Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele Calls Trump Supporters Stupid

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Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who is now part of the anti-Trump group The Lincoln project is now calling Trump supporters stupid.

Steele has been a never-Trumper and a regular on MSNBC where he is the “Republican voice” to bash Trump.

According to Fox News:

Ex-Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele found himself trending on social media after bashing Trump supporters on MSNBC Wednesday night for continuing to stand by the president.

“I’ve talked to enough of them over the last few days. I’m exhausted, I’m exasperated. You know, at this point, it’s like, save who you can save. Because there’s only so much you can do, there’s only so much you can say. The fact that we have to literally beg people to wear a mask to save their own dumb a– from getting sick, I’m sorry. To me, it is beyond the imagination… I am just so exhausted with this president,” Steele told MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

Steele then brought up Trump’s Wednesday press conference, when the president announced a vaccine distribution plan and predicted availability as early as October, directly contradicting a much longer timeline offered earlier in the day by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director, Dr. Robert Redfield.

Redfield told a panel of Senate lawmakers not to expect a coronavirus vaccine to become widely available to most of the U.S. population until the summer of 2021 — publicly rebuffing Trump’s repeated assertion that a vaccine might be available before the November election.

Trump stated that he believed Redfield made a mistake or was confused and stood strong on his earlier assertions.


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  1. The Biden supporters are beyond stupid. They know as well as the rest of us that Biden isn’t competent enough to serve as President. So why is he still running? The Democrats want him to. Why? There’s an alternative agenda going on here, and you can bet Pelosi is behind it.

    1. The ‘agenda’ is to have Harris as POTUS!!! People STILL haven’t figured this out yet?!?!?!?! It’s STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE!

        1. Neither one of these Democratic leaders have a reputation to be proud of. Biden has been a plagiarist and a liar for forty five years starting in his college years. He’s been a serial liar about his academic accomplishments since first taking office . Repeat films of Biden hugging,messaging and sniffing of citizens and little girls is disgusting. Enrichment of his immediate family on the back of his name recognition and manipulating is no secret. Now he will team up with Bernie, the squad and Beto with the most liberal member of congress as his running mate.

      1. that is their plan 100% , you know it I know and it is time for everyone to know it, and here is the kicker, if harris get that far as vpotus, then they will impeach her for not being qualified because of her birth status and then they will usher in nazi-pigglousy . but only if they win and that will be thru fraud,

        1. No, they will push Obama for a third term. Even the Democrats in her caucus are fed up with her and want her out. Her hatred of the president has become her obsession and it controls her rationality. She made a fool of her party when she ripped up the presidents speech in their name and they were embarrassed by her actions. Even Democrats get embarrassed sometimes.

      2. Kammmala has actually referred to the party ticket as Harris/Biden. So, the switcheroo has already happened. Neither she nor China Joe should ever be near the White House by a thousand miles!!

    2. An opinion article in this morning’s Wall Street Journal points out that both Biden and Harris have referred to a “Harris-Biden” administration — which I take as an admission rather than a gaffe. Finally, a bit of truth from the left! But not a reassuring bit. A terrifying prospect, I daresay! More important than ever to vote in person this year to thwart Democrat vote fraud efforts — which will be massive.

    3. “President” Harris was the pick of the DNC but didn’t last the primaries. A Biden election would soon enable his handlers to use the 25th amendment to take him out or he will step down for health reasons. He’s just a puppet who wants to be president even if for a few weeks.

      1. This is also done so Barack Hussein Obama will run the government from his mansion. CAN’T EVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!!

        1. Right on! Are we the only ones who can see that coming ?
          They will use the emergency clause that gave Roosevelt a third term because of the war.

    4. Biden’s supporters are anti-Americans, they hate the United States, and could care less if a senile old pedophile and sexual predator gets them to their coveted communism.

    5. Biden is not even smart enough to what his life long RELIGIOUS FAITH is all about, how is he to know about any other thing? He is as unimportant as his Faith is to him!

