WATCH: Kerry’s Prediction on Trump’s Foreign Policy was Horribly Wrong

U.S. Department of State from United States / Public domain

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, best known for his disastrous Iran deal and continued efforts to undermine United States foreign policy with Iran, made a prediction about Trump’s foreign policy and it was horribly wrong.

Luckily it was caught on video.

The horrors of a Trump Presidency have been anything but that.

As Town Hall reported:

In light of the history-making peace deals signed at the White House this week — just the third and fourth Arab-Israeli accords ever signed, since the modern state of Israel was established in 1948 — it seems like a good opportunity to revisit some predictions that were made about President Trump’s foreign policy. This clip, in particular, has ripened on the vine. Without further ado, here’s former Secretary of State John Kerry, last heard from lying about the Iran nuclear deal at the DNC, warning Americans about the coming horrors at the hands of then-president-elect Donald Trump…

Maybe he meant we’d see an “absolute explosion” of peace deals? Moving the embassy, which presidents of both parties had pledged to do for many years (and Congress had explicitly voted for it) was supposed to set the region on fire. It did not. And the killing of one of the world’s most ruthless terrorists, with gallons of American blood on his hands, was supposed to ignite World War III. In spite of intelligence about retributive plots, war has not arrived. But some peace accords have. Perhaps some of the “experts,” especially those aligned with the Obama administration were just profoundly, disastrously wrong? Brit Hume has been flagging flashback predictions and assertions that have not aged well, which are worth revisiting. Be sure to peruse this thread, as well:

No one should be arguing that the Middle East is fixed and peace is finally upon us. Nothing is permanent anywhere, especially in that region. But much of the apoplectic breathlessness of critics has been disproven by actual reality, and the Trump administration deserves credit. Rich Lowry writes:

The story of the diplomatic breakthrough is, at bottom, one of Trump making bold moves in the region, which set the conditions for new thinking to work, even as elite opinion was starkly — and, of course, unapologetically — wrong every step of the way. Rather than ending any possibility of peace in the region, moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem forged a tight relationship of trust with Israel that made everything else possible. Rather than alienating our allies, pulling out of the Iran deal drew our allies in the region closer to us. Rather than causing a war, as even some of Trump’s ideological allies feared, the killing of Soleimani sent an unmistakable message of resolve. “I think that the Soleimani killing was a huge boon,” says the senior administration official, “because it showed that the president was bold and was serious, and I think that shifted the Middle East massively.” Of course, all of this ran exactly counter to Barack Obama’s strategy in the region.

As Twitter pointed out the opposite of Obama foreign policy seemed to work:

Here is how the Middle East is taking the news:

President Trump continues to see foreign policy wins, and continues to bring troops home. Nothing like World War III that was predicted.

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    1. he’s been a phony all his life even his medals he got in service are phony he went around his CO to apply for them his injury’s only needed Band-Aids then there the less than horanable discharge that he got for protesting the war in uniform with jane fonda he only got it redone because of jimmy carter the same person that forgave all the draft dodgers and that how bill clinton got in office

  1. Everything John Kerry did was against the United States of America…including his lies about his bravery in the military!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe he would show his face after all the wrong he’s done…and have the audacity to put President Trump down for his outstanding foreign policies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kerry’s daughter married the son of an Iranian diplomat, the diplomat that Kerry negotiated the Iran deal with. Any wonder why it was such a bad deal for the U.S. Kerry is a lying, back stabbing traitor, and should be in jail. Too bad we don’t execute traitors!

