Woman Comes Unhinged at the Sight of Trump Supporters and Then the Unexpected Happens

By Ted Eytan (https://www.flickr.com/photos/taedc/29026570454/) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

A woman driving a silver sedan by a pro-Trump MAGA street corner-rally was so upset it was taking place she decided to lean out the window and yell all while flipping the rally’s participants the double bird.

There was one problem.

While the woman spent all of her energy trying to show her hatred to Trump supporters she forgot one crucial thing…to take her foot off the gas.

The woman then rammed into the car in front of her.

The fender bender didn’t cause too much damage, but the hood of her older silver sedan seemed to have some mild damage.

Unfortunately for her, there was a police cruiser in near proximity and two officers standing at her driver side window within seconds to cap off her karma filled morning.

The video is a must-see:

[jwplayer T6ij4gfP-lzmB6GEw]

Many minor fender benders don’t end in traffic tickets, but one could argue this woman’s unhinged behavior could qualify as reckless driving.

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  1. This is the best Candidate for:
    ………………….America’s Funniest Video.
    Best laugh, I’ve had………..ALL DAY!!

  2. Only a Democrat…….what a blithering idiot! Wonder what her children think of her classless display AND, how can she expect her children to pay any attention when she tries to discipline them and teach them about right and wrong also about how to conduct themselves in public so they will not embarrass her?
    Oh pardon me, I mistook her for a civilized human being instead of a rabid wild animal with very poor ability to interact with decent people!

  3. This is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) in full force. People like this woman have been so infected by the Democrats malicious propaganda program which is similar to what happened in the 1930s and 40s in Germany, a lie was created, propagandized in the media, and exacerbated by the government. In the case of America the Democrat propaganda machine, which is the fake news media, has supported every possible lie against President Trump. Repeated the lies, exaggerations, innuendos, and speculations to the point that weak minded individuals take these lies, etc. two heart with the become truth. This is just one millions of examples of how a brain can be deranged by such propaganda – as is the old saying goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.” We see the proof of this craziness every day behavior caused by hatred for which there is no basis, and fat following by criminal protest – that are allowed in every Democrats city – looking for a cause it is as obvious as the nose on your face, the effective, malicious, Democrat propaganda machine. What is worse in this dichotomy, is that even those that support the Democrats will suffer if Democrats reach the White House. Let’s work and see that that does not happen; get out and vote and get your friends to vote. Support our nation from being, “fundamentally changed.”

    1. You said a mouth full here. And right on everything. The Democrats and there news buddy’s are the one’s that are spreading hate and discontent and blaming it on Trump and the Republicans I have not seen this kind of hate except in Germany when Hitler and his goons took over the country.

    2. Well, you not only wrapped up my perfectly $hity day, you put a bow on top!
      Oh and, all you say is unfortunately true!

  4. The picture on the top of this article is highly inappropriate. It is showing anti-Trump people with signs, in front of Trump Tower, when this woman on the video was flipping off Trump Supporters who were holding Trump Flags and American Flags.

  5. LMAO! Hope the officers gave her a ticket.
    Just watched ABC’s world news.
    President Trump ahead of slow joe in FL by 4 points and also ahead in AZ by a point or two.
    If ABC is reporting this, the lead must be bigger.
    Also, they had Cindy McCain endorsing slow joe and making it sound like that would make all the difference. I really just had to laugh. McCains are ALL LIBERALS!
    Anyone on this site from AZ, please get out and vote for the President and for the lady Senator, a lady. Sorry, I can’t remember her name?
    The astronaut is a FLAMING LIBERAL and GUN GRABBER. If you believe in the power of prayer, please pray for the President, the upcoming election and for Peace. Thank you

    1. We must make it a Landslide! The Leftist politicians in at least five battleground States are trying to steal the Election. They are working very hard with their lawyers and are trying to delay the vote count by weeks. The plan is to wait and see which way the vote goes and then come up with the shortfall and get the win. That is exactly why they want the mail-in vote in those States!