    6. I’m voting for President Trump. If that means a RINO never Trumper thinks I’m stupid then I proudly wear that badge with great honor! I’m also a proud member of HC’s “basket of deplorable s.” I wonder what the king of England called George Washington. And like John Hancock I chose that my name stand out & be known. I am INGRID FORSBERG.

    7. BINGO, and with a Saul ALINSKY agenda, for a SOCIALISM IDEOLOGY, who better than the CLINTON’S, the OBAMA’S and SOROS running the COUP to dismantle OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. There must be consequences for this horrible Cabal against AMERICA.

    8. The ones who support this dim wit fiasco are in that bubble. Even the rejected never Trumpers. There is denial and lack of facts, thruths, and reality. And the fact that no one shows up for their clusters of supposed campaign rallys that CNN has to use pictures of Trumps rallys to make it looks like any one really supports them seems to still be ignored by the few of the 15% that actually are fool enough to be counted in their numbers. My view is those left as real dim wits have something to gain in this election. Promised like AOC and the squad that will be in big jobs leading. Yup, bought the NWO LIES and they will be the first eliminated as who in the party will tolerate troublemakers as they all are. But do they realize the liability they will be? And are today? Nope but liberty ends when they hand the country over to these NWO. Too stupid to see the reality of what I just stated.

    1. ‘Turncoat’??? You DO know what a RINO is, correct?! They were NEVER Republicans to begin with!!! The same goes for John Insane McShame!

  2. If Steele will be willing to admit that he is wrong, when the virus comes out successfully, then I will be willing to pay attention to him the next time he speaks, albeit he will probably spout some other ignorant remarks.

    1. He may be a Biden supporter but he is first and foremost a SWAMP supporter. He is in favor of the status quo in Washington. I’m so proud to be called names by these people.

  3. No one is more brainless or stupid then you. Bitter anti American SOROS sucking slave. THE ONLY THINGS DUMBER THAN YOU ARE THE DEATH WISHERS SUPPORTING THE TERRORIST CANDIDATE HORIZONTAL HARRIS.

  4. Haha. If you wear a mask, you’re the DA for various reasons. . And if you wear a mask you should be safe from ones that don’t. Think about it. Worry about yourself.

  5. No one cares what this DEMOCRAT (aka RINO) has to say!!! He needs to look in a MIRROR, since it is HIM who is a DEMOCRAT!!

    1. I hope he doesn’t think anyone will be influenced by his stupid moaning and groaning remarks. We know the left’s tactics.

  6. I think Mr. Steele is pretty stupid especially if he has joined up with the criminal liberal communistic constantly losing Democrats. I’m staying right where I’m at.

  7. Michael Steele belongs to what party??? If 95% of Republicans support Trump, the highest approval rate within his party as any President since Eisenhower. Trump has a higher approval rate among his own party than Ronald Reagan was with Republicans or JFK was with Democrats, so again what party is Michael Steele a member of? It would appear he is a liberal Democrat because just like liberals Michael Steele wants the whole party to change their opinion rather than go somewhere else. Liberals want to destroy this country with socialism rather than just move somewhere that already has it. Why do these petulant children think everyone should change to support them? Michael Steele, you were head of the Republican Party and because the politicians you propped up did not deliver the promises that the party supposedly stood for we ended up with Trump, who is actually doing the things you pretended to want done. I say pretended because you either did not want them to get done or you were simply incompetent, either way there is a party for you and it is the Democrat Party.

  8. NEVER TRUST and person with the title , FORMER , that is a bad start , and me looks bought by dnc/soros untrustworthy fund. He is just talking more human defecation than he can shovel, a TRAITOR.

  9. Someone needs to inform this fool that masks do not protect from that virus! All that mask symbolizes is being subservient and in the lefts control! Those masks do more harm than good! We are made in the image of God and those masks takes away our personality and smile that God has given us! I call these masks sharia law masks! NO THANK YOU! And BTW, those hypocrite democrats do not wear them either!

