Trump Threatens to Cut Federal Funding to Schools Teaching ‘The 1619 Project’

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump tweeted that the Department of Education was assessing the state of California’s implementation of the “1619 Project” – a controversial reframing of American history – as curriculum in public schools, and warned if found to be true, those institutions would lose federal funding.   

The “1619 Project,” which won a 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, is a reimagining of the country’s past based on the premise that American history began in 1619 when the first African slaves were brought to the new world, rather than when the U.S. was founded 1776.

The project, created by Nikole Hannah-Jones for The New York Times, proposes that the preservation of slavery was the Founding Fathers’ primary motivation for the Revolutionary War against the British.  

 The project has come under heavy scrutiny from historians and politicians alike. In multiple letters to the Times, prominent historians said, “The 1619 Project offers a historically-limited view of slavery,” and accused the authors of “displacement of historical understanding by ideology.”

While Democratic Vice President nominee Kamala Harris tweeted “The #1619Project is a powerful and necessary reckoning of our history. Newt Gingrich strongly disagreed in an opinion piece, “We do not need left-wing propaganda masquerading as ‘the truth.’” 

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton called the project “a racially divisive, revisionist account of history that denies the noble principles of freedom and equality on which our nation was founded.” In July, he introduced a bill that would prevent schools from utilizing the “1619 Project” and deny federal funding to the teaching institutions that include it in their curriculum. 

  1. No 1619 Pull your kids out of school don’t let these people brainwash your kids we’re not in the slave ages we are in the modern age is this is all a hoax Trump 2020

    1. Parents should home school, if there is any feasible way. The home schooled children that I know do much better on their final exams and are not brainwashed. And no, they are not socially isolated; most are involved in church or community activities.

  2. So, if Tom Cotton introduces a bill in July, what the hell is happening. School starts in September. Just stop this garbage. Enough of catering to the lefties. If the blacks don’t like living in the USA they are free to go back to Africa anytime they want.,

    1. That’s the trouble with this so-called project. It’s not so much about race or our black citizens. It’s actually nothing but revisionist history foisted on students by damn fool editors of the New York TImes. That it won a Pulitzer tells you all you need to know about its bias. They seem to be handed out like candy to any leftist journalist who comes along.

      Several editors and assistant editors of the NYT have resigned over their employer’s decision to publish this. Yes, it’s that outrageous.

      It is a very fair and necessary target of President Trump and Senator Tom Cotton. They know the motives behind this “project” are purposely divisive and intended to confuse young minds with lies and distortions about the history of the United States.

      For some reason, history has always been made to seem boring, but it’s the ill-equipped and poorly motivated teachers who make it seem boring. Nothing is more exciting than history being taught by a teacher who is excited about it. I know from experience how a teacher who is excited about American history changed my whole idea about history and especially American history.

      It’s critical that our new generation truly understands our history. We must never allow our people to be misinformed about where we all came from, and where we’ve been. That would truly be a tragedy.

  3. Whether the left likes it or not. Our history is our history. It won’t do any good to change it, or to teach our children differently, because we were the good guys in all of this. We were the ones who bought the people from slave traders, who would have ended up being dumped overboard in the Atlantic if we hadn’t. The plantation owners gave them homes of their own, work, clothes, and food. As in any culture, there were some bad owners, and a whole lot of good ones. Too, many of those who were set free, didn’t leave. They didn’t want to, so the owners gave them a salary of the era. What’s to be ashamed of? What are they tying to change? Something to suit the radical liberals? No. We, The People, will not allow that.

  4. Question: Does this “1619 project” also point out that these “slaves” were SOLD into slavery by their own TRIBAL LEADERS??? There has already been far too much ‘REWRITING’ of our American history!!! Enough is ENOUGH! DEFUND IMMEDIATELY any school or school system that attempts to ‘teach’ this newest obscene re-writing of the history of this great country and what it stands for!

  5. Please do cease funding all schools, who try to rewrite history! This is solely to change our country into a Socialist nation.

  6. Lies, all lies. Quit making it out to be all the white people’s fault. We never had slaves and I’ll be damned if you people will destroy our children’s minds with your lies. DO NOT PUT LIES IN OUR CHILDREN’S MINDS. People, if you truly want your children to learn the truth in Our history then check to make sure you see what they are trying to teach your children. They are very sneaky and have been changing the way we were taught with teaching 1619. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY

  7. Close ‘ALL’ the schools indoctrination centers until there are monitors in every classroom that parents can see online anytime !!!!

  8. 2 “Inconvenient Truths” you will not see in the 1619 lie project. Those first slaves were supposed to go to Brazil, but, because of difficulties there, the Portugese ship sailed into the Virginia colony, where those slaves were purchased by a free black man. In Louisiana, because the state still used the Napoleonic Codes, free blacks could own slaves, and they did. In fact, there were more slaves owned by other blacks in Louisiana than were owned by whites. Which families of those black slave owners in Louisiana are going to pay the reparations BLM is demanding? There is so much wrong with the 1619 Project , it is amazing, and quite distressing. This is as much about history as BLM is to actually caring about blacks in the neighborhoods

  9. No better proof exists that public schools are government indoctrination centers than Project 1619. Fact is, the British Empire, under the royal family’s iron hand, first imported slaves to the British colonies. The Dutch, French and Spanish willingly accepted them and ignored the notion of racial abuse in the practice. It continued almost unnoticed for more than a century and a half, 169 years, until the Constitution was ratified in 1788.

