Trump Announces Addition of Bahrain to Middle East Peace Deal

White House [Public Domain]


The addition of Bahrain to the peace agreement is official.

President Trump tweeted the news:


President Trump is expected to announce the addition of Bahrain to his historic peace deal between the UAE and Isreal, further advancing peace in the Middle East. The expected announcement follows hints from Trump that a third country could join the normalization agreement.

According to Times of Isreal:

In the weeks since the normalization deal was announced on August 13, US and Israeli officials have said other Arab states will follow the UAE’s lead and normalize ties with Israel, with speculation including Oman and Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain agreed to allow Israeli planes to use their airspace following the normalization agreement, in what was seen as a significant step toward warmer relations, but have expressed hesitation about normalization with Israel.

Bahrain’s king recently told White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, who is a key player in the normalization push, that Manama would only ink a deal in concert with Saudi Arabia; and Riyadh’s crown prince told Kushner that an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord must precede any normalization agreement, in line with the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative.

For his part, Trump on Thursday made a point in lauding UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his willingness to formalize relations with Israel. Trump called the UAE’s de facto leader a “warrior” and said “Mohammed’s very excited about this.”

President Trump was nominated earlier this week for a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in brokering this historic deal.

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  1. Not tired of winning, Mr. President!

    If Mr. Trump doesn’t get the Nobel, they are outed as a completely corrupt institution.

    1. They are a completely corrupt Socialist bunch
      Trump deserves the prize hands down BUT I will be very surprised if he gets it…all politics

    2. I agree! He just plows ahead doing great things while the demoncrats disparage him at every turn. Would love to be a fly on the wall when Nancy got the news of the award! That had to bite her in the butt!

  2. The greatest president of all time, making historic peace deals we have never seen in our life time, The dumbocraps are hating every minute of it, and melting down,because they all want us in theese wars forever. Trump keeps winning and the dummycraps keep losing.

  3. I’m CONFUSED! I thought joe n obama were supposed to do these kinds of things! AND THAT THE democrats SWORE TRUMP WOULD START A WAR IF NOT WW3! HOW DID THEY GET EVERYTHING SO WRONG? AND IF THEY WERE THAT WRONG HOW CAN ANYONE TRUST THEM TOO LEAD? I need my blue blanky and some tissues. WOW! The blm, antifa and the democrat party needs to change there names to “BUNCH OF PUSSIES”!🤣😂🤣🤣😂🖕

  4. Could it be that the US, now being an energy exporter, another trump creation, has caused these oil dependent fiefdoms to put their cards on the table? What was it like prior to the US being a net energy exporter?

  5. In your face Obama and your leftist backing, President Trump has earned his Nobel Peace Prize and it didn’t cost him him a criminal 57 billion give away to terrorists!

  6. His foreign policy record is nothing short of impressive. For the first time, it seems we could actually have peace in the Middle East. We must keep Trump for four more years, and we will see this happen. I’m certain of it.

  7. The greatest of great Presidents, President Trump, who never stops making this United States of America, GREATER. FOUR MORE YEARS and we may have a TRUMP dynasty, with son, Don Trump jr, who reflects his father’s brilliance, taking up his place and finishing the Leftist Cabal dictatorship.

  8. Israel should be tried as a criminal state for their involvement in 9/11 that killed thousands of people as well as their on-going genocide of the Palestinians that has been going on for over 75 years since they drove the Palestinians from their land. And, Trump should stopping kissing Netanyahu’s a- -.

  9. You would have to be as dumb as a democrat not to see what an amazingly great President we have had in Trump. I’m 60 years old and President Trump is accomplishing what no other President has managed to do in my lifetime in bringing peace to the Middle East.

  10. Good for President Trump. Now this man is deserving, unlike Mr. Obama who did diddley squat to earn his. If the President should win this award, it will restore my faith in what this award stands for, after the Obama boondoggle.


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