Former GOP Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security Endorses Biden

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Former Pennsylvania GOP Governor Tom Ridge and the first Secretary of Homeland Security under George W. Bush has endorsed Joe Biden.

The endorsement doesn’t come as a total surprise. Ridge has been a frequent Trump critic since he announced his candidacy in 2015.

According to Fox News:

“Vice President Biden and I both know that supporting his candidacy now certainly won’t dissuade me from speaking out later when I disagree with him,” Ridge wrote in The Philadephia Inquirer. “But we surely will do so with civility and respect, not with childish name-calling and [T]witter tirades.”

Ridge added: “Joe Biden has the experience and empathy necessary to help us navigate not only the pandemic, but also other issues that have fractured our nation, including social injustice, income inequality and immigration reform.”

“I actually consider it a point of personal pride that I’m recognized for being among the first Republicans to reject Donald Trump,” Ridge wrote. “With just about one month until Election Day, President Trump continues to claim the only way he can possibly be defeated is a rigged election. Can you imagine the hubris?”

      1. You bet his vote for Biden means nothing, after all he’s a RINO REJECT !!!!! I was DEM registered but switched and voting REPUBLICAN from now on!!!!!!

  1. Has anyone checked his bank account lately and wondered why the sudden increase $500K appeared overnight…just before announcing his opposition to Trump and joining forces with Biden? I suppose Soros or Steyer are now $500K less in their bank accounts.

  2. Tom Ridge was always a worthless toad. The fact that he is endorsing Gropen Joe is all the more reason to support President Trump.

    All the useless people who held positions in government (notice I didn’t say “WORKED” in government) are upset because President Trump is the first President who actually expects a government employee to work and accomplish something. You can expect most government employees to be anti-Trump. He scares the hell out of them.

  3. He said it’s time to put country over party. So he sides with the SOCOFA party and a NOT FREE USA (United Socialists of America). Well at least we now officially know which country he wants.

  4. Ah yes, the Republican establishment has spoken. Republicans are supposed to believe that suddenly these, so called, good Republicans are now thinking open borders, higher taxes, defunding police, government paid abortion on demand, socialist healthcare, pandering to any and all rioters and looters and surrendering our National sovereignty to the new world order is acceptable. I’m not sure RINO is even nearly strong enough to measure the level of sell out.

  5. Ridge was never truly a Pro-Life Republican in the first place. But he used the Republican party when it served him well. Typical of these RINOs

  6. To think he was head of Homeland Security when he realkly hates America & wants it to be Socialist. What a disgraceful hypocrite Republicans want no part of such a wretched person.

  7. Ridge needs to join the Democratic party! How naive can he and the other mentioned not understand what Biden is and what he represents – open borders, single pay healthcare provider, anti 2A, increasing taxes on the so called wealthy ( does he not know they are the ones hiring people), cow tow to China, reduce oil production, on, and on.And don’t for get Mr Ridge,who will be president if Biden is elected had his health fails, which obvious does not matter to you. Ridge and his RINO friends refuse to admit the good Trump has done for this country, which makes them a deficit to our nation. I suspect Ridge has always been a liberal.

  8. Tom Ridge prefers to sell his country to the socialists based on his endorsement. Typical loser, who prefers to act on his hate. He and Kasich have sold out for money and hate.

  9. This figures. They are afraid to loose their gravy train of government jobs no matter if they are doing it or not. They have been proven in many instances to be seditions and corrupt. Of course they would support someone who does the very same.

  10. This is not your daddy’s old Republican Party who kept giving us losers at the ballot box and didn’t care just to keep their jobs…we have a winner that gets things done for the American taxpayer!

  11. Actions speak louder than words. We need to stop calling these turncoats “RINO’s.” Call a thing what it is – THEY ARE DEMOCRATS! They have crossed over to the dark side (actually, maybe they always were on the dark side). And Mr. Ridge will be unpleasantly surprised if slo-joe Biden takes over and he “disagrees with him.” Remember what happened to those who “disagreed” with the Clinton’s . . .

  12. Good glad to hear you left don’t let the door hit you in the ass go live in Russia or China where you can be a Conrad DemonRat

  13. It says a lot about a person who supports a guy who thinks he’s been in the senate for 180 years, not to mention all the other things joe says that make no sense.

