Key GOP Senator Announces Support for Trump Filling SCOTUS Vacancy

Office of Senator Lamar Alexander / Public domain

GOP Senator Lamar Alexandar has offered his support for the Senate moving forward with a Trump nomination to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. [READ MORE: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87]

Senator Alexander is seen as a key vote in favor after the GOP lost two Senators of the 53-47 majority held by Republicans. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins have stated that they will not support a confirmation vote before election day.

According to Fox News:

In a statement obtained by Fox News, Alexander claimed that Democrats would move forward with finding someone to fill the seat left vacant by the death on Friday of Ruth Bader Ginsburg if they were in the Republicans’ position.

“No one should be surprised that a Republican Senate majority would vote on a Republican President’s Supreme Court nomination, even during a presidential election year,” said Alexander, who is retiring this year. “The Constitution gives senators the power to do it. The voters who elected them expect it.”

“Going back to George Washington, the Senate has confirmed many nominees to the Supreme Court during a presidential election year. It has refused to confirm several when the President and Senate majority were of different parties,” Alexander added. “Senator McConnell is only doing what Democrat leaders have said they would do if the shoe were on the other foot.”

Alexander argued that the Senate has in the past voted on justices in a presidential election year while refusing to confirm others when the president and senate majority were of different parties.

Alexander stated his decision on whether to confirm the nominee or not would be based on the “intelligence, character, and temperament” of President Trump’s nominee. This is the same objective standard he used for his confirmation votes for Roberts, Alito, Sotomayor, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh.

    1. That will depend on who’s running against the Rino, sometimes a Rino that MAY vote with you, sometimes, is better than an idiot, like AOC or any of the rest of the Jihad Squad, who will vote against the best interests of the USA every time.

    2. Unfortunately they are not all up for re-election. Murkowski won’t be running again until 2022. Susan Collins is running this time. If Romney decides to join their crowd, he is not running again until 2024.

  1. It insults the intelligence of Americans when super stupid idiots like AOC think they know better than those Americans exactly what is good for America. Her policies are Anti-American and should never be allowed to take a foothold in this country. Her New Green Deal is as stupid as anything I’ve ever heard. You cannot control mother nature. Technology will allow us to go green in the future without spending trillions to alter our energy of today. Fuel cells that run on hydrogen gas will fuel our trains, planes and automobiles. The pollution that comes out of the tail pipe will be pure water. No need to spend trillions on Going Green. It would only allow the Democrats to steal those funds as they have done for years. Look…It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s Super Stupid!!

    1. It is not that their policies are Anti-American, it’s that there policies are just plain STUPID. Anyone who reviews the “New Green Deal”, and actually believes it is a good thing, should check themselves into the closest mental institution immediately.

    2. Yes all in due time/course and not before!! You are correct these carpetbe(a)ggars types liars and thieves of self enrichment are attempting to overthrow our constitutional republic via “soft coup” to nring us to an also ran third world banana republic of tyrannical government control with no Liberty, Freedom or rights as we have enjoyed whether or not we’ve realized it or not! Too often we the people take for granted our constitutional republic for obvious reasons.


  3. C’mon folks in Alaska and Maine, don’t you think it is time to give these two the boot. They don’t support the Republican party, they support their pocket book. They are Traitors. It is my opinion that President Trump should cut off all funding to the State of Alaska and Maine unless they get rid of these two. Then he should nationalize all of their natural resources, sort of make Alaskans and Mainers responsible for the grief these two have caused. You are a Republican or you are not. Come on people, wake up.

  4. The best part of the President pushing through a nominee and the Senate holding confirmation hearings is that it will drive the mentally deranged psychotic loony left even more bonkers. Love it…

  5. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins need to be voted out of office. They love getting publicity by always going against Conservative supported efforts. They think they are demonstrating what independent thinkers they are.

    What they are really demonstrating is that they are NOT team players and can not be trusted. They need to run as Democrats because they always go against Republican initiatives when they think it will garner them some attention. The attention is what they love and seek.

  6. The President has the right to choose the next Supreme Court Judge and whether Nancy Pelosi would like to impeach Mr. Trump or not…she has no power to do so. Get that conservative judge in place and be done with it. Stop playing politics, we out here have had a enough of the BS.

  7. Any GOP Senator that refuses to vote or votes no for the replacement of the SCOUS needs to be removed from ALL committees.

  8. I hope that Markowski and Collins lose their senate seats. It’s time to elect real conservatives who are willing to work for their salaries, instead of being obstinate and non-supportive.

  9. It is a shame that we even elect US Officials through the Party System that creates a political gap in policy when every US Citizens sworn into office is required to comply with the US Constitution. The US Constitution is not a document that is hard to understand. It merely defines how our government must work to protect the rights of ALL US Citizens and how these rights are protected by Rule of Law. As laws tend to be unjust by favoring a person or policy, this is Unconstitutional; thus this law must be legislated to be corrected, replaced, or repealed. A native born US citizen or a Nationalized US Citizen is required to follow Rule of Law. Being a Party member is a choice, but not a requirement to how they must vote. If the Political Party does not provide what they want they can vote for the candidate they like better; even if the person is not a member of the voter’s Party.


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