Trump Refuses to Debate Virtually, Biden Responds

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President Trump has announced he will not debate virtually after the Presidential debate commission announced the second presidential debate would be held virtually.

Joe Biden has responded. saying he will debate while slamming Trump for always changing his mind.

According to Fox News:

President Trump, in his first interview since his positive coronavirus test, told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Thursday that he will not participate in the next debate, just minutes after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the showdown, slated for Oct. 15, will be virtual.

“I’m not going to do a virtual debate,” Trump went on. “I’m not going to waste my time at a virtual debate.”

“They’re trying to protect Biden,” Trump said. “Everybody is.”

Biden responded:

“We don’t know what the president is going to do, he changes his mind every second so for me to comment on that now would be irresponsible,” Biden said. “I’m going to follow the commission recommendations.”

The Trump campaign slammed the Presidential Debate Commission for protecting Biden by unilaterally canceling an in-person debate.

  1. Oh Joe…Do you not realize Trump never agreed to a virtual debate and therefore he never had to “change his mind.”” But alas, Thanks for another demonstration that you have lost yours. Go back to your basement and see if you can find it there. At least you have food down there, right??

    1. If people can’t see what is happening, then we are in deep trouble. People watch the Today Show that is stacked with communists such as Savanah, Craig and Hotb and all the rest of the pukes at NBC. In the United States today we have the most corrupt news media in the world. Sponsors should provide some strong direction to the owners if they keep following this pattern. Kamala Harris told one lie after another in last nights debate, she was more disgusting than anyone I have seen in a long time.

      1. Unfortunately, most people in the US don’t seem to care. They have been convinced by the media to hate the right and don’t have the common sense to question the left’s playbook. Easily verified. We are in for some dark times ahead and need pragmatic leadership to get us through, not a bunch of nanny’s worried about what bathroom to use. It doesn’t take much thought to what printing all this funny money will do in the near future. (See the left’s plan on Glenn Beck’s “The coming Civil War”

        1. Fortunately, most people in the US do care, that is the reason globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media need their 80,000,000 unaccounted for mail in ballots .

      2. globalist puppet $oro$, puppet harris told so many lies that I couldn’t tolerate her and had to turn it off after around 30 minutes .

    2. If plexiglass is good for Headboard Harris it should be good for Joe. Why virtual?? To help cover the dementia.

      1. AND hide ear pieces, wires, coaches, teleprompters and all of the other tools his “handlers” have to use to operate their “PUPPET” – old Crazy Joe!!

        1. Yes, it isn’t enough that the moderator gives globalist puppet $oro$, puppet chester the molester biden the questions and answers to the debate .

      2. No. The entire point of a “virtual” debate is so they can mute President Trump and SHUT HIM UP! Absolutely NO courtesy or even DECENCY for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD!!!! He is absolutely CORRECT to say — “NO WAY”!!

        1. You forgot to call him a racist , you are slipping. Fact is that if Trump doesn’t speak up the Soros bought commentators, and debate commission wouldn’t let him speak at all. At least what comes out of his mouth are his words and not those of Joe’s handlers (baby sitters) giving him what to say via ear pieces and teleprompters. If it were up to Joe he would just be happy to sit in his basement and sniff the hair of his Barby Doll .

        2. Not only that, they can provide sleepy Joe, the teleprompter, the wire, earpiece, and whatever aid they could provide to him. And, as you said, they could mute out Pres. Trump so Biden could not be interrupted to look at the teleprompter or listen-in deeply on his earpiece and wire or some other aids. That’s the reason they want the virtual debate. Unhindered assistance to wupdeedo sleepy Biden. I don’t blame Pres. Trump in interrupting Biden so many times so, sleepy Joe cannot listen in or hear from his earpiece what he would say as a come-back. Pres. Trump is smart, he knows this and he has to do something to get Biden even more confused.

      3. Yes, because poor old slow Joe can’t take the pressure of going toe to toe with DJT! With dementia, or related brain conditions, being hammered fast and hard causes stress, the brain freezes and stops or breaks the thought pattern. The person loses their train of thought and they can’t complete a sentence. We have seen Biden do this many times when he speaks and doesn’t have DJT working on him like a jackhammer. If DJT had talked less in the first debate and allowed Joe to speak more he would have really shown the world how bad his brain is functioning! Joe Biden is not mentally or physically competent to be President, if elected, and comrade Kamala would early on become President! And, that is the the plain and simple truth!

    3. Yes, ol’ racist Joe is well-taken care of, and his shelves are stocked by “black women.” Why is skin color relevant, as long as his shelves are stocked?? Only a racist person would think to MENTION skin color, and Dementia Joe is the epitome of RACIST!! VOTE RED – REMOVE EVERY DEMONRAT!!