  14. RINO=Republican In Name Only, sure fits the majority of the scum sucking leaches. Vote Only for True Conservative People. We Must rid Ourselves of turncoat Republicans and Democrats that Can’t see the Truth in front of their faces…

  15. I have some question I would like to asked any and all Biden supports. I wonder how many will answer these question?
    What is the reason you are voting for Biden today and rejected Biden in the past for president? What has changed?
    What has Biden done for America in the last 40+ years in congress and being VP for 8 years to merit him to be president?
    Biden has been rejected for president by the democrats two times before now he’s the man they want, what changed?
    Who will be the president in 2017 Biden or Harris?
    How long will Biden be president before Harris takes over?
    While Biden is president who will be running the country, Harris or Biden?
    Harris dropped out of the primaries before they even voted, yet she is the VP pick, why?
    As you and many others are the democrat party are you happy with the VP pick, and if so why, or if not why?
    Has the democrat party become a socialist party now?
    Are you a socialist?
    Are you for all this rioting and looting as a means to get your way? If not your party seem to be?

  16. President’s Trump’s REAL Republican values (real conservative values) are revealed by what he has and is DOING. Conservatives must stop the emotional reaction to Trump and his mannerisms and pay attention to policy. Too many are acting like triggered emotional liberals.

  17. What does it say about you and your RINO colleagues when you support a candidate who is essentially a criminal and will dismantle all that America stands for if elected President?

    You are all disgraceful. But truth will ultimately prevail and your time and your colleagues time in positions f power will soon come to an end.

  18. RINO TRAITOR, I wonder what he was promised, if biden wins for his endorsement ??? a cabinet job or a ambassadorship to a 3rd world out-house

  19. Wow, is all I can say, Ridge is still mad that Bush didn’t get elected in 2016. Tom is part of the swamp and would have had another swamp job if Bush had been elected like planed.

  20. A RINO, who cares about this deep state turn coat. He is a liberal prick looking to get a job with Biden. Another career politician who never worked, just like Biden and his slinky son.

  21. Since Tom Ridge is supporting biden that means TRUMP IS DOING SOMETHING RIGHT…LOL
    No one wants to be endorsed by Ridge for his back stabbing ways to the republican party and his support for illegal aliens. IN OTHER WORDS….Ridge is a fascist bent democrat.

  22. The fact of the matter is the Bush’s are against Trump for no other reason than that he completely trashed their little boy in Florida. Jeb wasn’t it. I don’t remember his name now. Neither of the Bush presidencies were anything to write home to Momma about. Just more Swamp drivel with 12 years and nothing to show for the American people. Screw the Bush’s and anyone that supports this.

  23. When it comes to deep state, it is all about making themselves rich Republican or Demonrat they are all about F’ing the tax payers and “Livin La Vida Loca” God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless The USA. He donates his salary, he is not a politician, he is a true patriot and loves our country, and he can’t be bought off by special interest, and that is why it is an all out battle to get rid of him because he is breaking up the good old boy club. Bwahahahaha!

  24. Does anyone actually CARE what little Tommy Ridge has to say these days?!? In fact, does anyone even REMEMBER his former political career?!? Talk about “yesterday’s news!!”

  25. Republicans today and past sure are very weak. Why in the world would anyone vote for a bunch of sellout weak minded tools the Republicans have to offer. Republicans will never have this kind of support like they have now, trump saved the republican by running under it. The conservatives need to run on it’s own play form, and let the Republicans fall flat on their face, I will never vote for weak Republicans

  26. who cares what you think? we know what you think. You want socialist utopia and Marxism for Amerika so you can cash in.

  27. The Rhino and sell out Republican leaders of former elected offices are just people who want money and position jobs, called selling out to black mailers.

  28. Every time on of these pathetic “never Trumpers” pops up out of the sewer (swamp) it makes my blood boil. We voted for President Trump because he agreed to drain the swamp. With weak Rhinos like Tom Ridge in charge of anything how did we ever make it this far. Tom, it’s not about President Trump it’s about communism and the socialist left. Don’t you get it?


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