  10. Mike if you would watch FOX news instead of FAKE NEWS you would hear from experts saying Masks don’t really work. FAKE NEWS doesn’t want you to know the truth. You know like peaceful protesters.

  11. There are no words. Does he really think ANYBODY gives a damn what he thinks. He is exasperated?!!!! Then go the hell away. No one really respects your advice if at this time and place you decide to speak up. Did Soros get to you too. How much did that cost him. Listen Benedict – shut the hell up and go away. President Trump is the Republican candidate. So what you are really trying to do is get votes for Biden. Right?!! I mean the time for your concerns was a while ago before the candidates where chosen. So you either want them to vote liberal or not at all. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Are you trying to turn the wonderful black voters for Trump against him. The black voters who are informed and know how much PRESIDENT TRUMP cares about them and wants whats best for everyone. You deserve to be with the Liberals. You are just that dumb. So please go join. What an ignorant ASS

  12. You do not wear a mask to keep from getting sick, STUPID. You wear it to keep others from catching your germs. These masks will NOT protect you from catching anything. Only a properly fitted respirator or N95 mask will prevent you from getting sick.

  13. The majority of research says masks are of minimal help. You are a back stabbing liar and a disgusting human being.

  14. Everybody has the right to their opinion, whether reasonable, intelligent or just plain ugly! We can, all of us, decide what we’ll say and to whom and those that don’t like the opinion of others are free to say so! Given that, I must say that Michael Steele overstepped respectability by his statement!

  15. This man was rejected by the rank & file Republicans before it got to Trump. Therefore, because of his position as an anti-Trump thru the George “loser” Conway school of politics, there is affirmation that we were/are right!

  16. Stupid? Stupid? This President has done more for the country than any in modern history. Look in the mirror and see stupid. Go ahead and promote abortion, open borders, looting, violence, no school choice, reparations, higher taxes, and legalized pot…..the list goes on. That makes America stronger??? That’s stupid!!

  17. Trump supporters are 100 times smarter than the notrumpers. They are voting for socialist views, killing babies and rhe person they are voting for doesn’t have a clue who he is,where he is or what he is running from or for! My vote is because I LOVE AMERICA!

  18. I didn’t know Steele is a communist…..or is he just extremely ignorant of what the democommunist party and MSLSD are all about!

  19. We are finding that the Marxist regime is fiercely and diversely embedded in our nation’s government, from educational systems to our long term elected, and to Black Looters Matter and Antifa. None of these people want what is great about America even though they pretended to be working toward the same cause for generations. Now we can plainly see why Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and many others have been elected for decades – the Republicans did not se it ocming, but many conservatives and libertarians did – and no we have a country filled with destructionists and killers who make no bones about what they are doing as the Democratic left rejoices it.

  20. I KNOW Michael Steel is stupid, big difference. This guy was unjustly given opportunity based on race and proved to be more toke than real.

  21. He was the RNC Chairman? This man sounds like another globalist who does not like Trump’s America first policy. He bashes Republican voters who do like it. It is now clear that people in both parties have worked toward globalization and not for the welfare of the American people. What it is really about is allowing corporations to get cheap labor from outside the U.S. so they don’t have to pay a higher wage to American workers. Both parties allow this for donations from the corporations. Trump is an outsider who upended this arrangement by making the American worker a top priority. Now he is constantly demonized by members of both parties. The sad thing is that they seem pretty dumb to not realize what will happen if the socialists take over the government. They think they will all still be on the top. History has shown that this is not usually the case.

    1. Again! “Those who do not LEARN from history are doomed to repeat it!” Take a good look at HOW Castro came into power in Cuba! Who and Which of his so-called Supporters SURVIVED once he came into power ( newspapers, reporters, etc., etc.) And how Venezuela and Nicaragua changed for the PEOPLE of those countries when their government changed! Socialism = Communism!

