McConnell Characterizes Schumer Perfectly

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took a swipe at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calling him “uniquely non-credible” on judicial norms.

According to Fox News:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have escalated their rhetorical war, with Schumer hammering McConnell over the alleged “fiction” precedent Republicans say they are following on Supreme Court nominations while McConnell called Schumer “uniquely non-credible” on the topic of judicial nominations, citing comments Schumer made while George W. Bush was president.

The verbal barbs are just the beginning of what is likely to be one of the nastiest political fights in recent American history over Republicans’ plans to confirm a successor to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the presidential election. After a slew of moderates and electorally vulnerable members of their caucus came out to say they support moving ahead with a nomination, Republicans appear to hold the advantage in the brewing confirmation fight — especially after Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, softened her position on potentially voting to confirm a Trump nominee on Wednesday.

“As we await the hurricane of misrepresentations and bad-faith attacks that seem almost guaranteed to pour out, we need to understand, in clear terms, why our colleague from New York is a uniquely non-credible messenger when it comes to the Senate’s role in judicial confirmations,” McConnell said Tuesday. “[Modern judicial nomination] acrimony really got going in the early 2000s, when a group of Senate Democrats took the almost-never-used tactic of filibustering nominations and turned it into a constant routine for the first time ever.”

McConnell said it was Schumer who was “the driving force behind those tactics.” He said he was reading from 2003 New York newspaper clippings as he quoted the minority leader: “‘I am the leader (of the filibuster movement), and you know, I’m proud of it,’ said the senator from Brooklyn.’”

McConnell has made it his quest to conform judges and adding another Supreme Court Justice to the list of his confirmation.

  1. I GET IT! If you Hate Trump and every thing he does then you are Political Correct. I am still choking on “Trump is not my President”. The person who wins any election held lawfully wins the election. Sadly, when I heard the Democrat Party proclaim Trump is not our President this insulted every US Citizen who voted. I saw three Presidential Candidates I voted for lose elections. I accepted the outcome and went on with my life. Sadly, this is not the case with the Democrats, “Never Trumpers”, and Mainstream Media. This Hate for Trump has gone on from the time Trump won the 2016 election. Trump has faced challenges no other President has had to face, yet he still gets results. Results promised from both Major Political Parties. While the Democrats spew their Hate, this Hate has morphed into something dangerous for every US Citizens. The fact that the people’s vote can give the nation SOCIALISM. There is no freedom under SOCIALISM. The Political Elite control the citizens under every form of SOCIALISM. The concept of government deciding what citizens will get for the common good may sound good, but human nature alone prevents the common good to ever happen. People by their nature tend to be corrupted with power and greed. This is why SOCIALISM fails wherever it is tried. My Prayer for every US Citizen is that the US Citizens NEVER ACCEPT SOOCIALISM. If our Founding Fathers wanted America SOCIALISM in America they would stay royal subjects of a evil King. A Monarchy is SOCIALISM with different names for those who govern. The Political Elite govern with approval of their King. You can say every form of governing that does not give the citizens a voice in their government is some form of SOCIALISM. We hear the Democrats claiming Democratic SOCIALISM will solve all our problems, but this is a lie. For one, there is no such thing as Democratic SOCIALISM. When citizens do not have a voice in their government it is still SOCIALISM.
    Why did the US rise to become the Greatest Nation on the planet? The incentive to work hard and gain wealth through Capitalism drives the economy of the US. Ask yourself: How can a Star Athlete rise from the slums of America to garner a income of millions for playing sports for only four to five years of their playing career? How can a Movie Star earn millions for playing a fictional role to entertain the masses? How can a person earn millions for writing a Best Seller book? This can only happen in a free society that gives the people the incentive to play a sport, create a fictional character, or write these books. People may claim these people are not worth millions of dollars, but it is there actions and the value of our dollars that allow wealth to happen. If a star athlete is good enough to create fans and sell merchandize this makes the owners of sports teams great wealth as well. If a owner can make billions from sports they can afford to pay out 200 million to the athletes each year.

