Trump Thinks Fox News Should Fire This Reporter

After speaking in the rain, President Trump contemplates the graves of fallen soldiers at Suresnes American Cemetery in France. His previous day's visit to the Aisne-Marnes American Cemetery was canceled due to weather that jeopardized helicopter-flight safety. Photo: The White House.

President Trump has called on Fox News to fire one of its own reporters after she claimed he made unsavory remarks about the military.

The Atlantic magazine claimed Trump called soldiers who died in action during World War I were losers and suckers when he skipped a scheduled trip to a military cemetery in France which was missed due to bad weather, according to the Administration.

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin claimed two former Trump administration officials confirmed to her that The Atlantic’s account of the incident was correct (Washington Examiner):

“Griffin, citing two former senior Trump administration officials, confirmed that Goldberg’s report was true in regard to disparaging veterans and not wanting to visit the cemetery. While Griffin’s reporting did not specifically confirm the “losers” and “suckers” comments, she reported that Trump said that anyone who fought in the Vietnam War was a “sucker,” citing a former senior U.S. official. The “suckers” comment alleged in the Atlantic’s report was in regard to U.S. Marines in World War I.”

Here’s her tweet:


President Trump responded saying the network should fire Griffin:

“All refuted by many witnesses. Jennifer Griffin should be fired for this kind of reporting. Never called us for comment. [Fox News] is gone!”

Along with Trump’s comments, he tweeted an article from Breitbart titled “Jennifer Griffin of Fox News Did Not Confirm the Most Salacious Part of Atlantic Story”.

According to Breitbart, Griffin only confirmed part of the story, but not the comments American’s buried in Aisne-Marne American Cemetary in France were “losers” and “suckers”:

But Griffin said she could not confirm “the most salacious” part of the Atlantic report, which claimed that Trump had called World War I soldiers buried at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris “losers” and “suckers.”

Notably, Griffin did not tweet that she had failed to confirm the headline claim of the Atlantic piece, which was titled: “Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’.”

Some of Griffin’s colleagues, including Bret Baier, have defended Griffin’s journalistic integrity. Baier called her a “great reporter” and said she is a “total class act”.

  1. Resurfaced Video Bolsters Fox News Reporting That Trump Called Pentagon Leaders ‘Losers’ and ‘Babies’

    During a November 5, 2016 speech in Tampa, Trump launched into the familiar routine — the premise of which is that ISIS would have been completely surprised at an attack on their greatest stronghold in Iraq had no inkling been given by U.S. military leaders — by saying “Whatever happened to the element of surprise? The element of surprise?” and derisively declaring “What a group of losers we have. And now it’s a very tough battle.”

    1. So the report by Griffin is in fact a lie. She took statement regarding rules of engagement in the Obama administration and applied them to another instance. Everyone knows that the military is of top importance to Trump. He has done more for the military than any other President in recent memory. This reporter, like most reporters these days, chose to twist the truth to fit her anti-Trump narrative. He is right, she should be fired.

      1. She is closely tied to the Pentagon and the war hawks there, they are her friends. She was trying to protect them because like the war hawks, war makes her much more valuable as the link to the Pentagon. Sorry for her that she acted just like the politicians and generals, money. Always follow the money.

      1. We won the Vietnam War 46 years ago.
        The Vietnamese have been at peace since Nixon freed their nation from foreign aggressors.
        And don’t forget that we won the Korean War too.

        1. Correction: We did NOT win either one of them. The politicians imposed rules on our troupes (such as you can’t shoot if they cross “that” line, or don’t shoot unless they shoot first) which made it impossible to win.

      2. It’s actually over 70. Korea was a draw and even WWII we were only a PART of an allied joint effort.Everything else we’ve either been defeated in or chased out of.

    2. If the ignorant b******s did leak the attack — then they are worse than a group of losers, they certainly don’t belong in the positions they are in. They sound more like a group of odumbo’s military of let’s tell the enemy where and what time we will attack so they can get out or be ready for us.

    3. President Trump was obviously referring to the “group of losers” in the Obama Administration. That bunch of morons would screw up a wet dream. The Trump Admin did in 2 1/2 years in the middle east what the Obummer losers couldn’t get done in 8 years. Typical parsing and twisting of words the lying, conniving media has turned into an art form in attacking President Trump.

