Democrats Send Pointed Messages to Trump Amid Coronavirus Diagnosis

AFGE / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19. Amid the process of a rigorous reelection campaign, the two now must quarantine for two weeks. While Republicans have been quick to send well wishes praying for a speedy recovery some Democrats are taking the opportunity to bash the president and criticize his response to the virus.

These are the insensitive Democrats attempting to use the president’s diagnosis against him:

  1. Castro is such a dirt bag, just like his very ugly identical twin brother. Never heard of most of the rest of these id10ts, thanks be to God.

    1. Well isn’t this a surprise, NOT! Why would they wish him well after the almost 4 year battle they’ve put him and the American people through/?At least their true colors have shown, as if it isn’t evident!

    2. This is why the democrats are the party of hate the ametican people are seeing a party of self righteous
      Dirt bags who sacrifice the American people to line their pockets regardless to whom they step all over
      The party of hate and bigotry

  2. The dumbocraptic party deserves to be designated a terrorist organization and OUTLAWED!
    there is nothing AMERICAN about the traitors.

  3. Let’s face it ignorance is ignorance and these Democrats in general have a lock on ignorance . One day they will get their comeuppance when they get voted out of office . As it is they all should be in court for taking money under false pretenses . None of them has done a thing for the voters except impede the progress of this county with their hatred of this President .

    1. And they were worthless, even before The Trump Storm blew in! He just shined the spotlight on all of the corruption. That is why they are desperate to get rid of him. He not only is turning over the rocks and exposing the vermin, he is calling them out, by name!

    2. The DEMO-COMMUNIST DNC-CP OTUS , are in BAD FORM, VERY BAD FORM. So AMERICANS do this in NOVEMBER, Chase away the ” BLUES ” 2020 with a VOTE for The RED Team and TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  4. Well,.President Trump and our First Lady, you are loved. We have never had a good
    President like you. We love Melania. So proud of her.

  5. Haters cannot wish good things for anyone. If they like someone, they say nothing. Pelosi is head of the radical fringe and citizens are mere funding sources. She’s a hater but is holding her tongue until her wish comes true.

    1. It’s always all about politics with Pelosi! She will choose her words very carefully about the Trump’s illness while still making the little comments to try and prove her underlying points of see you should have done things her way!
      One thing you can depend on with Pelosi…..once a BITCH always a B I T C H!

    2. Would like to jam that fist and pointy finger DOWN her throat to shut the H up! She has down more damage to the people than the virus. NEVER helpful, against helping us financially, just money for the companies and Groups who give her BIG donations! Heard from a house member the only reason they keep her is the money she can bring in! Sounds right when you see what PORK she has in every bill!

  6. H e l l hath no fury as a m a r x i s t
    Dem’s wrath! 🖤

    Befuddling how a nice well wish can instantly turn into just more snarky cheap shot Dem trash talk! This is a great time to use the old saying “consider the source”!

    1. As my dear ol’ Mommy used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, DO NOT say anything at all.” Of course, Dims don’t pay any attention to good advice.

  7. I’m not surprised at any negative remarks from any of the liberals. They show the President and first Lady the same disdain and lack of caring that they have shown the American people for years. I don’t know much about all of them, but Pelosi, Warren and Talid have been like rabid dogs, on the attack, since the President filed to run for office. They are still pushing the the narrative about the President wanting to leave 20,000,000 people without health care, by repealing Obamacare, and taking away the pre existing condition clause. Obamacare is nothing more than a huge scam on the American people. Even with the mandate, there were 20,000,000 of the poorest people, in the US who didn’t sign up and 27,000,000 Hispanics, who had no coverage when Obama left office, because they couldn’t afford it. There were 7,600,000 people who lost their employers insurance coverage. People had to go out and buy their own insurance, with premiums that tripled in the first year of coverage. Those plans came with high deductibles, that increased as prices went up. Some who were actually on Obamacare, found they had a 6000 dollar deductible, that had to be met before coverage actually started. If they did meet the deductible, and O’care actually started to cover their bills, they discovered their coverage was less than their deductible. Once it was signed into law Obama raided Medicare to dump several million dollars into O’care to keep it afloat. Just before leaving office he raided Medicare again to the tune of 812 Billion dollars, and dumped that into O’care. They must know how bad it is, but since they don’t have to use it, they don’t care. They also lie about pre existing condition clause. President Trump has said repeatedly that the pre existing condition clause would be in any health care plan that he supported.