  22. I find Michael Steele comments about Trump Supporters Being Stupid Very-
    Insulting. We are not stupid. We are Very intelligent. Mr. Steele got us mixed up-
    With Delusional Sleepy Joe Biden Supporters. Plus he’s with a bunch of stupid-
    People on MSNBC. He should be ashamed of himself. He was once Chairman of –
    Republican National Committee. He should change his party affiliation to –
    Delusional Radical Democratic Party. The same for General Colin Powell.
    It seems Steele and Powell didn’t listen to our Late 40th President Reagan.
    Fellow Republicans should never speak ill of his Fellow Republican. I’m a Registered
    Republican And Very Proud Of It.🐘.
    Vote Trump 2020

  23. I think he should spend more of his time condemning the radical-Bolshevik rioters who are destroying property, businesses, and peoples lives rather than airing his Never Trumper rhetoric on the anti-Trump media airwaves such as MSNBC, etc.. Just another insider from the bowls of the Lincoln Project spewing up a hateful Beltway-clan agenda because of the power lost when Trump won the grassroots and they lost some of the insider-Beltway power then once tightly griped..

  24. I don’t get it!! You may not like the man, but if you are a conservative how can you deny Trump’s accomplishments. He is the first real conservative president that we have had since Reagan. What is your alternative? Does you want Kamala/Biden? I am exhausted with the likes of Steele and the other anti-Trumpers. Do they feel that their hatred for Trump is more important than what the dems would do to our country? Just for info Steele I don’t wear a mask unless required to so go into a business. The percentage of deaths in the US is about .06%. I am not going to go around breathing CO2 for that percentage. On Camano Island where I live there has only been one death out of about 16000 people. For that I am supposed to go around looking like a bank robber.

  25. Tell me what contribution or sacrifice this pathetic Michael Steele has ever made to our great country? POTUS does more for all americans everyday than this chump has and will do in his small life! MAGA 2020

  26. Michael Steele thinks President Trump supporters are stupid and has now said so publicly…
    An old quote: “‘its better to be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt”!
    Steele in a polite word is a RINO….the non-polite word you can make up for yourself…

  27. I used to have a lot of respect for Steele, but now? forget him. he is another irrelevant RINO looking for the limelight.

  28. Let him say that to my face, i will show him who is stupid when i’m jamming my fist into his nose! Nothing but puke, thats all this scumbag is.👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  29. When the democrats have nothing, their fallback is always the same…call the President’s supporters…stupid. All I can say is, we may be stupid, but we backed the right horse in the last election, and we’ll be backing the right horse in November 2020. So Mr. Steele hold on to that cushy little job you’ve got, because there won’t be openings for you at the White House anytime soon.

  30. He is probably just trying hard, as all of these leftists are, to make it look like Trump has less support than their candidate. I think President Trump will win the popular vote. I worry that these cheaters may mess with the Electoral College.

  31. How did this idiot ever get to be the chair of the RNC? Goes to show just how far the Republican Party had slumped into oblivion. Thankful, that finally someone has come along to stand up for party and patriotism. Send this buffoon to the hinterlands!!

  32. This moron needs to get back in the democrat party where he belongs,he is made of the same stuff as Jane Fonda,Mitt Romney,Jeff Flake,Benedict Arnold,traitors all of them!!

  33. Another career politician who just alienated a large group of voters and proving there isn’t much difference between these two political parties, at least NOT anymore in the age of Trump. The elite political establishment don’t like Trump because he’s an outsider, who can’t be bought or blackmailed. It must be so frustrating to them, to see how popular he is with the average Americans, American families and the middle class. They all wish they had 32,000 people to show up at one of their rallies. Maybe it’s because he puts us first, over everything else. And they put themselves first over us and the country. I think Americans are getting sick of their need to demonize and disparage us and Trump, I know I am. But instead of lambasting us, they need to take a good look at why we voted for Trump and maybe do their own soul searching as to why we rejected the other Republicans and Democrats. Did it ever occur to them that’s why we voted for Trump, because he wasn’t part of the political establishment in the DC cesspool? That’s why I voted for him in 2016 and will again this election. I’ve NEVER trusted a politician, doesn’t matter which party they belong too, they’re generally two heads on the same coin.

