GOP Governor Kristi Noem Savages Rachel Maddow

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MSNBC host Rachel Maddow went on the attack against South Dakota and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem responded.

Noem, the Republican Governor of the state, used statistics to back up her slam of Maddow.

According to Town Hall:

If you’ve watched Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show lately, you probably think the coronavirus outbreak is worse than ever and is never going away. Her message night after night has been: Everything must stay shut down. We are in grave danger.

So you can get why she doesn’t like South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. For months Noem has taken a much different approach, one that is a bit sunnier and doesn’t require massive shutdowns that have put way too many people out of business. She recently posted a lighthearted clip about how hunting is the perfect social distancing activity, which Maddow used as bait to try and paint the governor as a weak leader who is ignoring the COVID outbreak in her own state.

Noem kindly asked Maddow to cool it, before digging into some details. As she and her communications have noted, COVID patients are taking only 8% of the hospital beds in South Dakota, and just 6% of their ICU beds.

Noem has spent months trying to assure South Dakotans that what they hear on TV may not always be accurate. She knows that the doom and gloom messages coming from liberals are not helping anyone cope during the pandemic. So, she’s taken a different approach. Instead of enforcing stay at home orders as her counterparts in other states have, she decided that she didn’t want to “take too much power in a time of crisis.”

Noem has been a staunch defender of his state’s actions and staunchly defended a “study” that claimed most of America’s new COVID cases were a result of the Sturgis motorcycle rally.

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