Debate Moderator Makes Disqualifying Move

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Controversial second debate moderator and former Biden intern Steve Scully has seemingly disqualified himself.

No wonder Trump did not want to debate Biden with Scully as the moderator

The Daily Wire reported on the disqualification:

C-SPAN host Steve Scully, who was selected to host the second presidential debate, sparked controversy on Thursday night over a tweet that he sent to Anthony Scaramucci, an opponent of Trump who also briefly served as the former White House communications director in the administration.

Scully, whose selection to be the moderator for the next debate has come under fire after news broke that he used to intern for then-Senator Joe Biden, tweeted at Scaramucci: “@Scaramucci should I respond to trump.”

The exact context of Scully’s tweet was unclear, but it still ignited backlash from a wide range of political commentators and reporters.

The Hill reporter Joe Concha wrote on Twitter: “What? Why is the next presidential debate moderator publicly asking one of Trump’s staunchest critics in Anthony Scaramucci if he should respond to the president? In a related story, Scully once interned for Sen. Joe Biden. Optics here are horrible & underscore mistrust is media.”

Scully not only interned for Biden but also worked for the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

Fox News also covered the controversial Tweet from Scully:

That message appeared to be directed at former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who was once a supporter of President Trump but has since joined the #Resistance and has been outspoken in favor of Biden’s candidacy.

    1. Scaramucci was drinking on the job and getting in everyone’s face! He was fired for that reason within a week. The President doesn’t put up with incompetence and certainly not with tipping the bottle, so Scaramucci is just another dog with his tail between his legs looking for sympathy for his TDS.

  1. I very much agree with POTUS. If this debate moderators and organizers are being as unbias as can be. Then the president should have his rally as planned. The virtue debate that Biden and his cronies want is nothing but a cop out. Democrats know Biden needs all the help he can get, even if it means giving him the questions and answers. The China virus or the president’s contagious is also another of their dirty tricks.

  2. It is patently obvious even to the dullest person that the Debate Commission is in the tank for Harris/Biuden ticket. The Dems, Deep State and media are so greedy for power, I fear this Constitutional Republic will be a socialist counry. I’ve lived in one and God help us, unless we don’t go to vote in person so we can be sure our vote against Socialism counts, this election will ensure that the United States will be the Socialist States of America just like Venesula, Cuba, Russia and other Communist, Socialist country.

    1. The Debate Commission is the same as the DEMOCRAT MSM! I just saw Karl Rove talking about a international meeting of world leaders that had been set for a long time had to reschedule it because when the Debate Commission was setting up the debate schedule they chose one of the debates for the same day as this world leaders conference and refused to change it so little George Bush had to tell the whole world he had to be at the debate so they changed the world leaders conference! SO, yes, the Debate Commission is all in on the Democrats!

    2. There is a reason why the 2nd amendment was included in the Constitution. There is far to many active military personal sworn to defend the Constitution, this includes all Sheriffs departments, former military personnel. That is the same reason the Japanese Adm. Refused the chance to attack the American Pacific coast.

      1. Right a gun behind every blade of grass!! Americans, REAL Americans who support the Coinstitution and the 2nd Amendment for the most part are armed but not dangerous! Unlike the FAKE Americans who hate guns and this country. Think liberal/progressive democrats!

      1. This would be an excellent choice. Is there a rule or law that the moderators always have to be leftists? They have been, and for a whole lot of years.

  3. Who appointed this debate commission? Are they all raging dim wits? Their moderators suck and also supply the Harris administration with the questions ahead of time. Oh, was I suppose to call it the Biden administration? If anyone believes old senile Joe is gonna be the leader, think again.

    1. Biden has been a Trojan horse thru their campaign. You’re right, Dems have no intention for Biden to lead. Crazy Pelosi is trying to invoke the 25th Ammendment, this states if a sitting President is unable to perform his duties, the VP would automatically take the Oval Office? They are delusional enough to believe they are going to win & setting up Harris to become President by passing the Republican Senate??? Is she also crazy enough to think she’ll still be speaker and 3rd in line to the Oval?? She says Our President is taking mind altering drugs for Covid, excuse me but the Dems are so full of hate they ALL ACT like they’re Mentally deranged!!

