Trump Handed BIG Immigration Win From the 9th Circuit

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The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Trump Administration’s decision to end temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of migrants is lawful.

Reuters reported:

A lower court blocked the Trump administration’s attempt to end the protections but a three-judge panel from the 9th Circuit ruled 2-1 reversing that decision and allowing the Trump administration to end the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for people from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan.

This case also has farther-reaching effects as it will likely pertain to a lawsuit filed by immigrants from Honduras and Nepal which was put on hold until a determination was made in this case.

Thousands of immigrants who were protected by this special status have been in the United States for decades. It is unclear how the Trump administration will handle cases such as these.

This case is likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court which will prolong the outcome. But currently, the immigrants are protected until January 4th, 2021 after which they will have to find an alternative method to stay in the U.S. legally.

President Trump has made immigration a focus of his administration and that focus will likely become a major issue against Joe Biden as November approached.

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    1. We stand and fully support the President of the United States of America, President Donald J. Trump and the GOP…
      when the other party stands for increased murdering of innocent children through outrageous life-ending procedures incuding beyond birth “abortions”,
      when that party stands for hatred of Israel, a solid and proved American Ally but that party venerates and prefers America’s enemy nations,
      when the same party wants to end American constiutionally, personally, guaranteed rights like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as in:
      freedom to be born and not aborted, freedom to excercise our faith and to go to church or not, freedom to wear a mask Or Not, to attend a hands-on traditional education place or not, to go to the movies, shopping or attend sports events as individually desired,
      When that party expresses its resolve to end American citizens’ right to bear arms thereby exposing all American people to the evils of socislism (see Venezuelan, Cuban, and Russian history for details)
      When that party takes over social control claiming hate speech on all communications not in keeping with their agendas, therefore employing free speech canceling maneuvers to an individual’s right
      to excersise freedom of speech And Not Be Censored by “social” media platforms, etc.
      When the majority of the entire political party leans so far left that they prop a demented, depraved, terrorist-welcoming, police-defunding, pervert And crooked, life-long politician as candidate for our presidency,
      And Then proceed to back a more-abortion-on-demannd, Brown Power, public property defacing, riot-condoning, open-borders advocate that originally hated her presidential running mate but now it appears that they fully support each others evil platforms…
      the choice is Very Easy.
      The choice is very easy when you’re “Woke”
      To all Sheeple: Please stop drinking their koolaid and look for the Truth. You will find it when you seek it with a whole heart. Here’s hoping you do find it and awake before the end…

    2. May I say that God blessed all of us by giving us the greatest President of our lifetime.I loved President Reagan but President Trump has just blown the roof off the top.

    3. Getting kinda WARM around here for all of you SNOWFLAKES and it is SWEET watching them SCREAM at the sky as they MELT, HILARIOUS!!!

  1. Its too bad that Obama and Soros cant leave their dirty little fingers off of Immigration
    They dont give a crap about these people and President Trump is just trying to clean up another one of Obama ‘s messes. Thank YOU President Trump The legal immigrants will thank you too

    1. Do you realize how many illegals are in jail or prison 40% or more. 67% of illegals are on government aid. 63% of legal immigrants are on government aid. We are tired of paying for them

    2. Growth of US economy does NOT come minimum wage, minimum education, minimum skilled people.

      Getting rid of low wage people removes the impediments to low skilled Americans getting jobs.

  2. How exactly is it that non citizens can sue the US to obtain protections and rights that they are not entitled to? And then there’s that pesky little issue of who pays for all this legal action and defense—the US taxpayer. Let’s pray that any appeals fail!

      1. I have a full copy of our U.S. Constitution….and no matter where or what part I look…….there is NO protection listed for “ILLEGAL ALIENS”. ……So, I have no idea as to which “Constitution” that you are referring to.

        1. read the last sentence of the 14th amendment -it gives equal protection of the laws to anybody within the jurisdiction of the US. not just citizens or legals.Same goes for due process is given to “any person” —- if you can’t figure out that also means illegal immigrants then start reading the supreme court opinions that hold the same per the reading of the constitution. Don’t get me wrong— I don’t think they should have any rights but the reading of the constitution and the Supreme court rulings says otherwise.

      2. Looks to me like they have more rights! I don’t get free health care, I don’t get a check every month from Welfare, I don’t get free education~~ What are you talking about?!

    1. If they are here illegally, then they need to go…. AND since they were here illegally, they shouldn’t be allowed to return under ANY circumstances since they are CRIMINALS.

  3. Yes, positive news for people who believe in immigration laws, national sovereignty, and sanity. But why do I believe that, in the end, the illegals will win what they want through the American court system?

    1. LOVE your reaction! But its a lost cause in CA, the rotter who run this state even pay s them and gives them more than we seniors get on OUR earned SS per year! Is it taxed like ours is TWICE! Wishful thinking CA do something good for us for a change?

