Kushner Boldly Cancels Interview With MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington D.C, United States / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

Jared Kushner canceled an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell over her inability or refusal to acknowledge the historical significance of the Middle East peace deal recently presided over by President Trump.

According to Fox News:

However, Mitchell told her viewers on Wednesday that despite scheduling his interview on her show days prior, Kushner canceled just hours before he was set to appear on-air.

However, the canceled interview also followed Mitchell’s reporting of the Abraham Accords on “NBC Nightly News” that seemed to downplay the foreign policy achievement.

“With pomp and circumstance, the president is heralding the first Arab nations to recognize Israel since 1994,” Mitchell reported. “Both countries have quietly dealt with Israel for years, sharing intelligence against Iran, a common enemy.”

She continued, “But today’s agreements open the doors for trade, travel, and tourism. But it is not Middle East peace.”

The liberal media has made it a point to downplay the success and historical significance of the Middle East deal. It appears the Trump administration is now making them pay for it.

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    1. I wish Trump had used he same good judgment regarding 18HOURS OF TAPED INTERVIEWS with leftist Bob Woodward. Why give them any openings for their hatred. Way to go Jared!!!!

      1. I’m willing to split hairs with you on this that I’m sure any group of people have their idiots and the Jews are no exception to the general rule. I would love to think differently but then there’s Chuck U Schumer who is a prince(ss) in this area but is certainly not alone. POTUS Trump put his money where his mouth is not only on this subject but far too many to list here! It’s called putting the sovernity of America first and NOT the globe (globalism)!! The haters of America will continue to root against and attack America at every angle with fake news lying media and corrupt politicians chiefly the Democrappy Party.

  1. Andrea Mitchell is such a biased Leftist that Jared was wise not to do an interview with her. Hopefully the Kushner have seen how crazy destructive the Left is! Ignore these people and never watch them. We will not watch PBS because of that old bag!

  2. I would cancelled on her also, A GOOD CALL , 2 THUMBS UP, why go to some interview when all your are going to get is SEVERE NEGATIVITY. There needs to be more of this ” TURNING THEM DOWN.

  3. Good for Jared. I think the Trump administration should schedule more interviews with the liberal loony media, and then cancel just a couple of hours before. Or maybe not… Either way Pres. Trump cannot do anything right, according to them, so it’s another case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The real support will be at the polls Nov. 3. I can’t wait!

  4. We have dealt with the Democrats wince Andy Jackson invented them and they still wont sign a peace deal with Republicans for the good of the American people. . . .Dems only care about power and keeping close to the US Treasury the people come way down the list !

  5. She would not have given him the opportunity to even answer the questions she asks of him. She would ask questions and answer them herself, letting him sitting there looking foolish. Good for him not wasting his time on these rabid media puppets.

  6. Andrea Mitchell is such a pig. She is also a hypocrite. I often wonder if she thinks back in the days when she participated in “The News Women Of Washington” in Playboy. Just wondering.

  7. I do NOT trust Jared Kushner (OR POTUS Trump’s DAUGHTER!!)!!! Kushner does NOT have AMERICA/AMERICANS or POTUS Trump’s best interest at heart!! There are SEVERAL people who are ‘advising’ POTUS who do NOT have our best interests at heart!! (including POTUS Trump!!). Jared Kushner is a SNAKE!!! A VENOMOUS one at THAT!

  8. Senator Graham waited too long to send out subpoenas, now he’s getting nervous, frankly he had no intention to do anything, just waiting for the clock to run out!!STAY TUNED!!!!!

  9. No republican should go on any communist network, period. There are good online journalists, like Rogan and Rubin, Shapiro, etc.

  10. This shows the horrific hate and lies that these hypocritical liars tell over and over again. Good for Jared he did the right thing………….stood the old hag up.

    No PBS for us because of her !!!!!!!!!!

    1. If I remember right he had hardly been in office long enough to do any good or ALL the bad. Many kept asking what did he do to get the award? Never heard a REAL answer.

  11. Liberals are so hateful they don’t want to even cover anything positive from the Trump administration, and there are many they refuse to talk about.


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