Trump Reveals Plan to Help Seniors with Prescription Drugs

White House [Public Domain]

On Thursday, Trump revealed what is called the “America First Health Plan” while he was at a campaign stop in Charlotte, NC.

Within the program, Americans who are on Medicare will receive $200 discount cards to be used for prescription drugs. The cards will be mailed within weeks.

“Nobody’s seen this before. These cards are incredible,” Trump said.

“The cards will be mailed out in the coming weeks. I will take care of our wonderful senior citizens,” he continued.

Trump also said that Biden “won’t be doing this” in his speech Thursday.

The 33 million Americans who are on Medicare – many of whom could use prescription drug cost relief – are expected to receive the cards.

According to a 2010 Kaiser Foundation study, Medicare enrollees spent on average $300 per year on prescription drugs, and prices have significantly increased since then.

Additionally, they spend over $4,000 per year on healthcare services and health insurance premiums per year.

For these seniors, the relief comes at a welcome time.

The entire program will cost $6.6 billion dollars and a senior Trump administration official told the New York Times how the program will get authorization:

A senior administration official said the discount cards would be authorized under a waiver program that allowed Medicare to test certain new policy ideas. The money would come from savings gleaned from the president’s directive this month that required Medicare to pay no more for prescription drugs than in other developed nations, the official said.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows insisted on CNN that the pharmaceutical companies would pay for the cards (NYT):

Mr. Meadows suggested — without offering an explanation — that pharmaceutical manufacturers would still pay for the cards, which he said older Americans would begin receiving in October.

“It’s the first time that money came from Big Pharma, back from their pockets, in the pockets of American seniors,” Mr. Meadows said. “If they have any question about if he is for real, wait until that card is received in the mail.”

Here is a video of Trump touting the new plan from Thursday’s campaign stop:


  1. Don’t expect the media to tell the public about this program. Unless it’s to denigrate it in some way. Like it isn’t enough.
    Media USED to matter.
    Now it’s essentially irrelevant.

  2. President Trump is the greatest President in my lifetime (and I am not young). He is the first president who actually does what he promises. TRUMP 2020 – KAG baby KAG!

    1. I agree with you! After coming to America in 1966 I have experienced a few Presidents too and Mr Trump is the strongest and most effective! If we would have had Hillary we would be down the sewer and three times as many people would have died, I’m sure of that. We must have Trump for another four years!! Trump/Pence!!

  3. Why is there a photo of Pelosi when we scroll down? I never want to see her mugshot again. The prescription drug help is great but can it pay for vaccinations too? The Shingrix vaccine is about $115 out of pocket and it would help a lot of people by protecting them!

  4. OMGOODNESS I love this man. They keep on attacking and he just keeps working for the American people. If they hadn’t started all this crap with Covid or the impeachment BS can you imagine where we would be right now. Get rid of every single dem and let Trump lead us to greater ideals. We were so close to being ruined and if Hillary had won that is where we would have been. God was with us. NOW GET OUT AND VOTE SO WE CAN CONTINUE WITH THE TRUMP TRAIN!!!!

  5. ok Mr. Trump-want my vote? Prosecute big med for mass genocide on seniors. Then prosecute the banks for stealing all our property in collusion with local county judges and clerks and then release all the patents on REAL healing and make supplements proven in double blind controlled studies to cover the ones that work on medicare, Then seize the assets of big pharma put the money into medicare and hold PUBLIC executions for those convicted of poisoning, butchering, robbing and killing seniors–OR ANYONE–for profit.


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