  2. Debates should be face to face…Biden needs notes…Biden couldn’t help but cheat…How would a moderator control the situation???By switching of Trump to stop him and let Biden just roll on…How do we know this would happen, Harris last night, if Trump says the shot for covid works she would not take it…In other words we hate Trump period…

  3. These debates are almost useless anyway. The democrats just make vague statements not based on fact and do not show who they are because they know that Americans will never support them if they do. There is no solution to this problem so why bother.

    1. The moderator’s need to do there jobs. When Biden & Harris during the debates kept bringing up debunked twisted word attacks at Trump. The moderator’s should have clarified the truth. Making Trump & Pence having to defend the truth which the brainwashed snowflakes would take it as a cover up. The moderator’s have even used the Democratic false Trump attacks as a question trying to fuel the Trump hatred.

      1. All of the debates have used Liberal Democrat Moderators who tried to influence the debates outcome. They are either too dumb to understand what the word moderator means or are just too biased and crooked to officiate the debates fairly. Now they want a virtual one with Biden’s close friends and supporters, plus his teleprompter, ear piece, and notes. Only fools and crooks will vote for Biden/Harris. Sure hope there are enough sane folks tom out vote them!

        1. There will be so many sane folks to vote that globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media need 80,000,000 unaccounted mail in ballots .

        2. And don’t forget, Quid Pro Joe can lounge around in his basement. Of course he will wear a jacket and tie but the parts of him that can’t be seen will be wearing his Superman pajama bottoms.

          1. If he remembers to put anything on from the waste down…….Gawk! What a horrible brain damaging vision!🤢🤮

      2. globalists own the media and globalists own the democrat criminal party and the globalist puppet media needs to protect globalist puppet, chester the molester biden and globalist puppet, chester the molester biden must preach all the globalist agendas .

    2. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist media know that America will not vote for globalist puppet, chester the molester biden and so globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist media don’t even try to attract American voters . They rely on their globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud and illegal criminal invader voters and dead libby snow flake voters and ballot harvesting and mail in voter fraud .

    3. THE solution — the ONLY solution is to VOTE on November 3rd! TRUMP ALL THE WAY! And Republican control of Congress!

      Few people realize that with all the announcements that Social Security is going bankrupt — It was a DEMOCRATIC Congress that BROKE the Trust that Social Security was supposed to be held in – and co-mingled Social Security funds with the General funds – which the Democrats have been spending ever since!!!

  4. I guess that Joe Biden is going to debate himself, since Pres. Trump has said he won’t do a virtual debate!! I don’t blame him, as a big part of such a debate is the presence of both debators together!
    But leave it to Biden to say that he’ll carry on with the debate on his own! Somebody should tell him that a debate requires at least two people!

    1. Yes, a debate requires at least two people, (1) globalist puppet chester the molester biden and (2) a globalist media puppet moderator to protect globalist puppet chester the molester biden .

  5. Dems are desperate and will do anything to protect Biden from openly debating President Trump. The Dems knew Trump wouldn’t agree to a virtual debate before they changed it. They also know the networks will lose millions in revenue if the remaining debates are cancelled. They see this as a win-win. Biden won’t have to make a fool of himself debating President Trump and they can blame the President for cancelling the debates and causing the media to lose all that money… What fools these liberals be…

    1. The Dems have lost two debates in a row. They can’t even win while cheating. Foreign leaders will eat them for lunch. If they win prepare to eat soup with little meat and few vegetables present. Next! Step right up and get your Biden soup. He stuck his finger in it to give it some flavor. Wasn’t that nice of him?

      1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ will order their globalist puppet democrat criminal party to attack each foreign leader that eats them for lunch .

      2. Some foreign leaders are ALREADY commenting on the Democratic party now being strictly a Marxist party, and the corruption and lies they are telling the American people!!!

  6. Debates are to be done face to face, the demopcrats are afraid to have a debate in the open, it’s to hard to cheat that way.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet, chester the molester biden managed to cheat okay the first debate with globalist puppet wallace help and the help of an ear piece .

  7. biden will have someone feeding him the answers and Trump never agreed to a virtual debate. people wake up see how they are controlling the debate and election

    1. When there is an evil way, globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet chester the molester biden and globalist media are in it .

  8. I agree with the President. No virtual debates. If it can’t be done on a face to face basis it shouldn’t take place. The democrats cheated in the 2016 debates when Donna B gave Hillary the questions before hand and if given the chance they will Cheat again by give Biden his responses via his teleprompter . They is no evil to great that would stop them from trying to win this election. Satan is at his best when he is dealing with this corrupt party.