        1. I can’t agree more…especially the conservative Q-anon posters. I encourage Mark Zuckerberg to sanitize the Internet and HIS platform from this scourge of mus ubfirnatuib and poropaganda.

        1. Nothing…Promised a lot. Didn’t do anything..Lied to get elected…
          Caused a war that his cost the lives of our precious soldiers…that has not been won except thru Trump…God bless our dear President…
          He really was a joke.

          1. Trump hasn’t “won” Jack Shit except for a few skirmishes. God Danb iyr “dear” President. He should have surrendered in February of 2016.

    4. Sorry but you omitted one of your zero’s in your name. It should read “realitybasedboob”.

      Of course you being such a zero maybe that made you forget it.

    5. Idiot. Even if he did say disparaging things he was talking about the Pentagon, not soldiers who died in action. You need to get back to some of that “reality base”.

    6. Why do people bring what was said in 2016, I do understand its election time. I am sure in the past, previous Presidents have said things which may not be appropriate. Move on and bring what was positively spoken/ or done. Our country is already doing down with all riots, politicians saying stuff which does not sound good Please think of being together and uniting not dividing. Please join hands positively, we will never agree. There has been no President, V.P, congress person or senators who are always correct 100%. Just work on making America Great/ Great Again. May God Bless our great country USA and our President Trump.

    7. Be careful what you say much less what you put in print. It can come back to bite you in the you know what. Trump is not a polished politician…thank goodness. I doubt he said those things as he is too smart to do that but he does have a real New York mouth. Love him for it…he loves you!!

  2. griffin should be let go right along with every so-called journalist who spouts garbage about a sitting President. She sounds more like she belongs on cnn but then again — that’s exactly the direction Fox is headed in. Who were the “senior officials” tell us their names and let them be confronted. She didn’t confirm the story but ran with it anyways– she should be gone.

      1. One American News
        The Epoch Times
        Some programs on Fox ,either early am or 8 pm at night
        Weekends Life,Liberty & Levine
        Fox nation’s is great no hateful Juan Williams,Donna Brazile

  3. Former Senator Harry Reid must have been the “unimpeachable” source to validate this weird September Surprise story. Senator Reid did such a hatchet job on GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney in September 2016 to destroy Romney’s chances. Remember Harry Reid saying after the election…”Romney didn’t win did he .”

  4. Only a low-grade (aka LOW IQ) moron would think that B.S. is true! But, I DO love it when these Anti-America Extremists LIE…..because it ALWAYS BACKFIRES!!! EVERYTHING that they DO…….BACKFIRES!!!!! This, TOO, will just ANGER people and bring in MORE VOTES for POTUS Trump!! #WINNING!! So, THANK YOU Anti-American FILTH for handing POTUS Trump something better than ANY re-election Campaign that POTUS could not have paid a BAZILLION $$$$ for, on a Silver Platter!!

    1. The problem with these dopes is they think because they are on TV everyone is stupid and we will believe anything they say. Of course there are those that are really dumb.

  5. Jennifer Griffin is totally safe and her story was most likely pre-approved. Don’t forget the ultra-lib Murdock boys and never-Trumper Paul Ryno are in charge of Fox News now…

      1. Simple. They are hedging their bet. If they lean liberal they think they will still have a gravy job if Trump losses

  6. No, Brett, Garner is not a class act. She gave life to a lie, and you, Brett, should be critical of that and say it is unacceptable of FOX.

  7. NO absence of Malice but Malice Intent. I have lost practically all respect for FNC, I will only watch at prime time as for everything else, NO. I mean, how can make a startling report, pretend is it actual but not thoroughly fact check it, what are you there for, to alleviate Pig Nancy and her rules for thee but not for me, mandate on mask wearing? She is indeed a Maskhole.

  8. “Griffin, citing two former senior Trump administration officials…”
    Meaning a couple of people who got their arses fired, no doubt for cause, and Griffin doesn’t have the integrity to NAME the “former ‘senior’ Trump administration officials”.
    Likely people like Cohen.
    The Swamp losers….

