Ilhan Omar: The Most Despicable Democrat in Congress

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Ilhan Omar is one of the most left-leaning Democrats in the political field, she’s so extreme that even members of her own party say she “doesn’t belong in our party,” in an effort to distance themselves. The radical Congresswoman has asked for leniency for terrorists on multiple occasions and even been voted Congress’s top Anti-Semite in 2019. Keep reading to see her most deplorable acts while she has held office:

  1. She should have been blocked from even running for office for one reason alone: Islam. Islam is not a religion, it is a ideology of governing by Islamic Clerics. It is a Ideology that conflicts with US Constitutional Rule of Law. Muslims have their Shariah Law, and because of these Shariah Laws, they can not compromise these laws. This means they can not be sworn into office using the Bible. They use their Korn instead, but this Koran is anti-everything that is not of Allah. Our Bible is used because Christian Ideals help unite US Citizens and identifies the US as a Christian Nation. Islamic values are NOT CHRISTIAN VALUES. The Creator mentioned by Christians is not the same God of Islam. Simply put: Islam and Socialists in our government is Anti-US Constitution PERIOD! Both should be banned from having a voice in our government.

    1. Crawl back under your rock you marxist black troll…….I know who you are! Why don’t you get out in the street with the unpeaceful protesters aka marxist terrorist rioters, maybe we’ll get lucky and you’ll get ended!

      1. “In whom “the god” (Allah=the god) of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV

    2. They fear the Holy Scriptures! Have you ever read the Koran? Try it! It is made of a collection of works form the Holy Bible and other things… most of them were the words from Mohammad~ the Founder of the Islamic Religion. It teaches personal high -gin: they bath their heads, hands and feet three times a day on their personal prayer rug.

      1. islam is a devilish ideology not a religion. Omar is a typical example of a mohammedan murderer , liar and hater of real God loving people

    3. I have been to a few Islamic nations and It is more then an Ideology, it is the law, the govt, the church, the god=Allah, and it is control by the clerics! There are religious police, NO dogs, no cats, no Onions, no garlic, no divorce courts and NO freedom of speech or discention! Read the Koran and then read the Sharia law! Islam is worse then Communism!

    4. We the people of MN were duped with this one. She ran in Minneapolis which is the main stronghold of the Somalian “refugees” that Obama dumped here when he was in office. I didn’t vote for her and I doubt that most of the people who live here did, except for all of the “refugees” in Minneapolis. I and almost everyone I know want her replaced. I think she should go back to Somalia and stay there. She would have a hard time living there the way she does here. But, I’m sure that she would be taking lots of dollars that the people in elected offices seem to accumulate while serving there. Hmm.

  2. She must leaves the USA, returns to from wHere she came! She is not WANTED here ~ the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! She is a DISGRACE to HERSELF! PEOPLE LIKE HER should remain at their very own HOLE! PURE TRASH!

    1. Yes immediately, she is a Trojan horse not an American. All the muslims and all the converts to islam should be deported and never come back. Take theirDNA so if they try to come back execute them

      1. Because OBAMALAMA PUT them here.!!!!! They have taken over Minneapolis and most of St. Cloud. I used to love to drive way up to St. Cloud to shop but not anymore. They are everywhere, and they are rude, smelly, and all around disgusting. They look down on Americans as being “infidels”, and think they are above us, when in all actuality, they are filthy. Where my husband works he says that they constantly have to send someone in to clean the bathrooms because they sit on the sides of the washbowls to wash their feet. But when they walk by they smell bad. He doesn’t dare say anything or he will be seen as a “racist”. Yet, they can say and do all kinds of things. He got a reprimand for asking if the rest of the company could take time off too while the muslims got to go pray during their work shift hours. There is much more but I’ve already said a lot.

    1. That was the first red flag. There were many others, all ignored. He spent his time in office corruptly enriching his family instead of installing socialism more thoroughly. I guess that was our good luck.

      1. He did everything he could to destroy the US to get muslims and communists to rule the US: And his Gray Eminence is Valerie JArrett.
        As for his ” wife” I don´t know if she is a woman or man

  3. This heathen is a disgrace to humanity and does not deserve to be in our Country! We don’t want or need people to immigrate to America unless they agree to love this country and assimilate in the American way of life! When she became a citizen she swore allegiance to America and our Constitution! She has broken, continues to break and will break her sworn oath as long as this scrawny little black crow draws breath! America will be improved the minute she is not using good oxygen!

  4. It seems that she has not, and cannot, keep the oath of office. All it takes is a Speaker who will enforce it. Pelosi never will, so Republicans need to gain control of the house. Vote only for Republicans, and her fate may be sealed.

  5. That disgusting P.O.S. was voted in,by brain dead leftist morons, who would love to see the United States become the new Russia. Apparently they think everything will be handled to them, & the government would be generous!
    How do people become so stupid?
    Obviously they had more brains than they have now when they were born, or they wouldn’t know how to breathe!

  6. The democrats are all the worst members of congress,each and every one of them and every time someone votes for them you only make their behavior worse because in their pointy little heads they look at and see every vote they get as a mandate from the people so people stop empowering them!!

    1. During the “impeachment” in the House, it became excruciatingly clear that all of them were instructed about what to say against Trump. Some of them had pained expressions on their faces because of the BS they had to spout. This is one of the chief problems with the dims: They have to say what their evil leader tells them to or else they won’t receive party money for re-election. This is not the vision of Congress that the Founders imagined and that has been in place for over 200 years; they’re not allowed to “vote their conscience”s. Every one of them had to lie about a stinking phony phone call, no matter what the “evidence” was. They’ve turned DC into a hell-hole, and they’re now aiming to burn down the entire country. WWG1 . . . (yes, folks, this is America, where we now fear speaking our minds if what we have to say doesn’t conform to the leftist, anarchic poison spouted freely by the left).

  7. This woman is a Muslim, and Islam is an ENEMY of ALL nations NOT Islamic, and this “EVIDENCED”: from the Koran, and Sharia Law. See Sura 2:191-193/5:33-36/8:12-13/9:5 and 29 Sharia Law #2 which says a Muslims “DUTY” is to commit JIHAD against all NON-Muslims/nations! This is their doctrine and it goes along w/S/L no#1 where it is a Mulsims “OBLIGATION” to LIE to further Allah’s commandments! There is NO Muslim FIT to be in the nation or in it’s halls of Justice or courts for any reason! POLITICAL correctness will destroy any nation! How come YOU “NEVER” hear this from any Muslim women or anyone else? Because, Sharia always creeps in like a thief and then gains power and then take over! Think Sterling Heights Michigan! There are Muslim chants in Muslimsstan city and a Muslim city council has taken over! “A LITTLE leaven, leaveneth the whole lump. 1 Cor 5:6 KJV One cancer cell, or aids virus cell, can kill the whole body!!! IT must be killed or…

  8. Why are people from a hot middle east country like Somalia’s moving to a cold, cooler state like Minnesota?? Or even Michigan??


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