Trump is Fine and Here is PROOF

The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

President Trump is stronger than ever after testing positive for Coronavirus. After the President was sent to Walter Reed Military Hospital for precautionary measures over the weekend it is clear Trump is ready to get back to work and is expected to be released soon. Trump posted a series of patriotic tweets on Monday morning urging Americans to vote. Here’s proof that our president is as strong as ever:


  1. He is a strong steady man and not one who imbibes on alcohol etc. so for his age, he is in good robust health……just proves that MOST persons who develop Covid do just fine…there is way more hype than honesty regarding Covid. I wish the president a speedy recovery to 100%

    1. And we wish a quick recovery for the First Lady too. We need them in the White House more than ever. The Demsand the media are so negative. None of the Dems running for office should get a vote, your vote. We need to change the trajectory and think of America and the American people first and we need the Trump administration in the lead.

  2. President Trump is not just a president he is a God given Blessing to this country. The good Lord has his hand on Trump’s shoulder protecting him from the mountain of evil that is the liberal left.

      1. You just don’t get any of this do you?
        God can use anything to show his power and if that means he allows the virus then he can and did heal Trump from the virus.
        So many non-believers just don’t see how strong and good God really is.
        I actually feel so very sorry for you lack of faith doubters

        JUST SAYIN’

      2. Same place it was when the mythical Job went through his trials — the game is NOT won by trials, it is won by PERSEVERENCE.


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