GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski Signals Possible Support for Trump Nominee

United States Senate - Office of Lisa Murkowski / Public domain

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) initially stated that she would not support a vote on Trump’s eventual nominee to replace the late-Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Now, Murkowski is changing her tune and signaling that she will not rule out a yes vote to confirm an eventual Trump nominee.

According to Alaska Public Media:

If Democrats were counting on Lisa Murkowski to vote against President Trump’s next nominee to the Supreme Court, they should think again.

Sen. Murkowski said Tuesday she could not rule out that she would vote to confirm a Trump nominee if the Judiciary Committee approves one before the November election.

“I know everybody wants to ask the question, ‘will you confirm the nominee?’” she said outside the Capitol, as her Republican colleagues were gathering for their weekly policy lunch. “We don’t have a nominee yet. You and I don’t know who that is. And so I can’t confirm whether or not I can confirm a nominee when I don’t know who the nominee is.”

Sen. Mitt Romney took a similar position Tuesday, so it looks nearly impossible for Democrats to block Trump from seating his third Supreme Court justice.

Murkowski still opposes the process moving forward but stated, “now, having said that, this process is moving forward with or without me.”

Swing Senators Lamar Alexander (Tenn), Pat Toomey (Pa.), and Cory Gardner (Colo.) all have given their support to the move to fill the seat.

Romney followed on Tuesday, and now Murkowski is following as well. [RELATED: Romney Makes his Decision]

That means the GOP has the votes but as Fox News reported Nancy Pelosi is panicking:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday would not rule out impeachment as an option to stop President Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court pick from being confirmed to the bench, saying Democrats will “use every arrow in our quiver” to block the eventual nominee.

The lone GOP Senator still openly opposing a nomination moving forward is Susan Collins of Maine. However, Collins is in a tough fight in Maine, which is a state with politics no one can really explain, so many say she gets a pass.


  1. She knows that if she votes NO she will be looking for a new job. She is a joke in the first place. I don’t live Alaska but I will support any Conv. Rep. that runs against her. She figured it out her days are numbered with the wrong vote

    1. Murkowski isn’t running for another two years. But you’re right… if she opposes a Constitutionalist judge, especially a woman, she would be unelectable in 2022.

      1. Still do not TRUST HER but may be having been CONFRONTED BY FINESTAIN convinced her to tell those DERANGED DEMENTED TDS AFFLICTED SENATE (D) AS SHOLES to STFU

  2. Sorry, WE don’t like ‘RINO’S’ !!! Once a ‘RINO’ always a ‘RINO’…..BYE, BYE, Collins, Murkowski and Romney to naming just a few that REFUSE to SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION AS WRITTEN AND TO VOTE with Trump for….’AMERICA FIRST’ !!!

  3. Murkosky is no republican, she is a worthless,incompetent,dummycrap in sheeps clothing,who never was elected to office,it was given to her,now she needs to be primaried.We don’t need any more traitors on the republican party, we have plenty already, this witch needs to go.

  4. What’s the point of running as a Republican if you cannot vote with the party when needed? Why not change to a Democrat? This isn’t helpful to the Republican GOP Platform at all.

  5. Nancy Pelosi is the meanest, most hateful woman in Congress! She is prepared to prevent the election of someone to take RBG’s place because she hates Pres. Trump!
    She is the most self-serving woman that I’m aware of and it would be a blessing to be rid of her!

    1. Pelosi is trying to steal the election. If TRUMP can put a conservative in before, its less chance of dumbocraps taking over.

  6. No, Collins does NOT get a pass. She was elected as a Republican, not Democrat. If she opposes the wishes of the people who elected her, she’ll lose their support. Which means she’ll lose her Senate seat.
    She’d be an utter fool to go against a Republican President’s Supreme Court nominee. She’s not going to get the Republican vote at all if she opposes a Constitutionalist Justice.
    I’m guessing she’ll risk it to vote AYE for the nominee.

  7. Just like Mittens, she KNOWS what is coming………

    I think that I know what ‘their’ next PsyOp is! ‘They’ are going to have a pasty (either under mind control, or just a LOW IQ MORON); then CLAIM it to be a ‘right-wing extremist’ (there is NO SUCH THING, by the way!) and Biden, and maybe Harris, will be assassinated right before the election. Then John Kerry will ‘step in’. How’s THAT for MORE CHAOS for an election?!?! Lets face it…..Biden is totally USELESS to the Globalists, as is Harris. Harris would be ineffective; has zero political clout! And at this point in time, neither of them can just ‘drop out’. So, then……HOW does one replace them AND cause the most damage/chaos doing it??? There really is only ONE way! Bump off Biden (and maybe Harris), IN PUBLIC, and blame it on a ‘Trump supporter’!! Might THAT be ‘their’ October Surprise’???

    Mittens is IN on it since it will be a Kerry/Mittens ‘ticket’ for the Dems. Mittens KNOWS that the SOTUS vote will NOT HAPPEN due to the ABOVE PSYOP/FALSE FLAG EVENT!

  8. Alaskans are telling Murkowski that she may be wandering around the tundra if she won’t do as the people want. Listen up. Murkey.

  9. Nancy Pelosi is the most hateful woman that I’m at all aware of! Now she’s trying to block a nominee to the position to replace RBG as Pres. Trump is involved!
    I, personally, think it’s past time that Pelosi was removed from Congress!

  10. Keep praying for these demonrats! Pray that they all get off of the Clinton Big Pharma medications. Looks like a few of these demonrats have quit their medications.

  11. all the Republicans must form a solidarity block.
    it is Republicans agaainst Democrats. There has never been such a wide gap. there will be a fight and it will be nasty for the appointee. The democrats will lie, cheat, and pay for false statements to be amde to lengthen the process.
    knowing this, gotta get the process started right away.
    biggest regret is that the Dem´s took the house in 2018, why why why why did that happen? gotta take the house back and let the Republicansrun things totally for a while, redo education so the new generation is not indoctrined into extreme left thinking.

    1. The reason the democraps took the house in ’18 was the never Trumpers and the RINOs that failed to support him and the public turned on them. With that crop of RINOs it really didn’t make much difference as they were going to undercut Trump anyway. Example of that mentality is Sessions and his bogus recusal to open the door for the witch hunt that cost the American voters millions to prove there was no basis for the whole fiasco.

  12. Nancy Pelosi is the least likely person to be included in the next election!
    We can only be pleased to know that!

  13. Murkowski is still a POS. She needs to go to the Democrap Party because she is a Democrap who disguises herself as a conservative Republican. That alone should tell you how dishonest she is. The Alaskan Republican Party needs to do a much better job at vetting their candidates.

  14. Apparently, the GOP RINOs don’t agree with the Democrats who always stick together to the last person– guess that’s called supporting the Team. What is it that the RINO’s don’t get?

  15. Murkowski has seen what saying No! to the President has done to her sidekick Collins, and she doesn’t want to lose her cush job, her nice salary, golden pension plan and benefits. Time to get rid of Murkowski and put a real conservative in her place.

  16. Long over due go Sarah Palin Sen. Murkowski is a RINO and a total disgrace for Alaskans can’t believe she hasn’t been recalled by the Honorable voters if Alaska. I will financially support Sarah in a heartbeat you go girl.


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