Trump Condemns ALL White Supremacists and The Proud Boys

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

The media lost its collective minds when trying to get President Trump to answer their question about whether President Trump condemns white supremacists exactly the way they wanted.

Trump decided to wait. And wait he did. He waited until an appearance with Fox News host Sean Hannity to issue his unequivocal condemnation. For the countless time.

Our own Deroy Murdock tackles the issue in his recent piece, “Yes, Sleepy Joe, President Trump Has Said Many Negative Things About White Supremacists.”

The Daily Wire reported President Trump’s condemnation:

President Trump expressly condemned the Ku Klux Klan, the Proud Boys, and white supremacists on Thursday evening.

Trump appeared on Fox News with host Sean Hannity and condemned the groups after an uproar over comments he made during the first presidential debate on Tuesday night. Trump has repeatedly disavowed and condemned white supremacists groups in the past.

“I go through this every year, every time somebody says something and you look at their records, their records are horrible. It’s fake news,” Trump said. “You look at, I watched [Fox News reporter John Roberts] screaming at [Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany], and Kayleigh was so wonderful the way she handled it, but I watched him screaming and his wife, John’s wife, was saying, ‘What are you doing?’ because yesterday I made a statement that was, according to most, it was a perfect statement.”

“I’ve said it so many times even beyond that. And no matter what you say, it’ll never, it’ll just keep going, going, going,” Trump added. “I’ve said it many times and let me be clear again. I condemn the KKK. I condemn all white supremacists. I condemn the Proud Boys. I don’t know much about the Proud Boys, almost nothing, but I condemn that.”

Trump issued a challenge to Democrat nominee Joe Biden to come out and unequivocally condemn Antifa.

  1. It is so obvious that liberals (that includes fake news) & demoncrats are so jealous of the connection President Trump has with the American people. Like Rush says they did not create Trump & his followers, so they can not destroy the connection.

    We are praying for you Mr. President, for your speedy recovery, for continued strength & good health. Of course also for SWEET VICTORY in November. We love our great President.

  2. Think John Robert’s should not be called on to speak for at least a week if not more. He acted like a someone on Drugs. Even his wife was upset with him. That day he was no better than Jim Acosta. He was rude, disrespectful and ‘Deaf.’
    UNBELIEVABLE for John Robert’s. We only get ONE CHANCE to make a FIRST IMPRESSION.!!
    Positive or Negative ….

    1. I was personally insulted, disappointed and lividly shocked by John Robert’s question, tone and stupid outrageous behavior! How many times does DJT have to repeat himself AND how many times is the MSM going to ask Kayleigh to repeat herself?
      I have always held John Robert’s in high esteem compared to the rest of the MSM but, I now consider him to be MSM! John can throw all the little tantrums he wants at being criticized, his own wife disagreeing with him is answer enough for me that he was just plain wrong!

  3. That was WRONG of POTUS to do!!!! The Proud Boys are NOT ‘white supremacists’!! Matter of FACT, there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘white supremacist’!! The KKK was a government-run (aka Deep State) TERRORIST group (think: FBI/CIA!!)!! And the ONLY RACISTS in this country are in the DemonCrap Party!!!

    1. The KKK was and is a Democrat run organization, and always has been! Skinheads, Neo-nazis are also Democrats and Socialists.
      look it up!

  4. For the next few weeks, President Trump should begin every answer, every statement with “I condemn all forms of white supremacy, black supremacy, Asian supremacy, American Indian supremacy and any other supremacy you might dream up, except for American supremacy.”. And then proceed to answer whatever question, make whatever statement. Stuff it down their throats, so to speak.

  5. You know these whAT freaking liberal reporters do, ask the same questions over and over, and whine when gets tired of answering the same old thing. Reporters who alwys want to play the ‘gotcha’ game. John Robers can go stack bb’s, he’s shown himself to be a liberal of the worse kind. Throw hm over there with Wallace. Those other media types, you know where they are, with FOX, no more ‘fair and balanced’, they try to cover with conservative interviews from time to time, but that sucks too.