  9. Hiden Biden, You want the “virtual” debate so it’s easier to cheat. You were wired at the 1st debate and somehow had a teleprompter because you NEVER looked at the President when you stupidly responded. Being in your basement would let you cheat like, well like you. You and the rest of the Anti-American demoncrats want to turn America communist.
    I guarantee you that another Civil War will breakout should that happen, and after, there will be no demoncrats. Go to china, they at least ACT like they care about you, LOL.

    1. globalist puppet harris might swallow the telephone pole before globalist puppet chester the molester biden gets to debate the telephone pole, ask willie brown .

  10. Why did I not see this coming? OMG! their playbook never changes, it just keeps coming! Use the “Covid-Crisis” to hype up all hysteria, that plexiglass isolation booth, was the ultimate in a$$anine hysteria! Perhaps they could wear a hazmat suit as well.. Have a shower immediately before and right after any debate, using massive amounts of antibacterial products..Wear those little surgical booties and a surgical scrub cap, as well as goggles, a repirator and elbow length surgical gloves, like a veterinarian uses to rectally deliver a calf..sortof appropriate, as we’re dealing with a “shit-show” here too!

  11. well, if anyone has been watching this whole thing since it’s beginning, biden is the one who has always changed his mind, it’s been recorded , stop from pelosi schumer in his basement biden has said many times he will not do the last debate, stating the scientist suggestions. trump has said he will not do any virtual debates. they can do it the same way harris and pence did where is the problem? biden has been lying through his ass ever since and before he moved out of his basement and has parrided all of trumps done’s and doings. buy american? it has been trumps saying since he became president.

  12. I think its great that President Trump has decided against the debate, Biden has been trying to figure out a way out for days and now with the commissions help He got it>
    President Trump should really go after Joe Biden on his being attached to an ear piece and a shot transmitter and none of that is fair to the President
    also now Biden is afraid that the President has new information to go after him on and he truly does not want to be in the same room with him, Coward Biden went along with obma when he stood by and allowed Hillary Clinton to harm the President and all because she was too much of a bigger coward to take her own dam medicine that she created

    1. They got enough on him, Obama, and Hillary to put the cuffs ion them. But Obama stacked the IRS, The FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, and the FCC before he left office. They all got get out of jail free cards! Once they pack the Supreme Court they can take our weapons and put shackles on us,. We will not only be Their Slaves Without Chains,, but we will be their heavily guarded slaves. By the way who paid for the Wuhan Lab experiment in the deadly virus, Covid-19? They are the ones who are responsible for our deaths from this deadly man made virus!

      1. globalist puppet $oro$, puppet barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

  13. The only ‘original’ thoughts that come from #CrazyJoe are the ones that no one can make sense of. Otherwise, someone is telling him what to say, or speaking for him. He really does need to be shipped off to an ‘End of Life’ home for the elderly to spend his few remaining days!

    1. globalist puppet chester the molester biden took an oath to the globalists and globalists bribed globalist puppet chester the molester biden to preach all the globalist agendas for 47 years, it is like the mafia, once you take the oath and accept the first bribe you are indebted to the globalists for life. globalist puppet mccaine and globalist puppet ginsburg couldn’t retire they died as globalist puppets !

  14. Flip Flop Biden, the gaffer, or groper, depending on current status is a lying two faced creep. Joe wants his soft ball questions from friendly supporters. He wants his teleprompter, his notes, his ear piece, and a news media ready to declare him a genius and the winner. He wants to raise taxes, tear down the wall, destroy the fossil fuel industry, and ship our jobs over to China who is paying him and his son millions of dollars for then privilege tom cheat Americans out of their livelihood. He is a racist, and a would be Slave Owner. He wants to pack the Supreme Court and turn America into a third world country, and a socialist state with no privileges. And Harris is waiting for him to be declared incompetent so she can rule the roost, smirking at us all. Meanwhile Hillary and Obama are ducking the law hoping they will be pardoned by Biden for their Treasonous activities! What a mess!

    1. globalist puppet, chester the molester biden is no different than any other globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party clowns .

  15. Don’t want Joe to be fed the answers like his buddy Hillary either! Face to face is the only way to ensure, if that’s possible, no cheating goes on on the Dems part.

  16. So, Kamala and Joy Behar and Nancy P say they will refuse the vaccination if Trump recommends it! That must mean that only conservatives will take the vaccination and all liberal lemmings will refuse. Perfect ….

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media will refuse the vaccine because they know all about the dangers of the globalist puppet gates mandatory vaccination/computer chip .

