Sarah Palin Threatens to Primary Challenge Murkowski Over SCOTUS Vote

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Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has emerged with a threat to wildcard Senator Lisa Murkowski. Essentially telling Murkowski to vote to confirm or expect a primary challenge in 2022.

According to The Daily Wire:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin threatened to run a primary challenge against GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski for refusing to back a nominee to the Supreme Court before the 2020 election.

Palin posted a video to her Instagram account on Thursday addressed to Murkowski. In it, Palin is standing in front of her home in Alaska and says that she can “see 2022” from her house, a reference to when Murkowski is next up for reelection.

“Lisa Murkowski, this is my house,” Palin begins. “I’m willing to give it up … for the greater good of this country and this great state.”

Palin tells Murkowski to “walk back” her position that the winner of the presidential election should nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last week from cancer.

Murkowski has walked back her position a little and signaled that while she is not happy with the situation would not rule out considering a confirmation vote on Trump’s nominee. [READ NEXT: GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski Signals Possible Support for Trump’s Nominee]

  1. Leading from the front, now that’s how you do it! Say goodbye rhinos, the sleeping giant has awoken. Trump 2020!

  2. At this point in time, I’d even take Palin getting back into politics if it meant getting rid of a RINO!!! NEVER thought that I’d say this, but……..RUN, SARAH!…..RUN!!

  3. I can’t remember how many times I have been made happy that the SNL liberal stooge Tina Fey while doing a skit pretending to be Sarah Palin coined the phrase “I can see Russia from my house”! She of course was trying to make everyone think Sarah Palin was stupid. That line has been used so many times probably 75% of people think Sarah Palin said it when, she in fact did not! I have thoroughly enjoyed remembering how little credit liberals gave Ms Palin when she actually has more brains in her little finger than every Dem in Congress has all combined! And… Sarah Palin is capitalizing on it herself by changing a few words…….”I can see 2022 from my house”! Gotta love it and I do!
    I wish to hades she would run against that double RINO Lisa Murkowski! If it’s not liberal…..the only response she knows is NO and I am sick to death of her and I feel almost the same about Susan Collins! The only thing I can readily recall Susan doing good was to vote YES for Justice Kavanaugh and I thank her for that!

  4. Sarah, we need you again. Nice choice of words. We need somebody that has back-bone and step up for OUR Country.. And States but being fom Illinois and the Chicago Area… All I can do is vote and tell the easy laid down facts… Which hurts these peoples feelings..
    Go For It. President Trump could use another fighter for rights and equal jjustice.
    God Bless!


  6. Finally, a Republican with the guts to come forward and Tell Lisa Murkowski how life works. I’d move to Alaska to vote for Sarah Palin.

  7. Do it either way Sarah!! I thought she should’ve run against Lisa Murkowski 2 years ago. Lisa Murkowski and her father are both very corrupt and greedy politicians. I still remember her behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings and a very animated “discussion” with Dianne Feinstein that forced Lisa Murkowski to vote against Kavanaugh. Whatever Feinstein was threatening her with must be HUGE. Whatever she was blackmailing her with, she should just admit it and move on, I would NEVER let someone like Feinstein control my fate. Lisa Murkowski has now walked back her claim about voting against confirming the next Supreme Court justice before the election. I just wonder who’s blackmailing her this time?

  8. Great idea, Sarah, that ought to get her worried enough to retire, if for no other reason than to save face (not that her face is worth saving). As it is, Murky is doing very little to help Trump, and without him the Republican Party has little purpose. Sarah would be a big help for Trump.

  9. I’m not sure this will happen, but I was a STRONG Palin supporter (she had my vote more than McShame ever did!!) in 2008, and I still have great respect for her! She’s a true conservative and would be infinitely better in the Senate that that ugly broad, Lisa M (who only has her job because her father was such a political powerhouse in AK years ago!). Run, Sarah, RUN!!

  10. Whether she votes for or against, Murkowski ought to be primaried. It would be great to have someone with a lot of conservative juice in the Senate to put the dim slime in its place. I’m thinking Palin would make a hamburger out of Schumer.

  11. Murkowski likes to muddy the waters. If she keeps it up maybe she won’t be seen anymore. Then flush her out if the Senate.

  12. Sarah Palin has been treated very badly over the years for various reasons. However, she should be respected and or sure she is a patriot! Good luck Sarah.

  13. Murkowski didn’t win her primary last time. She ran THIRD PARTY and defeated both the Dimm and the Repub. She must be spreading some $$$ around.

  14. If she DOESN’T vote to affirm, Palin will clean her clock in a Primary. AND be elected to the Senate. She’s STILL very, very popular in Alaska.
    Heck, I think she should do it anyway!

  15. Sarah, I voted for you for VP in 2012 (had to hold my nose because that also meant i had to vote for your running mate) and would move to Alaska so I could vote for you to replace Murkowski. DO IT! KAG 2020.


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