    Notably, slavery also was a common practice all over the world and had been for 5,000 years. Only the United States codified in its Constitution that slavery violated a human right. Subsequently, it continued but declined in acceptability for 77 years when it was banished by the deadliest war in U.S. history. Racism, like most social changes, declined at a glacial pace for an additional 99 years when it lurched downward in 1964.

    Since that time, Blacks and whites have been partying together, eating at each other’s homes, carpooling together, marrying each other and all the normal things that were a problem 70 years ago. Occasionally, democrat bosses engage in hysterical crusades to create hatred for opponents. This time, it’s Trump. They believe dirty tricks improve their chances of winning elections.

    This time, they’ve unraveled race relations again, with a capital “R.” Hopefully, concerned voters from both races will reject this flimflam and fix much of the democrat wrong by reelecting Trump.

  10. Anyone who has studied American history knows it wasn’t about slavery; it was about taxes. Remember the Boston tea party? The 1619 project is simply an attempt to smear America and its benefits in favor of a discredited ideology that has impoverished millions.

  11. I would rather teach the 2020 Project. The 2020 Project is based on the year we tell all the Democrats to take a hike to another country that they think is better than the United States.

    TRUMP 2020 – KAG baby KAG!

  12. There is no limit as to how low and corrupt the Left will go to try and destroy our Nation,]
    Our History and how far we have come. They ignore the fact that Slavery exist in many
    nations around the world had has been in existence since the beginning of time. That
    does not justify it by any means but is a simple statement of fact. In the Muslim culture
    it exist today and is promoted by their Qurand and their profit Muhammad who was a
    pedophile. In the United States we fought a bloody Civil War in which slavery was a
    minor issued at first but became a center piece by Lincoln after the war had begun. It
    was the Socialist Democrats who fought against it up until the 60’s where we came
    close to another civil war to insure that ALL AMERICANS, regardless of Race, Color,
    Natio of origin or ethnicity were accorded full and equitable rights under our Constitution.

  13. No 1619 Project. The school system is going to find out that we the people are tired of them deciding what our children need to be perverted with. That includes sex education. Stick with the limitations you were given years ago and butt out of our lives or we will find another way to educate these children. They are trying to divide our country.

  14. Democrat/communists want to rewrite history their way again tell them to just go to a social/democrat nation;back to Africa would be one

  15. There is a very simple solution.
    Provide each student with a federal voucher for their proportionately share of the federal funding for schools. Cut out all the middle men at the state and local level.
    Then let the parents and students choose the schools they choose to attend. They can use the federal vouchers and any state and local vouchers that may come into existence, towards paying for the cost of their education. This might even apply to home schooling.

  16. In 1619, this country was still under British rule and had NOTHING to do with the United States by 150 years. I guess all this common core horse hockey makes the woke community piss poor at math.

  17. Got to get this program CANCELED! It isn’t factual and should never be allowed to be taught. School boards should be directed to ignore that trash.

  18. The reality is the world has always had slavery in one form or another. Slavery isn’t just a slaveholder and a slave. Dictatorships can enslave an entire nation of citizens like what is happening in North Korea today. It is time to wake up pay attention and realize the past is over but the present is something we can act upon. The LEFT wants to destroy the very government that supported a civil war to end slavery and preserve the Union. It wants to destroy our Constitution with all of its protections for the rights of every citizen regardless of race. They want to replace our government with a Marxist government where everyone is a dependent of the State. Where there is no more freedom. Only perpetual servitude to an all encompassing overpowering dictatorial paternalistic State. Just compare how Democrats are handling the riots and the pandemic. They say how much they care while their cities are being burned to the ground. They tell everyone to wear a mask for their safety while they ignore their own rules and do what they want. How is different than the leadership of any other communist dictatorship? It isn’t. Remove these people from office before it’s too late. It just might already be too late.

  19. Or pushing this new doctrine of white shame. I guess most of the USA is mixed like myself. A little Indian about 1/8th, some Irish, Mexican about 1/4th, etc.. So though I look caucasian I am not, just a mixed breed. And I suspect that most of this nation is the same. So what is white, or black, or brown? My brother was more mexican looking, the other was blonde with blue eyes, I am somewhere in between.

    This racist crap needs to end. Judge people by their actions, not the looks. Sick of this hate, division and race bating. Bozo and his mare need to stop their crap. It is pretty sad to see how badly two nasty people backed by rich nasty people like Soros have torn up this country.

    I think Trump is the best person we have for this time and to deal with these liars, cheats, thieves. And I can’t understand anyone voting for a dim wit. After what has been done and how they have acted towards their own constituents I refuse to believe the polls. This is 2016 all over again and the fake news lies again. The election will go to Trump and the house and senate will be GOP too. Just watch the vote counters as they tend to try and add those fake ballets to try and overturn the people’s votes.

  20. One can not change the past but only learn from it. One can guide the future from knowledge acquired from the true past. Yes this 1619 project must be considered trash.


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