This is Who Trump is Most Likely to Pick for the Supreme Court

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at the age of 87 on Friday evening after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

The new vacancy on the Supreme Court has caused controversy. Democrats think the Senate should wait to consider a new Trump nominee during an election year, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has promised to hold a confirmation hearing.

Additionally, McConnell has secured some key votes from Republican Senators over the weekend.

Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Rob Portman (R-OH), and Roy Blunt (R-MO) confirmed they will fulfill their roles as US Senators by “judging a nominee based on his or her merits,” as Portman said in a statement.

This begs the question: Who will Trump nominate?

The current betting odds give us an insight into the likelihood of who the nominee will be.

According to PredictIt, federal appellate court Judge Amy Coney Barrett leads the pack.

Screenshot via PredictIt

Coney, an Indiana native with seven children, has been on Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist for some time but was ultimately passed over last time for now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Coney is a Catholic who is firm in her faith (NY Post):

A graduate of Notre Dame University Law School, she clerked for the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia and then spent two decades as a law professor at Notre Dame.

Barrett, 48, is a favorite of the religious right, and her deep ties to her Catholic faith earned her a grilling from Democrats during her confirmation hearings to the federal bench. California Sen. Dianne Feinstein memorably told her: “The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s a concern.”

Barrett responded: “It’s never appropriate for a judge to impose that judge’s personal convictions, whether they arise from faith or anywhere else, on the law.”

The other candidate who is picking up steam in the betting markets is Barbara Lagoa, a former Florida Supreme Court Justice who now serves on the US Court of Appeals.

Lagoa, 52, is of Cuban-American descent. Her parents fled from Fidel Castro’s Cuba following that countries revolution.

She’s a law graduate from Columbia Law School and notably worked as a pro bono attorney for Elian Gonzalez’s family before becoming a federal prosecutor.

Her and her husband Paul Huck, who is a district judge, have three children and reside in South Florida.

Trump has made it clear he will appoint a woman to the vacancy. Three other women receiving notable support in the betting markets include US Court of Appeals Judges Allison Jones Rushing, Joan Larsen, Britt Grant, and Allison Eid.

  1. Who ever he pics it will be for political gain in the up coming elections,I’m voting for Trump in Nov. but lets not candy coat his decision process.MAGA 2020

      1. Knowing Joe (not), and all the ads to vote, ya think he would push ol Barry or Micheal and the Dem Senate would Fall head over heels to confirm either or both, regardless of no experience.

    1. The only obvious political consideration here yet it is typical Trump (he has demonstrated his support for women continually so really not out of character) is that he is filling SCOTUS justice slot with a woman (woman for a woman) but it definitely is a projection of political thought from the rest of us onto our great president. President Trump is a very smart man and understands all that is going on and knows how to work his plan to MAGA even in the face of fierce opposition from the anti-America crowd using our system against us!!!!

    2. In real life, you have to pick your battles, Dennis. If there are great women, why not choose one? (Kamala Harris is a better illustration of your thought, because there were no great women to choose. THAT was strictly “political” by the puppet masters to “balance” the old, white Despacito Joe.)

      1. We saw what the Jackazz party tried to do to Kavanaugh. We don’t want any Ford imposter women with High school stories about a nominee that have no credence or witnesses whatsoever .

    3. Dennis:
      Think for one minute, actually one second what the CRAZY DEMS would do if the shoe was on the other foot?????
      You cannot imagine what will happen to this country if Joe and his bandwagon of COMMUNISTS get into the WH.
      Trust me when I tell you, as I’ve lived it, it will be this nation’s biggest mistake and nightmare.

    4. ‘Political gain’??? Mmmmm……NO!! It WILL be for AMERICA’S GAIN!! If you think that being PRO-AMERICA is something ‘political’, you’re Mentally Stunted!

    1. I think if there are very qualified women ready to move to the Supreme Court the chosen one will have an easier confirmation than the last two males. Might even get Susan Collins on board.

    2. How you ‘feel’???? A THINKING person does not THINK with ‘feeling’; that’s an OXYMORON! One THINKS with their BRAINS!!! If one THINKS about it, POTUS’ last two noms were males, this time he’ll go with a female. So, then, WHY would that be ‘sexist’?! LEARN what the word ‘sexist’ means!!