  3. Its pathetic that Kerry speaks out of turn. What does Kerry know? He hates the fact that President Trump has been successful in peace talks where Kerry failed with his attempts. Was Elizabeth Warrne there? Does Warren think she can do a better job? Warren has no idea what has and is going on in Iran. These people need to keep their noses out of President Trumps business. Its pathetic the two mentioned and all the Democrats think they can run this country. Can you imagine the state our country would be in if a Democrat got in office. Sure Biden says hes going to take care of YOU & YOUR FAMILY health wise. Hell yes because if Biden gets in office Americans will be paying out their assets in taxes. No one will be able to afford healthcare or anything else for that matter. Are you buying Bidens bullshit hes preaching? Ending suburbs! No police! Is Biden going to protect you? In Democrats eyes, Biden is their puppet! Can you idiots see Biden has Dementia? Have you looked into Harris’ background? If you want to live in a socialist radical country move your ass to Russia or China. Get the hell out of the United States because we do not want you here. Go live under a Dictatorship! Oh by the way, “LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKE BEING TOLD WHERE TO GO AND WHEN YOU’LL BE BACK AFTER YOUR TOLD TO DO. FOLLOWED AROUND YOUR EVERY MOVE. TOLD HOW MANY KIDS YOU CAN HAVE! YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW!

  4. Kerry is a dispicable human being. From Vietnam to his going to Iran to encourage Iran stand down until Trump is out. He went to Iran as a unofficial authority speaking government business as if he was still qualified to speak for the US regarding what they should do because he and his Democratic idiots hate for Trump. Yeah, to me Kerry you are a miserable piece of human flesh. You and Obama backed Iran by giving them millions in cash……our enemies!! You two backed their regime.

  5. Kerry is no longer in a position, to be talking to, or about foreign govt officials. He’s like Obuma and Hilary, who just can’t keep their noses and big mouths, out of government business. They all need to shut up and go home, before they are arrested for their criminal activities.

  6. John ( I served in Vietnam) Kerry has gotten things almost as wrong as Creepy Joe over the years. His absolutely wrong pronouncement about having to have the Palestinians involved to get peace in Israel is almost as bad as Creepy Joe wanting to divide Iraq and not wanting to kill Osama Bin Laden when we had the chance. It was, also almost as bad as the Obama/Biden team doing their bugout in Iraq, taking all our troops out, and then claiming the war was over, when all they did was create a vacuum that allowed the formation of the JV team, ISIS. The JV team that the Biden/Obama administration allowed to take over territory as large as 2 New Jerseys before President Trump sent in no nonsense fighters and wiped them out/. Another Biden foreign policy victory (sarcasm for you liberals)

  7. Everything Kerry has done was a disaster. From his FACE LIFT to all his idea’s for peace. He just can’t help himself he keeps trying to make himself so important and he’s not important at all to anything or any body! Go back and live with your rich wife and stay out of the grown ups business!

  8. Kerry is a lying LOSER. Trump has done more for Foreign Relations AND America in three years than Dem’s have done in 40 yrs. ALL with Unrelenting ATTACKS and OPPOSITION’
    to HIS ”Making America Great Again” on a DAILY bases !!! TRUMP 2020 and BEYOND !!!

  9. Mr. Kerry should remove himself from public life and better concentrate on his tennis game. He has a better chance of being successful in winning the 4 Grand Slam tournaments, than he does getting his political predictions right.

  10. Kerry’s being wrong on so many issues has only been exceeded by two things: Biden in his foreign policy determinations and decisions, and Kerry himself in claiming medals he recommended himself for.

  11. Iran would be weaker than they are now if Kerry wasn’t over there telling them to wait until Trump was taken out of office. He’s a traitor!

  12. Who’s the grinning idiot on Kerry’s immediate right? The bookmaker who’s made a fortune by betting against everything Kerry has claimed?

  13. If Trump and Netanyahu agree it’s peace. It’s PEACE!!! The two of them could rule the world and it would be a better place. Jews and Gentiles United.

  14. Although it is a giant step toward resolving the animosity between Israel and the the surrounding Arab nations, only time will tell how long it will last. If it is God’s will maybe those nations might realize that the Arabs and Jews are biologically related to each other and also realize they have been killing their own family members. Salaam, Shalom

  15. Horse face is an absolute horse’s a$$ too! He has not been able to do anything right besides living off his super rich wife of the Heinz family! Don’t forget, he also served in Nam!

  16. Just believe the exact opposite of anything Kerry says. He’s a liar in the same arena as HillRot, Nanzi the Notzee, and Madman Schiff.



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