    1. To add to Obama’s Unconstitutional Obamacare, he had Supreme Court Justice Roberts rewrite the Socialist Insurance from the Bench to pass!! Yes,sadly many Americans couldn’t afford the mandatory premiums!! Can the Dems who lived thru that not SEE what a taste of Socialism is like?? Or do they hate Our President so much they think they can survive Socialism??

    2. The demo-communist party of the US or DNC-CP has done nothing for the AMERICAN CITIZEN both sides of the asle , but pad their own bank accounts and left the voters ,high and dry .

  8. Breaking News: Two senators who went to a Rose Garden event last Saturday tested positive for the virus. 

    1. Nancy’s payback will be in November when they lose the House and McCarthy takes her place as Speaker!! Then she has to watch President Trump’s re-election while she’s booted out along with Schumer, Nadler, Schiff,& the 3 Juniors ( AOC & others)

  9. Hey has anyone posted on this site out of Chicago???
    I dared to say some things about the scumbag who rode the horse to death for 8 miles on the Dan Ryan expressway in Chicago on behalf of BLM
    And I was promptly banned by them (a badge of honor)
    Numerous other posters were complaining as well about their post being deleted (I cannot even do that lol)
    Another example of how the liberal fascist media allows free speech!!!
    What a joke!!!!

  10. It figures that Pelosi would be at the head of the list of these haters! I have said all along that she is the greatest danger this country faces — more so than China or Russia or anybody else! She is so full of hate that she will do ANYTHING, take advantage of every opportunity, with absolutely NO thought or care for what she is doing to the NATION! Ummm…I believe the oath that ALL members of the Congress swear to includes the simple phrase to “uphold and protect the Constitution against ALL enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC”! She and Schumer have been leading the assault on our nation and our Constitution right from the beginning! THAT constitutes “a domestic enemy”!!! It is well past time for the other members of Congress (both the House and the Senate) to uphold the oath they have sworn to!!!

  11. Mr. President, know that our prayers and the prayers of our Nation are with you!!! This country NEEDS you at the helm for the next four years. You MUST be able to finish what you have started — cleaning out the SWAMP!!

  12. Well, the “well-wishers” all wished Pres. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump well, if one can consider that they all made sure to make a nasty little dig before closing!
    So Much for well-wishing!

  13. We still love our President and the First Lady. Surely they shall recover stronger in Jesus Name. Frankly speaking some of us are not surprised. What do you expect from people who cannot compete. The one greater than all is watching. Speedy recovery Sir/Ma

  14. Well did anyone really expect the ENEMIES of the USA to say anything nice at all ??? I sure did not, JUST POND SCUM , spouting off , and letting everyone know that they have a incurable case of VERBAL DIARRHEA, and someday they will be diagnosed with some affliction and want sympathy and will get very little or none . And for a few of those on the list, there might be DANCING in the STREETS and CELEBRATIONS over their upcoming DOOM.

  15. Why is it people expect to get something other than dog excrement from a coprophagic Democrat Leftist?

  16. It’s just the same old, same old group. I’d have been shocked if they had offered well wishes for the President’s and First Lady’s recovery. Incidentally wasn’t Nancy Pelosi praying for the President? Praying for his demise more likely.

  17. While writing SLAVES WITOUT CHAINS I discovered the power of Satan. One morning I clicked in to start where i had left off the day before, to my consternation three whole chapters had been deleted. I found a continuous battle while writing the book. Even after submitting it for publication it was messed up yet again. I had to re-edit it and re submit it. Satan hates Trump and he hate Christ and the church. He hates us and he uses his Mouth Piece, Fake News, to brain wash us and to enslave us. Think about it. Someone is orchestrating the protest and violence, they are financing it, yet no one has been prosecuted! Why not? Has these law enforcement agencies been bought by the Democrats? What about the Biological agent, Covid-19 that is killing us and costing trillions of dollars? Who financed its research in Wuhan China? Why have they been protected. Why is Trump being blamed for what they did? Are we not in actuality, Slaves Without Chains? The Media and the Law enforcement agencies are in cahoots to enslave us. Check my novel out on Amazon. Slaves Without Chains.

  18. Democrats using Russian tactics to get rid of politician they do not like either they poison or infect him with virus or accuse him of crime they committed. Total crooks.

  19. There are people living in hard circumstances that have more class than these rich, society politicians that we are unfortunate to have running our country – Democrat voters ought to be ashamed of themselves supporting the Democratic Party – they are no longer the party of the halcyon days of decent politics that did not include destroying America’s values and our Constitution.


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