        1. She SHOULD be arrested and confined NOW — for sedition!!! She is openly advocating the overthrow of our government and our constitutional processes!!!! THAT is SEDITION in the rawest form!!!

    2. Agree!! And today, Friday 10/9, Pelosi and the 25th Amendment. Not for Trump, she said but for future presidents, sure Nancy! IF jojo wins out he goe and in comes harris! Fast as you can blink!! They must think REAL Americans are dumb as the FAKE Americans!

  4. We don’t want virtual debates! We need to see them standing or sitting in the same room but at a safe distance! We have been put off by these Dem/Liberal favoring moderators because they can’t hide their bias against the President and we clearly see them playing favorites! It is maddening at the very least! Vote Trump/Pence!

    1. Donald Trump is back in the ring. Biden won’t want anything but a virtual debate, because he can’t fight in person.

    2. A “virtual” debate is no debate at all! It is ONLY a way for them to mute the President to SHUT HIM UP! AND….why do you suppose Biden REFUSED to allow anyone to check his ears before the first debate???? A “virtual” debate is opening the door wide for him to cheat either with an earwig, a teleprompter, or someone telling him what to say! Trump is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT — NO VIRTUAL DEBATE…in person or not at all!!! And yes — check ALL ears before hey start!

        1. REALLY? I thought his wide open eyes were from being “jacked up” on something. Plus the wires, the one under sleeve jacket might have been some uppers to keep him from dosing off. The one under coat was the REAL answer er! I can not imagine a bunch of dorks thinking we are all so stupid! TO use a term, WE WOKE UP A LONG TIME AGO! The swamp, the rats, well lets say they have over stepped the line A LONG TIME AGO! WE are onto you!

    3. Make sure Biden has no electronic devices to aid him !
      He has an ear bug and an electronic eye piece that gives him a teleprompter !

  5. awwww poor fired, and now rejected, “Moochy”..the president cans his a$$, and Kimberly Guilfoyle dumps him, ( probably him cheating on his wife didn’t help) and now she’s rejected him, for the President ‘s own son, Don Jr.. Ouch..that’s gotta hurt..a double whammy for the town cryer, Moochy boy! He’s having as good a year as the Debate Commission is a week from hell, brought on by themselves…

    1. Kimberly dated that freak? Wow! He must have some money or something, and certainly not handsome or tall or anything.

  6. There should be 2 moderators, not just one. The Dems get to pick the moderator who will ask the Rep candidate questions and the Reps get to pick who will ask the Dem candidate questions. There would be no softball questions to the Dems then. That would be infinitely more fair.

    1. Like it Jeff. You are a genius. But let’s not hold our breath. Nothing fair or right will ever happen when Dems are involved. You gotta give them points for never failing to try to cheat.

  7. Thank God Scully tweeted to show his true colors. I have to believe there are some good Dems left who are brainwashed by CNN, MSNBC, & etc. No one knowingly would vote for a leader who would turn our Republic into another China, Venezuela. Why are so many fleeing from these Socialist Countries to America? To get away from what the Radical Dems, media are trying to mold America into. Every moderator going back to 2016 has been hand picked by the Socialist Radicals! Look at 2016, Donna B. gave Hillary the questions before the debate, then Hillary turned on her. Donna admitted on a National television she had given the questions to Hillary ahead of the debate? Donna & Hillary were never held responsible for their actions! Fox has Donna on their payroll after she should have ruined all credibility??

    1. Donna should have been prosecuted, period! I’m not surprised that Fox hired her, as they re now leaning left as they think they can get away with. The brothers are liberal as are their wives. Watch OAM, they are conservative and truthful.

