negotiations, my Administration proposed a new way of bridging the divide.  By focusing on job creation and economic growth, the two countries were able to reach a real breakthrough on economic cooperation across a broad range of issues.

We have also made additional progress on reaching peace in the Middle East.  Kosovo and Israel have agreed to normalization of ties and the establishment of diplomatic relations.  Serbia has committed to opening a commercial office in Jerusalem this month and to move its embassy to Jerusalem by July.

It has taken tremendous bravery by President Vučić of Serbia and Prime Minister Hoti of Kosovo to embark on these talks and to come to Washington to finalize these commitments.  By doing so, they have made their countries, the Balkans, and the world safer.  I look forward to seeing Serbia and Kosovo prosper as we work together on economic cooperation in the region going forward.”

The relations between the two republics has been heated since the deadly Balkan Wars of the ’90s which were fueled by ethnic and religious divisions.

In 2018, Kosovo implemented a 100% tariff on imported Serbian goods.

The new deal will allow for new areas of economic cooperation and for the first flight between Pristina, Kosovo, and Belgrade, Serbia in 21 years, according to The US News and World Report.

    1. Absolutely, but the first steps are always the most difficult and Trump has helped broker two huge, successful negotiations to fruition in the past several weeks. Incredible.

        1. notice how they’re anonymous sources?and why now after 2 years?is it election time?realitybasedbob must have been there along with cnn!

          1. i agree as realitybasedbob must have been on his knees bobbing for something!i wonder what it why did realitybasedbob wait so long?is it election time? i’m hoping he can give us a list of the other people that were aboard but as usual we will never see it!

      1. You’re the loser, you dumba$$. That story has absolutely no truth to it – same old ‘anonymous’ sources, even though others who were there, including apparent Trump-hater Bolton, have stated this is false. Keep drinking the liberal Kool-Aid.

      2. Only a hate filled idiot with TDS would believe Trump said that it’s just another left wing lie like the Russian Hoax ,the phone call BS and everything else that you fruits have made up so blow it out your ass num nuts

      3. Why would yo believe an anonymous nobody over people that where actually there and said it didn’t happened ,poor misguided person or either just another Trump hater.

  1. Biden claims it is his deal, Because he visited there!!! He has no clue what is happening.
    I don’t understand how his wife can’t see that he is struggling with memory problems. It is
    so apparent. Sometimes you can actually see the blank look on his face. Don’t know if you saw last week when CNN was getting ready to interview him and he was sound asleep in front of the monitor!!! Snoring in fact. The news commentator joked and said he was meditating. How dumb do they think we are???

      1. did you just see what biden said? that a black man invented the light bulb!so joe has definitely seen the light and it blinded him!

    1. Yes, they surely must be nervous about the debates. I can’t wait, but I would feel better if they would, just one time, choose more neutral people to ask the questions.

  2. This is great. Now if we can only come to peace in our own country. Maybe if we “liberate” the socialists, activists and crazies from our country and take our governments back at the FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL levels we may just end up saving America. It’s going to get real red, there is nothing anyone can do about it; it is coming, Americans united and get ready.

    1. Each one of these moves toward world PEACE is another defeat for the Globalist pederasts who are trying to destroy us all, with their plans all hidden in plain sight — all they do is publish them and then lie and say “they did not mean it”, the way of their father, Lucifer.

    2. did anyone see what bin ladin’s niece stated?she said that another 911 would never happen under trump!can’t wait to see the headlines “trump in bed with terrorists! too funny!

  3. If we don’t RESPECT and OBEY GOD we are not going to RESPECT LAW ENFORCEMENT or our PRESIDENT. So sad REBELLION has tricked our minds. ADAM and EVE REBELLED in the beginning and we are their rebellious offspring. There is consequences a Price to pay for REBELLION.

  4. President Trump does so many great things, and the fake news never reports it, but they’ll praise Biden and never say anything about his proven past racists policies, his non support of the police, or all of his and Hunters disgraceful actions with China! We must support President Trump and all the republicans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. look: according to what most people could care less about, and for that I am sorry, the Bible (KJV) says that GOD “ORDAINS” those in high offices, as well as principalities and powers. See Psalms 75:6-7/Romans 13:1/Col 1:16KJV So, Donald trump is in office, and we are all commanded to pray for our leaders, so…please do so!

  6. Sure give Our President all the credit. Libs and the drive by won’t of course. They will find something to bitch about. Don’t ask me if I find the socialist media and and the liberal political sewer rats misfits and disgusting.

  7. Fantastic deal. President thank you for brokering all these new agreements. For sure, prosperity will endure. Also, a very nice tribute for both nations to work with Israel for a peaceful existence.

  8. And now the Democrat Domestic Terrorist (DDT) party are turning America into Serbia and Kosovo.
    If we don’t re-elect President Trump America will be toast – literally.
    But the evil DDT won’t be “happy” until they burn America down and start WWIII.

  9. This is the plan. Put USA on the Joke banana state, Bidden as president with amnesia and Kamala Harris guiding the country as vice president… The main goal is to drop down the present Best president ever….

  10. Isn’t it amazing what a little trust and humility can do. This is the type of “deal” that is possible in many areas when politics and anger are NOT the topic of discussion. Of major ‘importance’ here is the FACT that this type of agreement leads to a “snowball” effect which can influence many ongoing negotiations.

    1. Instead of focusing on all the reasons why something can’t be done, Trump focuses on all the reasons on why doing something will be mutually beneficial. This is a concept that the leftists reject by the tenets of their ideology.


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