The Dems Who Could be EXPOSED by Trumps Declassification of Docs

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump announced on Tuesday that he has authorized the declassification of all documents related to the Russia investigation and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she acted as secretary of state. As documents continue to come to public light it only becomes clearer that Clinton fabricated the Russia Hoax to distract from her own scandal. Democrats can run but they can’t hide anymore, the President is going to expose all of their lies. Take a look at the Democrats who could be exposed in the declassified documents:


    AMERICANS are WAITING……..!!!!

    STILL, we are WAITING………!!!!!!

    We’re ALL WAITING……..for the HANDCUFFS TO COME OUT!!!!!!

    The person(s) *cough* who are NOT DOING THEIR JOBS *cough* and ARRESTING these LOW-LIFE CRIMINALS should ALSO BE ARRESTED and charged with AIDING & ABETTING!!

    1. We know they all are guilty … just get a bunch of rope and hang them all starting with the head snake that damn LYING KENYAN and work your way thru about 1/3 of the top Obama administration ! THEY ALL WERE TRAITORS !

  2. I have watched over an hour of Harris LYING ! She is a FRAUD and a not so nice individual ! I had to stop watching because I can not take any more of the DEMOCRAT LIES !

    1. She lied all through the debate. She mentioned the long-debunked accusation that Trump call soldiers “losers” She lied about his not condemning white supremacists, which he had done clearly and many times. The truth is on tape and he did it immediately in Charlottesville. The media has lied over and over about this and Kamala repeated it again last night. She said that he called Mexicans murderers and rapists which is not true. She said he called immigrants animals, which is totally untrue. This was a question asked by a reported specifically about MS-13 and he said they were animals, which they are, but the mainstream media reported that he said all immigrants were animals and it has been repeated over and over. I wonder why she felt she needed to lie. Isn’t this an indication that she didn’t have anything valid to say? Well, I guess that was obvious to everybody.

    2. hannity played all the past tapes showing all of biden harris lies last night and there was many of them

  3. The time is nearing for the 1000s of indictments. Let us remember AG Barr said not until after the Election. I concure!

  4. Take out the trash and not just the ones mentioned here! The time is right. Burst their little bubbles cause they have been working so hard to trash everything and everyone not agreeing with them.

  5. “GOD Frustrates the devices of the crafty, so that their hands CANNOT carry out their plans. HE catches the wise in their own craftiness, And the counsel of the cunning Comes Quickly upon them.” (Job 5) ALMIGHTY GOD is truly exposing and Destroying these works of Wickedness from The DNC and All, All who are connected-partnered with them. There will be NO delays because GOD’S JUSTICE FAIRNESS TRUTH AND HONESTY IS MANIFESTING SWIFTLY, NOW, ALWAYS. “Vengeance belongs to ME, Says The LORD, I will repay.” “GOD’S KINGDOM RULES OVER ALL” No weapon that is formed against The White House Pres TRUMP-AMERICA and us Genuine LOYAL Americans and Genuine Loyal people of GOD shall prosper. Keep doing this LORD GOD! I decree in JESUS NAME.

  6. So, msm not at all interested in this, wonder why? They say they’re not biased, always tell the truth and can be trusted. Hummm, I think their actions speak louder than their reporting.


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