      1. Yes, you are right, the sex, color or race of a person should never be the reason to determine how qualified they are for any job. Apparently you feel a woman is not capable of being on the Supreme Court like Ginsburg. A real open minded person who thinks with their brains knows It should and must only be based on qualifications and abilities to do the job regardless of their sex, race or color. Pervert Biden is a perfect example of this, There are thousands if not more of real Americans better qualified than him. We don’t want or need a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat in any government position. They will destroy our country and we will become like their comrades in Communist Russia, Communist China and North Korea, a two class society, the wealthy Democrats and low class slaves.

  2. Barbara Lagoa would be the most brilliant of choices. It would very likely paint the Democrats into a corner. Thais is why they are fighting so hard to stop him from making an appointment. How could they oppose a Cuban American Woman with an impeccable resume? Especially less than two months out from a major national election. They would lose the Cuban American vote in Florida for sure.

    1. I WAS thinking that, until I just read, at Washington Post, that Jeb Bush is FOR her. The Bush’s are EVIL; anything that they are ‘for’, I am AGAINST!

  3. I don’t believe it’s for political gain. Trump believes in our Constitution and he wants SC justices who follow the constitution as opposed to those who think it a fluid document to be changed on a whim or ideology. I do understand his reasoning to choose a woman to replace a woman so as to not usurp the strides women made to become SC justices. That aside it is important to many of us to appoint people of either gender who have strong values in life as well as in order of constitutional law. If Trump is reelected it’s very possible Clarence Thomas will retire and be replaced by another strong constitutionalist of either gender who is young enough to serve for another generation and keep our court blind to all but actual laws within the founding documents.

      1. Close in the FAKE ‘polls’??? POTUS Trump has Fla locked in! The majority of Fla is going TRUMP! WHY hasn’t it gotten through people’s THICK SKULLS yet???……’polls’ LIE…..they’re FAKE! HOW does one judge then? EASY!! LOOK at the NUMBER who show up at rallies/appearances. LOOK at all of the gatherings of supporters where POTUS Trump and Biden are NOT making an appearance. For example, all of those ‘Boat Parades’ for Trump that have happened. Any THINKING person can see that 2/3’s of the country is VOTING TRUMP! ‘POLLS’ LIE…..always have, ALWAYS WILL! And if one believes a ‘poll’, there is something seriously wrong with you!

        Trump won by a LANDSLIDE in 2016. 2020…’s going to be a MEGA LANDSLIDE!!!

        1. I’m with you all the way.
          But, people have to be cautious and show up at the polls like never before! Flood the polling places and vote RED up and down the ticket. We need the house and especially keep the Senate.

    1. I have a message for the women out there. This is fact not just verbiage. When the bill to change the Constitution giving women equal rights to the men it passed the House, the Senate and was signed by the President. But for a law to change the Constitution you must also obtain a required number of states to ratify that change. This law also had a deadline for it to be ratified and IT DID NOT BECOME A LAWFUL CHANGE. Currently it lies somewhere in the Congress and has NOT been brought back to revisit. Perhaps with a woman in place it could be brought back. How about President Trump getting that done for one of his final terms?

  4. Trump should pick Lagoa. Trump MUST win Florida and she might make the difference. When Trump is reelected in his next term he should pick Coney Barrett. Next best choice would be Cameron, the attorney general in Kentucky.

    1. I agree with you Jim.
      Everyone, please get out and vote in person. Either in November or whatever early voting your state offers, if can’t make it on Nov 3rd.

  5. Republican nominees are typically not as rock solid conservative on the bench as democrat nominees are liberal.
    Hopefully, this one will be a pro law enforcement, social conservative.

  6. Barbara Lagoa? I’m just reading, over at Washington Post, that Jeb Bush is FOR Barbara Lagoa. ANYTHING the Bush’s are ‘FOR’, I am AGAINST!!! The Bush’s are one of THEE MOST EVIL families on the planet!! They are NOT Republicans; they ARE GLOBALISTS!!