    2. The Laydy’s name is Martha McSally..An A-10 combat pilot ..Full colonel, I believe..served in Iraq and in Desert Storm if I remember the narrative correctly. She needs monetary support badly..Help her if you can..along with Joni Ernst…another vet trying to help keep the country on an even keel..

      1. Thank you Rich. Yes, monetary support very important to these folks who are fighting the machine and fighting to save the Senate and the country from this oncoming war.
        We donate and also encourage anyone who is able to, to do the same.

  6. Karma for an unhinged liberal snowflake. Not only should she be charged with reckless driving and paying for the damage to the car she hit, hopefully the driver and any passengers in the car she hit should claim whiplash and at least see a chiropractor.

    In addition, due to her intentional recklessness due to mental illness, her license should be revoked and she should serve some jail time. she seems to be the type who’d run over and kill someone she detests.

  7. I live in a City with these kind of individuals all over the place. The Trump Caravan really freaked them out. Unfortunately a Trump supporter got killed, but the Feds took out the murderer the next day. These people do not think with all of their cylinders in place.

  8. Stupid broad! Hope she pays for her dumba$$ed behavior! We can’t believe how many idiotic people are on the roads when they should be in a mental institution! It’s getting worse every day and we blame the Education System, the Media and the Liberals for dumbing people down! This could be the most amazing Country if it were not for them!!

  9. She must be charged with hate crime and destruction of personal property. Her license must be suspended. Irresponsible lunatics can not drive. Punish the witch. Make it hurt. A $100000 fine is in order. Destroy this skanks life.

    1. Why do you call her a prostitute or slut, the meaning of a shank? Do you know that, especially from a personal intimate manner? Are you the male equivalent, a slag cur?

      I ask because I don’t see how you crude puerile spurious ad hominem attacks on the young “lady” snowflake helps the conservative cause.

      Now down to brass tacks from an old geezer curmudgeon. Why suspend her license; REVOKE it. She is a clear and present danger to others due to her liberal induced mental illness. If her state has RED FLAG laws and she has any guns, confiscate them. And heck yes, fine her BIG time.

  10. Driving with no hands, hanging out of the car window, there has got to be a reckless driving charge somewhere in all this.

    1. Unbelievable, particularly where she’s driving; there’s always so much traffic there and people crossing against the light. She didn’t even stop the car–foot on gas, hanging out the window. Love it.

  11. Karma is a bitch!! Laughed so hard I cried!! She got what she deserved! Hope the cops gave her a large ticket! Plus now her insurance should go jp and she has to pay for the other vehicle! Democrats/liberals are stjpid!

  12. That’s the most uplifting video I’ve seen all week.
    Love how this weasel daughter of baby boomers no doubt shrunk down into her seat immediately after she rear ended the car in front of her.
    I Pray her insurance premiums go up too!!!!

    1. For that sort of stunt, I hope that her insurance company drops her and she has to get high-risk insurance instead. If she is so stupid as to do something like that, she should not be allowed to purchase the same level of insurance policy that responsible, mature drivers enjoy. She is the reason that our rates tend to go up.

  13. If I were the one rear ended I would tell the cops I can’t get out of the car. My neck and back hurt and I’m having double vision. Then I would call my attorney soon as possible.

  14. Her insurance should REFUSE COVERAGE altogether. Her actions were WILLFUL and therefore not an insurable event at all. Meanwhile there were others in the car. Reckless endangerment, and if anyone under 18 is the the vehicle child endangerment, I could go on and on with possible 3 or 5 more charges against her. One might be battery.

  15. These people are unhinged. They use foul language and disrespect anyone who doesn’t agree with them. President Trump will fix that WHEN he is re-elected.

    I am surprised she wasn’t bragging on her cell phone while doing all this. Is she a True Blonde? LOL I guarantee she’s a Far Left Liberal like Nancy Pelosi, Camel-A (Kamala) Harris, AOC and many others. lol


  17. What kind of demensia drives a person to act out in a moving car totally facing away from the drivers in front of her ? Dems have gone completely over the cliff. Can you imagine the weeping and knashing of teeth if they find our President elected by far more people than 2016 ? Get set for mass hysteria enhanced by a MSM unhinged. God save America.


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