    1. But alas, we have an entire segment of the population that

      1. Created the “Participation Trophy Culture”,
      2. The recipients of the “Participation Trophy Culture”,

      Where people were rewarded for simply participating, so they did not get their feelings hurt. This has created the environment we now live in here in America. An environment that has NO SUSTAINABLE outcome.

      When we no longer have competition, there is no incentive to rise above the fray, no reason to excel in any aspect because “everyone is equally recognized”. This is a dangerous and counter productive environment that has produced negative results for years now.

      Donald J Trump is the antithesis of the “participation trophy culture”, this is why there is such rage against the M.A.G.A. mantra. It is upsetting the participation trophy crowd, who will now be held accountable for what they do, rather than simply participating.

  2. WE need to get these antiques out of our White house. They have been corrupted by having to much power and are stealing Americas money to make themselves beyond rich.

    1. If your speaking of President Trump, you’re off base, He is losing money as he takes $1.00, and DONATES the rest.

    2. Those antiques have been out of the White House for nearly 4 years. Both Biden and Obama are the ones who greatly enriched themselves by funneling billions of federal dollars to corrupt supporters who passed riches on to themselves and their families. Watch Fox News and see for yourself.

    3. What “antiques” do you want removed from the “White House?” You do realize the current resident of the white house was already “beyond rich” before he even ran for the office, don’t you? So, do you want Biden, instead…a senile “antique” who made himself and his family “beyond rich” when he lived across the street?

  3. All Democrats are crooked and full of shit , I think they all need to be put in jail where they belong and I can’t wait to see them skit there pants on Election Day

  4. President Trump is by far one of the greatest we have seen in a long time. Those that attack him, are the same losers that put our Country on the verge of communism. If you don’t love the USA feel free to leave, you can do that here. This is NOT true of ANY communist (biden and obamas favorites) countries. If you want to leave, we will help pack your suitcase, AND pay for your ONE WAY TICKET. You will NEVER be allowed back in. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

    1. Here Here I thank you for your service to our country and agree with you and your offer of what would be money well spent! The haters of America (Democrappy Party, Democraps, Liberals (Socialists, Communists), Progressives, Deep State, Establishment just to name some factions of our enemies) need to vacate our sovereign constitutional republic and take their tired tyrannical government ideas elsewhere (the Middle East, Russia, China, N Korea, etc) to see if the welcome mat is layed out to them, but the door is shut and permanently sealed for their return ever!!!! Let these idiots surrender their Liberty and Freedom rather then them stealing ours.

  5. All I need to know is how many people Amy Coney Barrett has a) raped, b) murdered & c) eaten, and all the permutations and combinations of those three. After that and the obligatory testimony by Dr. Blaisey-Ford who will enlighten us on how many times she was raped by Amy Coney Barrett then and only then will I be able to make up my mind. Just to help the Democrats out, I am probably going to need at least two dozen incidents of the three categories previously listed to sway my opinion since I am starting to think some of the claims in the past might not have been totally factual. I can’t wait to hear what comes out from the “fact-finding” mission the democrats come up with, should be fun!

  6. Schumer has disgraced himself and his position, right along with many other Democrat Members of Congress, by his repeated LYING about Trump, lying about what Trump has done, is doing, and will do. Neither will he admit to the good things that Trump has done for the nation, just as the MSM won’t mention those good things and won’t print anything detrimental that the Democrats have done. The safest thing to do is not believe anything that a Democrat says. Vote only for Republicans in November to keep the Trump plan going.

  7. They don’t have to have these hearings and the Republicans should cancel them. Have the vote and be done with it. You can bet your butt the Dems would…

  8. You can bet your last dollar that were the roles reversed the democrats would be running as quickly as they could to the Senate to get their candidate endorsed. Well they have only themselves to Thank! Remember that good democrat by the name of Harry Reid???


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