Former Trump Campaign Manager Hospitalized

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Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale has been hospitalized.

The police removed Parscale from his home Sunday afternoon after his wife called the police. She told law enforcement officials the 44-year old former campaign manager was armed and threatening to commit suicide.

The Fort Lauderdale Police responded to the incident.

After a brief interaction, the police removed him from the home and involuntarily institutionalized him at Broward Health Medical Center which is allowed by Florida law.

Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the Trump campaign blamed attacks from the President’s opponents as a root cause for the incident (TIME):

“The disgusting, personal attacks from Democrats and disgruntled RINOs have gone too far, and they should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve done to this man and his family,” Murtaugh said in a statement.

“RINO” is an acronym for “Republicans in Name Only,” a term Trump and his supporters use to deride Republicans who have publicly turned against the president.

Parscale served as Trump’s digital director in his 2016 campaign where he was largely credited for the campaign’s robust online efforts.

Two years later, President Trump hired Parscale to lead the reelection efforts.

On July 15th, 2020 Parscale was replaced by Bill Stepien as Trump’s campaign manager following lagging poll numbers and a lack of a cohesive message heading into the crucial final months of the campaign. Parscale remains on the President’s reelection staff as a senior adviser.

  1. Mr Trump, you need to have a good long talk with this man. He is obviously cracking under the strain of the inexcusable smear campaigns. It is even difficult for us supporters and we are not even at ground zero like Pascale. Hope he can recover and have a good career away from this high pressure political climate. We fully understand how demanding the President is and he must be in order to stay strong and fight the evil forces!!

    1. This country needs Brad Pascal at the helm. He is brilliant and absolutely essential. You have no idea what else might be going on his life beyond the grim harassment.

      He should not be sidelined, he should be helped.

        1. Better that he leaves it as is. His comment is a stark reminder to all fair minded people of what the so called “woke” leftists are all about. They claim to care about others, but in reality only care to dish out their vile propaganda. They will only appear to care if a person is in lockstep with their ideology. But then the caring is in reality only using the person for whatever can be gained.

    2. I hope he can find his strength and recover quickly. Everyone stop and say a prayer. Many say the 2016 election could not have been won without him. If this is true and I think it might be we owe him a debt of gratitude. I am certain President Trump will be honorable and support him in whatever way possible. Even the strongest and bravest are struggling with the threats of civil war, evil COVID set loose and constant attacks on the right. Any conservative living in California knows what it’s like to be constantly for being a conservative. We only get a small taste of what this man must have endured. Pray for Trump!

  2. Brad Pascale is an amazing individual and we as a country are so grateful for him. He is a bright star and has literally engineered along with many other fine people, the presidency of President Trump. In effect, he is a true patriot that has done an amazing job to try to save this country. The unrelenting harassment, threats and viciousness that have been received by the President’s top people is truly horrendous and it is very understandable that this could well be the reaction. This harassment MUST be stopped NOW! All across the board with severe penalties. Our prayers are with Brad, our country needs him back at the helm! We really do, he is a brilliant man and a true patriot.

    1. “While speaking with Candace Parscale I noticed several large sized contusions on both of her arms, her cheek and forehead,” wrote Detective Steven Smith in his report. “When I asked how she received the bruising, Candace Parscale stated Brad Parscale hits her.”

  3. Can we at least get this right, the following statements the writers of this article got wrong; “RINO” is an acronym for “Republicans in Name Only,” a term Trump and his supporters use to deride Republicans who have publicly turned against the president. This is misleading, a RINO is a republican who doesn’t uphold conservative and constitutional principles and leans more to the “left” than the “right”. Attaching this to Pres. Trump is false or fake news, from a news organization you wouldn’t expect it from.

    1. The term “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) was being used long before President Trump came on the political scene. Once again, it’ws “blame it on Trump” time. When will it stop?

    2. No; ‘RINO’ is defined just as it is stated……REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY. These are politicians PRETENDING to be Republicans, but who are ACTUALLY LIBTARDS! (ie LEFTISTS; ANTI-American FILTH!)

  4. Disgusting sewer rats that just keep being aholes, and they do it so well. Am I sick and tired of sewer rats, you bet I am. They suck, am I almost ready to go to war, yep!

  5. Amazing, how your site always try’s to put a negative label on something and then blame the President. “RINO” has been around Long before President Trump! RINOs are hypocrites, false Conservatives, and generally part of the Deep State Elites. Yes, the do not support this President, not because of him or his accomplishments, but because they are, in fact, RINOs !! Many are poor little rich boys, still trying to impress their daddies !!

  6. The democrats are causing this all over our lands.The dems. are responsible for all the deaths, hate and racism. They blew it up and caused things like this to happen. DEPRESSION. The worst are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer.