  7. Whoever he picks it must be finished before the final count of election results are in. A divided court of 4-4 will result in the House picking the President. We all know that no matter who wins the result is going to a court. Then it will work its way to the SCOTUS where it will be a non decision. Now some will say that the Speaker of the House will be selected others that the full House must decide. Which way it is done is going to be decided on the 15/16th of Jan 2021. If the Dems stay in power Democrat if the Repubs win the pick may be a Republican. Either way the American people lose.

  8. Look at these unconstitutional threats. He’s darned if he does and darned if he doesn’t. Threatening new states which hasn’t occurred in over half a century. Then changing the number of SCOTUS to make it look like they’ve won an argument. Biggest bunch of sore losers ever. Impeach the President for what? We have a real Attorney General right now.
    This is a nomination and Democraps changed the rules in the Senate which gave Republicans the advantage at this juncture. Talk and talk democrats because it will backfire big time.

  9. I’ve never heard of M.C.G. Jamon…but his English grammar and punctuation, for someone writing an article at a national level, is horrendous! “Her and her husband Paul Huck,” ???????? The proper usage is “SHE and her husband, Paul Huck….”!
    How do people with a poor command of the English language and its usage ever get into the public eye so embarrassingly???? (But it’s probably the proofreaders fault, right???)

  10. What ever make Liberals heads explode is my choice I can’t wait until the Libtards come to my house and pull there shit it will be the last

  11. I SUPPORT the nomination of Barbara Lagoa. I like the fact that she worked pro bono cases, it was more about the law then becoming wealthy and represented people who couldn’t afford a good attorney. We think we all know the frontrunner will be relentlessly attacked for being an outspoken Christian conservative and will be an uphill battle to confirm her, especially if it’s before the election. The democrats and the media will play this up, of course no matter who he chooses, the democrats and the media will be vitriol and they seem to think or imply that what Trump is doing is wrong somehow being it’s an election year. But 22 other candidates for the supreme court vacancies, both Republican and Democrat put up during an election year, there was no problem. NONE!! So, it’s just about just this President… Donald Trump. But I think there is more going on here, behind the scenes. As we ready for the upcoming John Durham interim report and the outcome and results will not be good for the entire Democrat party. I think it’s going to devastate them. So, now they have another distraction for everyone to focus on, instead of John Durham’s findings and the media will play it up and claim the report is a nothing burger. The democrats are scared and panicking right now. The two Nobel Peace prize nominations badly damaged the political establishment in DC too. Trump got something done that the previous Presidents could not get done. Trump took a different approach and it worked and the media nor the democrats can’t even praise that, that’s how horrible they are. Trump and the Senate are well within their rights based on the Constitution to nominate and confirm the next Supreme Court Justice in an election year or not and there is nothing in the Constitution that precludes them from doing that, no matter how histrionic they become. And Schumer has already hinted that the next democrat elected President will just increase the court from 9 to 15, to ensure that the court remains in the leftist hands. But they obviously don’t care who objects to that either. It’s the liberal privilege, no matter how much they try to spin it.

  12. It will be interesting to see which RINOs won’t vote for the nominee. They should get no support in their next Primary if a suitable challenger can be found. This is NO GAME!

  13. YEAH, she is freeking Catholic! She is dangerous to! Why because she gives her ALLEGIANCE to the Catholic Church and NOT this country! PUT a MAN in office as had always been before because GOD said no woman should have AUTHORITY over the man! 1 Tim 2:12 KJV she is NOT to be in a position of govt or Judgeships! Exodus 18:21-22 KJV She is to be an ‘help meet” fit for the man. Genesis 2:8 KJV The wisest man who ever lived in sinful flesh said the woman was NOT to have strength! She is NOT to lead men nor have strength over the man! READ the verses! When women get power, things, except in a minority case or two etc things go to the dogs! Here’s a question. Name me ONE woman that was ever in power who was a successful leader of a nation? then tell me when she lead and for how long. Then tell me why? I KNOW, do you? This is NOT because I said so or any other reason, it is because GOD said so, see above Scriptures! The woman is to pay the price for here deceit in the garden of Eden, and this was her punishment! P.S. Don’t bother w/all the crap about the Catholic church, I KNOW Catholics and I know the Catholic church! I know it as well or better than they do!


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