  6. Trump screwed up this time, the proud boys are NOT white supremacists! These men are red blooded, honest American citizens, fighting back against the BLM scumbag terrorists, and scumbag democrat/socialists terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I still support President Trump 100%.

    1. Chris Wallace and Joe “the sniffer” Biden need to explain WHY THEY THINK PROUD BOYS ARE A WHITE SUPREMACIST ORGANIZATION?


    2. I don’t know anything about white supremacists and had only heard “The Proud Boys” accused of being among white supremacist groups! I read yesterday they are a American patriotic milita whose leader is a BLACK MAN! I had no idea and DJT may not either! If this is true…..someone needs to inform POTUS!

  7. The “Proud Boys” are run by a Black Cuban, and they are NOT WHITE SUPREMACIST. There are black people in the group and everyone is welcome. It was started by Gavin McGinnis, who said to stop being so passive when people get in your face about being a conservative. He said to get mean and start punching if you have to. He was mainly talking about Antifa, who are a Communist Front Group causing much trouble in Portland Oregon.

  8. Instead of looking at the symptoms, should we be talking about the ROOT CAUSE for a sustainable corrective action.

    (1) The liberal left should not coddle black racist organizations.

    (2) Would a change in black behavior result in a massive reduction in alleged police brutality, keep in mind, in each of the cases that led to anarchy by left liberal groups the police was responding to a CALL FOR HELP ON THE 911 LINE – George Floyd, Blakein Kenosha, the fellow in Atlanta sleeping in a drive thru lane – ALL THREE OF THEM REFUSED TO OBEY OFFICER’S COMMAND AND RESISTED ARREST.

    Is this behavior what the black mother’s and invisible black fathers teach their children. BE A FUGITIVE RATHER THAN AN ARRESTEE.

  9. Let’s see how long it takes Biden to condemn BLM, antifa and all other marxist groups but, don’t hold your breath! He’ll never do it and lose the extreme far left of his party!

  10. The Proud Boys are not White Supremacists! They are a group of mixed race Americans standing up for Our Costitutional Freedoms as respectfully and peacefully as they can, protesting the radical rioting, looting, and burning, by Antifa n BLM ! They are there to back up the police departments who are critically understaffed and unprotected and underfunded! They are not anarchists or violent in any way! They are Americans who are trying to help take our Country back from the radical Socialist agenda!!They are out there trying to protect innocent citizens from being attacked by Violent Antifa protestors!!

  11. This is just a nonsense distraction. Sniffin slow lying Joe doesn’t want to answer the question about where’s his supreme Court nominee list, among other important questions he refuses to answer. So many other important issues that needed to be discussed . Let’s start with defunding the police that’s an important issue.

  12. This is the first time in a long time I have to beg to disagree with our President. I don’t see the Proud Boys as being racist or white supremacists. I see them as a stand-up group of folks trying to keep the leftists at bay. They constitute the only hope of conservatives out there. They believe in All Lives Matter and I support them.

  13. I’ve personally listened to Trump many times condemn white supremacists, KKK, antifa, and all those other democrat created anti American groups!

  14. If I am not mistaken, President Trump was misled that the Proud Boys are racist.

    Based on information that I have viewed online, it appears the Proud Boys group is led by a person of color.

    I’m sure if the President’s team makes contact with their organization, they will likely find out the same and take back the misinformation of this group.

  15. I hope POTUS Trump will learn more about the Proud Boys. He left himself an OUT here by saying he knows almost nothing about them. He should educate himself and then he has room to reverse his comment, if he so chooses. They are a peaceful, counter punch to Antifa and BLM…and they are a worldwide movement, with chapters in many countries.

  16. The proud boys are a hate group and yet the libturds claim antifa and black little morons as peaceful protesters??? You know you are in a screwed up upside down place when that is how it is!!!!!

  17. All this is to deflect from BLM and Antifa who are causing so much trouble in America, funded and encouraged by Biden and Harris


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