    1. They need voted out the Dems vote them out and then they cause no problems .that is what they want us to quit but no .get well soon Pascal.

  7. Brad is a great asset to the Trump campaign, I hope he will be all right, the constant trashing,lying,from dummycraps,lame street media,would drive anyone this point. Recover Brad and get back to work,were all behind u, and praying for u.

    1. Maybe we should let him KNOW this. Start a letter or greeting card campaign and let him know that we appreciate him. Probably most of the feedback he has been getting is all from the left side and it’s eating him up.

  8. “RINO” is an acronym for “Republicans in Name Only,” a term Trump and his supporters use to deride Republicans who have publicly turned against the president.”???????????????????

    We, AMERICANS, have been calling RINO’S ‘RINO’, LONG before POTUS Trump!!! Decades, and DECADES before!! Seriously, who comes up with statements like the above B! S!?!?!?!

    1. Exactly! It does not apply to Never-Trumper GOPers necessarily, as their definition implies. It has long been a softer term for those who betray their party values, beliefs, constituents and really should have run under Democrat, socialist or communist etc. I have been saying there needs to be a means, rules put in place by party to more easily remove these individuals who constantly vote against constituents who elected them, against their party and are mainly only there to obstruct. We saw this with Kasich in 2016, who won no more than his own state, maybe one other, but stayed in to stop Trump & Cruz. He should have been made to drop out for party. But rumor has it he was paid to stay in by a GS Chinese associate (funnelled donations perhaps etc?) Just to stop Trump. We know which candidates received donations on the right from GS…one was Kasich. I call them Deep State or (GS etc )tools on the right…intentionally put there to (spy perhaps too) obstruct. McCain, Flake, Romney are the more notorious “rhinos” and Murkowski…the picture of she and Feinstein during Kavanaugh hearings is now infamous as a pic depicting DS intimidation. The point now might be the majority elected Trump to do what promised. Those who go against consistently are going against their constituents. Romney should never have been voted in. Most regret that now I think. It is said he got his start from Ghislaine’s dad. McCain wife endorses he and Biden. The DS ties are obvious to some. Some go more into details on all the clown or crime family connections of some. I leave that to do your own research before voting and don’t blindly believe Mainstream Goebbel media at all. Notice all the rhinos usually end up on cnn or mainstream media working or as “examples” for Goebbel as conservatives when conservatives have thrown out? Or in Hollyweird. FBers busted a group posing as Republicans in FB with title Republicans for Rule of Law. They were anything but real conservatives to the public but were reeling in members by title. Later removed their names from website. As one lady said, even using S site-type logos. When asked directly if affiliated, associated, funded by S, they would not answer. Everything they posted was pure left sites, Goebbel, DS news outlets, not one thing conservative. So, Do your own research. Every vote, position matters. The rhinos need to be removed from party and made to run on what they actually represent imo.

  9. Hopefully Brad will use Gods loving help along with family and others to overcome this stress brought on by the evil forces in this campaign. Brad we all know you can overcome this! Let people help guide you through this. You are not alone!

  10. How is this not a blatant violation of HIPPA? This man and his family deserve to have their medical conditions and treatments kept out of the public conversation. How about an investigation into whoever released this story?

  11. This brwn shirt deep state mafia criminal gang worldwide gotta end today, permanently Mr. President. It’s gotta end now – these terrorizing, smearing, dehumanizing, targetting, the false flags, bioweapons, pedophilia, canlbalism, satanic worshipping, child killing, kidnapping, human slavery, propoganda spouting, inhumane, earth + humanity hating, life sucking monsters are not fit to be on this planet, in any way, shape, form. Gitmo them all now and save America/ her citizenry and The World/her peoples from any more horrors and torture. Now – before the Election! Do the Insurrection Act or whatever necessary. These crimes against humanity these ds have bombarded the earth with canot be tolerated or allowed to continue any longer!!!

  12. When it comes to the hearings for Amy Barret, the chairman should give the democrats some of democrats own medicine. We will call this Schiff Therapy, every time a democrat asks a question, the chairman provides them with a spoonful of, “The Gentleman will suspend.” Hearing over.