  34. President Trump recognized that Michael Steele was a “useless do nothing for the people” type person so he dumped him. Steele hasn’t gotten over it and never will.

    Thank you President Trump for continuing to drain the swamp of all the useless people in politics that live there and accomplish NOTHING for “We the People”.

    KAG 2020!

    1. So, you think Fat Donny was powerful enough in 2011 that he “dump” the guy who led gop to winning 63 congressional seats, 6 senate seats, 7 governorship, under his leadership?


  35. We aren’t stupid enough to believe taking away 2nd amendment rights, is the right thing to do, or giving Medicare to illegals, or to believe Medicare for all, won’t put all other insurance companies out of business, or that Medicare for all will actually benefit Americans.It will increase wait times just like Great Britain and Canada. It will cut services for patients and tell Dr’s what they are allowed to charge, causing many to leave the practice of medicine, and will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. The Green New deal will cut fuel usage limiting use of transportation, including air travel, also at a cost of trillions of dollars, again paid by the taxpayers. They will open borders for all to come to the US, criminals and all. That is just the tip of the iceberg. A vote for Biden/Harris is a vote for Socialism. Mr Steele before you call us stupid, take a look at Biden and Harris, then take a good look in the mirror, and you will see what real stupidity looks like.

  36. Mr. Steele,never thought ,that you would be led astray, or sell out !! ,but like they say polticans make strange bedfellows ,but you let me down ,all I am going to say is you know better ,and you know good from evil. You know we don’t need evil biden /harris .Trump 2020!!! Save The Children!!!! We The People!! Q. WWG1WGA.

    1. All you need to know is you’re wrong, again.
      He wasn’t fired and he led gop to huge victories while he was chairman.

      Why do you people hate facts?

  37. Ya know, he does have a valid point there as there are many hand pick real republicans jumping out of the Trump SS Failure dingy, like milquetoast Pence’s homeland security and counterterrorism adviser as well as his point person on the Trump virus commission just did.

    What ever happened to gop anyway?

  38. But wait, there’s more!
    Even Trump’s wackadoodle Education Czar’s onetime Chief of Staff has jumped out of the sinking SS Trump Failure dingy and joined real republicans against RINO Trump!

    DeVos’ former top aide joins anti-Trump group


    Josh Venable is lending his name as an adviser to the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform.

  39. Key word is “FORMER”. Picking off these Deep State pee-ons one by one. Bye Bye Michael Steele. I assume the money is drying up so we will see more of these “Swamp Creatures”

  40. Has anyone asked these Never Trumpers what their vision is of the future for America? What there impression is of the burning, looting and destroying of liberal cities will lead to. What their opinion is of America becoming a socialist nation, and it will if Biden is elected and the left takes over. We treat these powerful men as a joke but they aren’t. Their agenda is dangerous to our Republic. Isn’t their anyone who can hold their feet to the fire and find out what is really going on? Who are they going to vote for? By their actions they are against the president who is for America. Stop calling them Republicans. They no longer deserve the honor.

  41. More Deep Staters being drained from their swamp. Their true colors showing from the Ministry of Truth, as George Orwell called it. Who would haver ever gussed that this could happen to America – but it has. So now we must fight twice as hard to take our country back and Make America Great Again – for the second time after the Chinese Communists and the Democrat Domestic Terrorists instituted anti-American activities this year. We must rid our country of these people once and for all.

  42. I used ti think he was a good conservative Republican. Now, I think, he is a flaming liberal. How could you not support a President that has done more in 3!/2 years than any President in modern era.
    Michael just keep your stupid opinions to yourself, since MSNBC is using you.


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