Top Takeaways from the GOP’s Plan to Win Back the House

President Donald J. Trump arrives at a November 11, 2018 ceremony at Suresnes American Cemetery in France. Photo: The White House.

1.) Restore Our Way of Life

White House [Public Domain]
The first of the 3 objectives is “Restoring Our Way of Life.” This means bringing the country out of the lockdown and restoring the pre-coronavirus America as opposed to the insane proposition that the country remains the way it is in this seemingly dystopian “new normal”.


a.) Triple the amount of rapid testing nationwide. 

b.) Provide a safe and reliable vaccine for Coronavirus by the end of the year.

c.) Lower drug prices across the board and protect those with preexisting conditions.

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dennis taylor
dennis taylor
9 days ago

When was the last time you heard a democrat saying that they were going to put the people before the party? NEVER!!

Christian Conservative
Reply to  dennis taylor

Dems think we are stupid. Voters better wake up or the Dems will steal the White House and the Congress. All Republicans or leaning right better get out and vote in droves or we will be come a very large version of Venezuela and Cuba.

ProBiz Conservative
ProBiz Conservative
8 days ago

Repubs and Trump’s campaign BOTH need to address the elephant in the room: VOTER FRAUD!!! If nothing is done to stem the demonKKKrats’ attempts to steal the election with mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting, all this talk about taking back the House and keeping the Senate will just be talk.
So far, there has been NO EVIDENCE that ANYTHING is being done to combat it. Biden has already hired 600+ lawyers to steal the election with. Where are the lawyers for the repubs and Trump?
Sensing too little/too late…

8 days ago

DEMRATS only know hiw to destroy everything what is breathing, moving, and working. Do not look to far California is a best example 5th larger economy in the world and state is BANKRUPT, AND TOTAL DISASTER. The only people rofiting is Pelosi, Brown Newsom’s family’s. And 5 others Apple, Google Dump-book, Twitdick and Hollywired, O! I forgot LeBaron James and Curry.

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