  17. I urge the President to stand his ground. The other side will try any underhanded excuse to create a situation by which they could criticize the President. We all know what they are and what they will stoop to to get any upper hand. Everything they have done to date has been a slap I the face to the intelligence of America.

  18. I’ve been engaged in this culture war the left launched on the Nation in the 60s. That’s a long time. I don’t need a debate, I know full-well where the party’s stand, and knowing that, I could never, NEVER, vote the democommunist ticket. Today’s democommunist party is the operable communist party in the U.S. I’ve been watching the American Communist Party (CPUSA) website since they endorsed John sKerry in 2004. Since the democrap party became one with the American Communist party, they don’t even run their own candidates anymore, they just tell their comrades to vote democommunist.

    1. The democrat voter is the most disposable assets in the democrat party,used once every four years and then cast off like a used condom.

  19. Everyone knew Biden would eventually get around to using the virus as a reason to worm his way out of having to debate Trump again,Biden is a coward and a loud mouth!!

  20. Everything the Demonacratz do is rigged they can’t win unless they change the rules so right on President Trump I am behind you

    1. I shudder to think what will happen to this country if Biden is elected. He can’t even keep his thoughts straight, much less his “facts”. VOTE FOLKS, VOTE !!! This is no year to stay home. Many Dems hate our President and will be out in droves. We must win this election.

  21. The only one changing their mind about anything is biden. He doesn’t know if he will or won’t do so about all things, there is not enough room here to list them all.
    Example: Will he pack the Supreme Court? What was biden’s role in the ‘tie Trump to Russia to get attention off Hillary and her unsecured email server?’….will biden or won’t he touch another woman inappropriately? I could go on and on…

  22. Joe, that would make it just too easy for you to read your virtual answers that will be fed to your virtual brain. Joe, are you too afraid to stand up against our President again. Was he too tough for you the last time? No guts, No glory!

  23. If Dopey Joe doesn’t show, he’ll forever carry the legacy of coward in addition to an already well established reputation as plagiarist, cheater, sniffer and rapist. Most interesting in this pre-debate is Trump doesn’t need the debate to win in a landslide. Voters are moving away from the socialists as kudos roll in for the President.

  24. They want to protect Biden. Debates should by public to control both canidates. No ear wigs for Biden No written down answers , Off the cuff is far better with a non bias comentator.

  25. Of course Joe would rather take questions from selected voters, that way there will always be someone nearby to offer him scripted answers. Joe doesn’t want a debate, he wants a walk in the park holding hands with like minded idiots.

  26. Democrats are trying to steal the election, and we are not going to let that happen, even if we have to count and verify every single vote. They’ve already been caught three times, but of course, they’re blaming it on others.

  27. Kama Harris phony grinning disgusting dishonest phatetic liar. The world had the chance to wittinness this lying Jamaica Indian who now convenience claim she is black, that’s disgracefully and dishonor to black peoples.

    Kalama is a sneaky lying manipulateing , Golddigger. A rattlesnake is probably more trustworthy. VP Pence exposed phony kamaaa with professionalism on so many important things to our Americans Citizens, Harris clearly is not what Americans Citizens deserve, we are far better than Kalama Harris and Biden.

    Harras said in the debate in part, something to the affect: “we have 20 year old children”, not one of the multitude of articles mentioned Kalama having children, they all said the opposite that she have no children., is this another one of Kalaama convenient lies?

    Articles mentioned Harris California positions. Our great VP exposed what she did in thoses positions, Kalama put on that phony sneaky look and scrum like a worm.

    Another’s articles reflect on Kalama lover boy Brown who is 27 year her senior and was married.

    An article referenced Harris six figures salary when Brown was around, in that position she
    lock blacks up and let and innocent blacks man stayed in prison, The articles talked about her use of Marijuana drugs, before it was legal, and another article refers to the rich man she married a few years ago who have two children and a x-wife, and one article reference the deployable travesty treatment of Justice Kavanagh.

    Go to the polls and cast your votes on November 3rd for President Donald J Trump and all Republicans candidates.

    The mail in ballots will be a complete disaster which is what Harris Biden, and the DO-NOTHING DEMOCRATS agenda are about.

    This country will be destroy with Harris and Biden.

    Trump Pence 2020 vote, vote, November 3rd.

  28. Poor, poor, old senile Biden, can’t understand a debate needs to be in person. He can still have his mask, plexiglass and distancing. Oh, I guess he knows he is too sick to debate without someone in his ear or standing next to him giving him his answers.

    1. The biggest problem as I see it is that the “moderator” is obviously a Democrat and cannot possibly be unbiased. Does this shill get to do every one — or will there be a Republican in that spot next time?


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