    1. Actually most conservative groups I’m in agree with the constitutional law professor who said no requirement by law to have the hearing, especially after their horrific, evil, Kavanaugh persecution and nobody wants to see a repeat of that horrific, disgusting orchestration. The bottom line is they can just bring to floor vote without the DemonRats evil histrionics. So, just have vote. They all have the record of the judge and will be given info. Just schedule vote yes or no and move on. No need to let the Communists attack a good, decent person again for days on end all for their quest for power. What they did Kavanaugh was purely evil. He had character witnesses for every stage of his life, Thank God and an impeccable record. Can any of those who attacked so viley say the same? What they did then should NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. They blatantly, without conscience tried to destroy a good man , his life, career and family just to stop a nomination, all for power. Everyone knows this now. The other two Avenatti stooges busted, one a GS actress. And Avenatti let out due to Cvid??? Yet Gen Flynn still being persecuted for his integrity and knowledge of their actions most conservs believe. So, we say to Mitch McConnell, do not give the DemonRats their stage to attack a decent person. They will delay indefinitely just for an agenda, not for justice. They have no low too low as we clearly have seen. Remember Pelosi’s smearwrapup vid? What kind of people would do? Ask yourself that. Look deep into soul, conscience. No decent, moral or honest person. Sooo, just put it to a vote and let the representatives show America where they stand.

    2. They need to skip hearings. Provide info if any request in interim time and just bring it to Senate floor for vote as one constitutionality said, hearings really aren’t required. And after Kavanaugh demonic demonstrations, we know what they will do. Just bash, attack, spew hate etc. Just bring it to vote, period.

    1. We all need to continuously pray for President Trump, his family, and every person, entity, fighting in this spiritual war of good against evil. Pray for Divine Guidance, Governance, and Protection. Pray for Divine health and protection for every one in this battle, now and always, as the attacks will get worse, the evil greater as we’ve seen.

  13. Brad Pascal was President Trump’s heart and substance in 2016 Campaign…He was the
    one, who gave President Trump his victory. We need to recognize it and PRAY for this very brave and special person. We are with you Mr. BRAD PASCAL. Hung in there.God is also with you!!!!!!

  14. God’s calling on all true American Patriots…In the Words of Jesus for us Faith Builders, “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (John 14:27) AMEN. Keep the faith, EVERYBODY, and if we are to encourage one another in this fight for our lives between good and evil, then it’s worth the effort to not leave the one behind who has slipped and fallen so that we may hurry on their behalf to lift them up in our prayer list. I also do this daily by praying for God’s protection of President Trump and his family, for his security team and administration, and for his legal defenders. “if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” (Matthew 21:22) If God really wants President Trump to win, then it doesn’t matter what we all as supporters have to suffer through for having been blessed with God’s wisdom to see right through all the opposition’s lies because we also recognize from Bible stories that devil Satan is the “father of all lies”–(John 8:44)–who has taken over their hearts and minds; those poor, lost souls. We will continue to praise God’s miracles who helps some of the used-to-be-staunch democrats who have finally opened their eyes and seen the light to come over from the dark side and join us in supporting President Trump save our country from democrat doom as the alternative. It is so important to pick up that one because it is worth the effort to know where we are weak, God will make us strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10) He equips who He calls to serve daily in order to carry out God’s plan that most of us can’t wrap our minds around because we’re so caught up in our own stressful circumstances, so be prepared for God when it’s your turn to take action. May God bless the USA!!! MAGA 2020! Lord willing, “God, may you forgive us where we have failed you, and please heal our land as we humble our hearts to come to you in spirit with the amazing power of prayer. Amen”

  15. The abuse Trump staff…family and Trump himself has had to put up with for 4 years ihas been criminal…leading to events such as this

    Democrats hatred have gone overboard with their demented opposition to a duly elected President Trump

    We REALLY can afford to have miscreants like Pelosi, AOC. Schummer, Schiff , etc run this great country into the ground

    VOTE TRUMP in 2020…and rid the US of Democrats

  16. We, the followers of the president need to immediately start praying for this man and his family, as a catholic myself we can offer the intention of the Holy Mass by calling your parish and place his name in the list for any particular day or week, this is the most effective medicine that will destroy the power of evil. I will get to do this right away. May God protect and guide this man and his family!

  17. Say, is this the same Brad P who was drunk beating his wife and had guns a plenty for when they come to take his guns, which they did?

    Trump sure knows how to pick ’em, don’t he!

  18. I worry about it being in “Broward” county, one of the seeming hot spots for the belly of the beast. Everyone needs to pray for him, his family, and all in this spiritual battle. Pray for a speedy recovery and Divine protection now and always.

  19. Also, besides the questionable election activities in Broward, maybe test run for the attempted never ending mail in ballots now, with no chain of custody control or integrity or seeming cutoffs…and not the first time I believe…there was Parkland, Sheriff Israel, and all his connections, and of note now I think, Broward is where agent Whisenant was suicided on a beach who many say was investigating the Haiti child trafficking and maybe alot of other things. Wasserman’s territory???

  20. Prayer and blessings for Parscale, his family, our President, his family, and everyone in the Trump administration. It’s hard enough being a Trump supporter; I can’t even imagine what it’s like to work in this administration. God alone can shield them from the vile attacks of the demonic left.


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