  9. Anonymous sources told me that the anonymous sources of he Atlantic magazine article, were non other than Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer . This is how fake news gets started. The Democrats call the news sources with a fictitious article and then promote it as fact. Then they keep the fake story alive for a few days, hoping that the story has to be debased by Republicans, thereby restricting the Trump campaign from promoting their campaign promises.

  10. Baier ought to go as well. He LOVES the Chinese. Did you ever wonder why? If the FBI released all offshore bank accounts all questions would be answered.

  11. A total class act does not report fake stories and withholds the sources there off!! We want names and since they are not provided and others who were present disputed it, it is SLANDER!!!

    1. A total class act honors their promise of anonymity.

      Slander is knowingly misrepresenting what was said.
      This is a case of of she said ‘he’ said versus ‘he’ said.
      How did you determine the truth?
      By how it reflects on the man you voted for?

  12. Yes, I seen that report and I think she is nuts!! She should be fired now!! I am shutting these people off.. I only watch Fox and Friends and turn the station!!

  13. J.Griffin, what the hell kind of reporter are u, when u can’t confirm your from sources, if the story is true or not. I’ll tell u,your a complete liberal,bias, hack, if u can’t confirm,sthu.Do u still work for CNN {the CommunistNewsNetwork? sounds like it}

  14. The most important question is “who is the source”and “what is the news outlet name” the answers are Jeffrey Goldberg and The Atlantic magazine, thus for Jennifer Griffin that should have raised a red flag, instead she ran with it, big mistake for an experienced reporter like her, no excuses, she needs to accept the error and retract the piece, otherwise if proof of a political agenda surfaces, then needs to be fired.

  15. Griffin and Bair are losers. They are not journalists and Fox News has lost what little integrity they were holding on to. With their resources and so called journalists why not embark on a real journalistic investigation? As for this Vet I’m loyal to the Trumpster.

  16. J. Griffin was all butthurt when President Trump won. She was poised to be the White House correspondent to fox for hitlery clinton.. When Trump won she was visibly upset and has never gotten over it.

    1. Griffin must have had a brain trauma from radiation for her cancer. Since that time she has become a dupe for the cnn idiots. Its a shame because she used to be a good journalist. The kind of reporter that checked sources and revealed sources if they proven true. Now a Demo-rat stooige.


  18. We seem to have only Jennifer Griffin’s word for that. If she really wants to be a fair and balanced reporter for Fox, she should be calling those two sources out. I do note that they are “former Trump admin officials”, who would not be above having an ax to grind with the President. If she or they have nothing to hide why are they afraid to come out of the proverbial closet??? I agree with the President, Fox should be getting rid of this hack reporter. No one needs insinuation and innuendo to back a story. As far as Brett Baier defending her is concerned, he too is not above the use of fabrication.

      1. If Trump don’t get reelected then they will see that they should of praised Trump, because they might get burned down and out of a job.

  19. I am a 75 year od vietnam vetran and 1968 Tet Offensive survivor wo had a degee in government w he served in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade at the height of the 1968

  20. So, anytone who doesn’t agree with the president (a documented prevaricator) should be fired. Sonehow, I think because of both individual’s track records, I side with her.

  21. If Fox continues to go down this fake reporting news in the future your ratings will go way down like CNN and MSNBC. Have some integrity Fox and get rid of this hack reporter that wasn’t smart enough to get her wrong facts checked.

  22. I agree with Trump. I watched her interview and was shocked. she lied through her teeth. her body language was she knew she was fake newsing her story and showed her true colors. she’s a assocrat and was gonna hit Trump before his bump puts biden in the basement. body language, voice spoke volumnes that she was being dishonest and would probably lose her job but she was up for the chance to harm Trump. And her next taling point was on the phone like she knew she did something wrong and needed to hide. totally lost any respect for her. and now question anything she said in past and will never believe her in the future. Sad that thou that fox never reminded nation that Trump tried a number of times to apologize to McCain but he wouldn’t be a bigger man. I was sad cause I liked McCain but agree. dems had him crossing the aisle constantly yet dems will NEVER cross the aisle. And fox never reminded the nation that Trump ya, said something insensitive. Not only did he try a number of times to apologize. they also reported that he’s the type that if you hit him he hits back. And that is were the McCain issue came from McCain hit first.


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