Trump Going to Walter Reed as ‘Precautionary Measure’

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President Trump is being taken to Walter Reed Military Medical Center as a “precautionary measure.”

According to CNBC:

President Donald Trump is being taken to Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday “as a precautionary measure” following his coronavirus diagnosis, a senior administration official told NBC News.

“President Trump remains in good spirts, has mild symptoms, and has been working throughout the day,” press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement to reporters at the White House.

“Out of an abundance of caution, and at the recommendation of his physician and medical experts, the President will be working from the presidential offices at Walter Reed for the next few days. President Trump appreciates the outpouring of support for both he and the First Lady,” McEnany said.

Earlier Friday afternoon, the White House physician said Trump was “fatigued but in good spirits.” The physician, Dr. Sean Conley, also said Trump had been given an experimental antibody cocktail treatment, and was taking several nutritional supplements as well.

President Trump apparently started feeling symptoms on Wednesday and has a fever, and is fatigued.

Continue to check back with TTN as more information on the President’s status becomes available.

  1. STOP!!!!!! The so-called ‘tests’ are BOGUS!!!! Every REAL Doctor and REAL Scientist (REAL = NOT bought-and-paid-for) states that FACT!!! Even the creator of the PCR test stated that it’s function was NOT to test for viruses!!!! This WHOLE ‘testing’ thing is a FRAUD!!! Just like the ‘Big, Bad Virus’ itself!!!! STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!! NOW!!!!!

    1. DawneR, I’m with you. this whole virus scare has been blown way out of proportion. The face masks and distancing is just to see how much we will follow their orders.

      1. Over 200,000 dead in America from COVID-19, I don’t think it has been blown out of proportion! Do you really?

        1. I hope he takes HCQ +AZT right away. I have a friend who did as soon as she was sure and within a couple hours she felt way better because of the HCQ. It WORKS.

          1. Wow! That’s great! I am sure DJT will receive the cutting edge of the best treatment out there! I am so sorry he and FLOTUS are sick! I hope he is all well soon…..we need him at the helm!

          2. Exactly!! What a GREAT opportunity for him to disprove Big Pharma and the critics of HCQ–wow!

          3. A doctor in California has been using this cocktail with 1,700 patients he treated and has shown that they responded quickly and well; not a single treated patient died. His files are open except for the names that covers the course of each illness and recovery. The only patients he did not treat this way were those few with heat conditions that could lead to blood clots or arrhythmia.

          4. Dr. Brownstein from Detroit has cured 116 covid patients within 24-48 hours using mega-dosing vitamins c, d3, zinc, a with iodine and using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted to 0.3% in a nebulizer for near miraculous results. for the protocols and interviews.

        2. 200,000 Died with the virus, not because of the virus. What did they say 6% or 9% of that figure actually died from the virus. This explains why our numbers are so much higher that the rest of the world.
          2018 1.5 million died from Tuberculous yet no mask for it.

          1. True Steve, I thought about that after I posted my comment, the majority of deaths were not caused from COVID-19 but from illnesses brought on (or side effects) by COVID-19! At any rate we have had over 200,000 deaths we would not have had if it were not for this virus! So, six of one, half dozen of the other!
            Did we have 1.5 millions deaths from TB in 2018 in America or the world? TB is one of those diseases that had been eradicated by a vaccine back when I was a child, you know…..back in the day when you had to prove you had ALL your vaccinations to be able to go to school! We can thank illegals coming across our southern border for bringing back all our diseases!

          2. You can’t say that. These people may have also died if exposed to the seasonal flu. Part of the issue was that in some cities, like New York, they put COVID patients in with people who were high risk and it killed them. The governor or mayor should be held accountable with manslaughter charges.

          3. Most of these deaths have underlying conditions which is included in the COVID death figures. I would like to know the exact % of COVID deaths without underlying conditions.

        3. According to CDC only 6% of Covid-19 listed deaths are due to the virus. 94% had comorbid conditions that actually caused the death. So about 12,500 Covid-19 deaths. About same this year as flu.

          1. Why isn’t the 6%-9% true COVID deaths being reported? Is inflated
            numbers the reason to shut down the economy, schools, churches, etc.
            They haven’t shut down national sports.

          2. But, do you agree the balance of the now more than 200,000 would still be alive had they not contracted COVID-19? The virus caused the lethal side effects/illnesses that killed them. It is the same thing as a person with the flu who then gets pneumonia and dies. The flu didn’t kill but it caused the pneumonia which did kill.

        4. Do you really believe those figures? I guess no one dies of old age anymore ! Never let a crisis go to waist and that is just what the left is doing !

        5. The CDC had to update those numbers because not all of them were really FROM COVID. Many people die from something else and may or may not have had COVID. Not all are being tested to confirm. But in the past people weren’t identified as dying from the flu, but because of health reasons the flu put them more at risk. So with COVID they aren’t using the same standards. I think the number is down to around 12,000, which is what the flu numbers typically are.