    1. There are MANY reasons President Trump is one of,IF not the best president the U.S.A. has EVER known.Just to point out a few..He has no need for a government “pay check”.He has no political ambitions (other than “fixing” what years of corruption have wrought ).His accomplishments (in the face of HUGE resistance) are nothing short of astounding. President Trump has also had to deal with corruption within his own “trusted” staff.(many of whom were enemies “hidden” with the intent of destroying him.) I con only hope these trash have been rooted out. There is a LOT more,But I,as well as all TRUE Americans, already know how amazing the past three plus years have been. The ONLY reason there is any “contest” for his re-election is the wuhan,China virus set loose on the planet by a filthy,hateful communist regime.(personally,i believe the democrats were deeply involved) They had NO chance to beat President Trump,unless they could destroy the best economy we have EVER had.I pray to God, People are smart enough to see it for what it is. Re-elect a TRUE American who ACTUALLY loves our country and it’s citizens PLEASE,vote Trump 2020 for the nation as well as your own good !

    1. It probably won’t since the court ruled, if you are in the country you must be counted. The census should be complete before this ruling takes effect, even if it isn’t challenged.

  4. It seems to me that Teddy Roosevelt was right. If you choose to come here, you become a citizen, swear Allegiance, honor the flag and recognize that we are an English speaking country.
    In other words do it the right way. Don’t sneak in.

  5. If they’ve been here for decades why haven’t they taken the steps to become citizens?! Get rid of the dead weight, give citizenship to those people who love America and are working to make their lives and America better. Take the proper steps to become Americans or get the he!! out. (And I hate to cuss~~ but that’s how strongly I feel about this.)

  6. This news would be even greater if it was an indication that the most liberal court in the land is finally supporting America and American rights. Is that too much to hope for?

  7. Immigration, at no time, is needed! GOD said, “BE YE FRUITFUL, and Multiply! This is GOD’s way of building a nation, thru families! Immigration, both legal and Illegal, always destroys a nation! HISTORY proves this! LOOK: MY Opinions aside, we see Ezra 9 and Nehemiah 10 KJV as well as others in Jeremiah, we see GODs disdain for Race mixing and Immigration! The Bottom line is this: WITH GOD, this act, as it were, is a GREAT SIN! See ACTS 17:26-27 KJV GOD separated and segregated man upon the earth for the purpose of getting them to SEE “HIM” in their own lands and their own tongue from their own people! We also see Genesis 18:20KJV Sodom and Gomorrah did the same thing, and IT too was called a GREAT SIN! Also, IF you will remember that at the “Tower of Babel” (Genesis 10) the same thing was happening. Men wanted to get together and be one, when GOD specifically said: “SEPARATE!” The U.N. will be destroyed (Zephaniah 3:8 KJV) because of their race mixing and Illegal immigration and destruction of men and nations! READ the verse!

    1. You seem to ONLY have read a portion of the Bible and Old Testament. In very old times Kingdoms would CONQUOR neighboring kingdoms. The HIGHEST leaders would be killed. Their Children would become slaves in the Palace of the conquerors. Instead of menial tasks they would learn language, math, politics, they would learn the way of their conquerors then in about 7 years they would be returned to their kingdoms to RUN the kingdom.
      The problem with the USA is that we need to allow many in the USA to come for a limited time. After which they must sell everything they have here and leave to be repatriated. Illegal aliens should just be repatriated. The second time they should be marked “personna non-grata” for life. This means that they can never even visit here again without major legal complications such as a 40 year prison sentence.

  8. Since the Second MOST liberal court has already ruled in Potus’ Favor, there is almost a zero chance that SCOTUS will even hear the case. There would be little reason unless the one judge who objected had an incredible reason.
    Remember when a completely liberal court decides to side with conservative constitutional values then there is pretty much no possibility that it could be overturned. Alternately this same court (9th Jerkit) has proven again and again that its liberal rulings are ALWAYS subject to overturn by appeal. This happens again and again.


    Just as my grandparents immigrated from England, so must all these teet sucking, benefit stealing, lazy illegals who cross the BOARDER, pop out a kid and live off MY TAX dollars?

    THIS MUST STOP! I want my $ back!

    OUT with M13, Out with illegals, out with anyone who breaks the law, first being crossing the boarder without permission to do so!

    Shoot on sight will stop them!

    TRUMP 2020! PLEASE make your vote count, go to the voting booth!

  10. I’m an old vet whom served in the 1950’s-60’s; a time when politicians compromised from both sides of the Aisle; when we saluted the flag, and proudly sung the national anthem at the ballpark. We celebrated the birth of a child, addressed the local policeman by his first name, gave-up our seat for a standing woman and attended church on Sundays. In contrast, if it were possible to jump from my era to the present area, one might conclude that they landed in HELL. Trump, whom is basically from my era, (A few years younger) is being brutely attacked because he is fighting to bring back the same positive attitudes, virtues and patriotism that existed at end of world war 2. Unfortunately, many have turned away from God and are now exposed to evil powers and principalities that cannot be seen. Trump, whom I believe was chosen by God, as an act of mercy, will be the last president of Nation that has fallen from His grace. VOTE IN NOVEMBER!          


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