    2. So Dawnie, Is DJT going to Walter Reid Medical Center for a few days to get some R & R? Sure looks like some bad use of his time with the election just around the bend! He is having symptoms….chills, fever, fatigue, etc. sounds like he probably has COVID-19! If he wasn’t feeling really really lousy and like he needs medical treatment and to exercise caution…..wild horses could not drag him to the hospital at this time!
      Are you a virologist or have some serious medical credentials? I ask because you are and have been sounding like a authority on the subject.

      1. They said it was out of an abundance of caution. They have a suite there for the President and he can work from there as well. You’re overreacting of the 200,000 that have died all but about 9% died because of other health issues not just the covid. You know that number includes all the deaths from other things that they coded as covid because the state then gets more money. I know I have heard from many families who said their family member was recorded as covid when they died from something else.

        1. My point is the majority of the people who died, the illness such as pneumonia, blood clots, cardiac arrest, pulmonary embolism, etc. would not have occurred if the patient had not had COVID-19. I know there was some bad reporting/corruption for money or errors in reporting the cause of death but, I have read that was minor and I have lived long enough to know nothing is perfect in this old world!

          1. OK genius then tell me why do heart attack deaths say confirmed heart failure, yet Covid deaths say confirmed or ‘PRESUMED” Covid. That is better known as the SWAG method, Some Wild Ass Guess. New York nursing home deaths were all counted as Covid deaths yet it was reported later that up to 50% of those weren’t even tested. That would be the presumption that Covid killed them. There have been suicides counted as Covid because they tested positive, the bullet through the brain had nothing to do with it. Auto accident victims make up some of that 200,000 you claim as Covid deaths. It’s also verified that Covid tests would show positive if you’ve ever had a cold, in your life. The virus is real, the absolute hysteria is manufactured. Accurate numbers of Covid deaths are around 12,000, which is bad, but that’s a bad Flu season, nothing more

      2. Well maxi…He’s the President. The constant specialized disinfecting needed for Covid patients, and their surroundings, is much more available in a HOSPITAL…and very hard to maintain where there is coming and going as there is at the White House. Sooooo, it sounds like YOU left your ‘credentials’ (whatever that may be) in your basement.

      1. The MSM is trying to keep the population in a Panic about this Virus. It can be very serious for older people like the President but he seems to get the best of care along with Melania. I had the Virus in July and landed in the hospital for ten days and since I’m older than the President they took it seriously. I got over it with lots of medications and steroids and there were no lasting after effects so I pray that the President recovers quickly!!

      2. The virus isn’t a fraud and is dangerous especially for elderly people with underlying heath issues. I was down with COVID for about 2 weeks and was i stayed another week at my home before venturing out. I still use caution, mask and sanitize my hands. The death from COVID alone…. without underlying conditions is less than 10%.

      1. Sorry…you have the wrong guy…the one that faked it was FREDO, you know, the moron you watch on CNN. He spent days whining from his basement, then got caught walking around the Hamptons without a mask, and tried to assault a neighbor for asking him why he was out without a mask, if he was sick with covid…REMEMBER? Bet ya’ do….but, bet ya’ won’t admit it.

  2. It may be that the person many describe as ‘the leader of the free world’ merits a higher level of caution and care than Joe the Ragman.

    1. Of course he does. He leads the whole country while Joe the ragman only leads his family. We may all be born equal, but your life choices determine how you fare. If you are not happy with your lot in life, do something to change it.

  3. Best wishes go out to President Trump and The First Lady. Let your illiness be mild and Godspeed back to good health.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you both!!

  4. Pray hard for our President. There are so many working to destroy him. Virgin Mother of God place Thy mantle over President Trump and keep him well and safe. Amen.

      1. And maybe you are full of your same old do-do, you black troll!
        DJT is a.human with all the acompaning frailties we humans have to deal with now, why am I explaining humanity to you…….you are a vermin and don’t understand anything except marxism!

  5. I’m wondering if these slimeballs infected him with this when he was at the debate?! I wouldn’t put it past them! But whoa unto those that did it! God has his hand on him and he will recover stronger that ever! So that little weasel Biden and those ignorant leftwing future cituzens of hell can stop salivating because that troll will not get in our WH!

    1. I wouldn’t doubt it. Why isn’t Biden in Quarantine? He was at the debate with him only two days before he tested positive? Did he already get a vaccine shot for Covid-19?

  6. God’s speed with your recovery, Mr. President! You and the First Lady are in our prayers and we are fighting for your health right along with you!
    Hurry and get well……there is much to do and nobody does it better than you!
    God bless you, Melania and the rest of your family!

  7. I think I just read an artical that read “A bus load of elderly just died of CO-19 after being struck by a train.

  8. I read that Pres. Trump was taken to the hospital! I hope he’s not too seriously ill and that he fully recovers from the virus fully and quickly!!
    Frances Weingarten

  9. Blessings and Prayers to our President and his family.
    The flu season is upon us, also. Will there be outrageous designs on that?

  10. It’s a good call for POTUS to be treated where the constant disinfecting is part of overall care for anyone. Very hard to maintain at the White House/Oval Office. It comes as no surprise, that a gathering at the White House resulted in this infection reaching the President…..those rallies and nasty debates needed to be stopped, and the fear along with fraudulent mail in votes pushed forward. I don’t care…I’ll vote for DJT now, more than ever.


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