        1. ONE AMERICAN NEWS NETWORK. If not available your area, call your cable company. Its on 24/7 and is news from around the world! Family owned and no commercials. Great bits from places and history!

  8. What a mess, who chooses these moderators anyway, it just nuts. All these jokers are biased against Trump.

    1. Holier than Thou moderators and RINO’s who can’t stand a Businessman who speaks his truth whenever he’s in the open air. Honestly, this whole charade of impeachment and spying on the Trump Campaign should have legal consequences and prison time.

      1. And let’s not forget that ALL of these so-called “investigations’ and impeachment processes, testifying before Congress, etc., etc., etc., are ALL AT THE TAXPAYERS’ EXPENSE!!! WE, the taxpayers are PAYING for all of this! Meanwhile, the work of Congress that they SHOULD be doing goes undone!!!

      2. Like they say, TRUTH HURTS, thus all their ways to keep him from telling WE the People the TRUTH! A lot of people have a LOT TO HIDE, and will lose the pocket $$$ they are used to!

  9. With every day that goes by, we are uncovering how badly the Dems have stacked the deck against DJT and the Republicans! We conservatives are what DJT and the GOP has BUT, if we all turn out and vote it will be enough! We do have Dem defectors, more Independents, blacks and other minorities than in 2016. An unknown is have we lost voters and if so how many! We have to make sure everyone gets out and votes or we are in deep do-do! We must take nothing for granted!

    1. I agree completely. I hear the AZ Senator running against the astronaut is in trouble.
      As you well stated, we need to get out and vote in person and vote RED up and down the ticket.
      Also, the media is out there saying we won’t take the house and may lose the Senate.
      If that happens, having the President in office won’t matter. They will try impeachment again, and this time will succeed.

    2. Maxibaby: I agree with you, but fear that a crooked election process will give Biden a win. How can we be assured of a legitimate election? Practically everything … except loyal, patriotic Americans… is against Trump, and that includes the printed media, the major TV networks, Hollywood, George Soros’ billions and so many people who don’t have the brains they were born with. In my 83 years on this planet, I never would have believed that America is on the brink of becoming a Communist/Socialist nation. What is even more troubling is that roughly half the country doesn’t seem to give a damn. They just vote party line without concern that they are voting to destroy over 240 years of democracy. Pray to God for another miracle to vanquish the foes of our great country.

  10. RNC should never agree to Weasel Wallace to be moderator and never to any biase so call jounalist call like it is HACKS. But then again the whole kumba ja between DemRats, moderators and debate commissioner smells high heaven, more SHIT.

  11. Biden is trying to distance himself from Scully, Biden doesn’t want the voters to learn that he worked for him and other democrats in the senate. And we’re supposed to think that he could remain unbiased. I DON’T THINK SO.

  12. I think the next debate moderator should be Kellyanne Conway. That would be the equivalent of Skully. Let’s say YES!!!! Will it happen? NO! We know why it won’t happen, because the DNC owns the Mainstream Media. It’s just another branch of the DNC.

  13. Scully needs to be replaced. He is a left wing biased person who will do all he can to help Biden and harm the President. Scully will try to show he is neutral,but his work history proves him wrong. And the Debate Commission is no better, with their absolute bias against the President. The public has not been fooled; they see through the liberal’s smoke and mirrors. President Trump will win the election.

  14. A little unrelated, but I need all of you to please help me get this out.
    Please google Ali Alexander. He has a video called biden is sick. About 14 minutes long, but worth watching. I’m not on social media. If you could watch it, post it and pass it on.
    Thank you so much

  15. just listened to Trump, on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. Trump heard, for the first time that Barr is planning to stall everything in his “investigation”, until after the election. Trump is pissed, as he should be. Barr has either been bought off, or is horribly weak.

  16. These glorified news interviews are a joke. We need real debates using the true debate system where the moderator is not a news person but someone trusted by both sides. Their job is simply to be a time keeper. The only time they speak is to read the topic to be discussed by both sides. Each side is given 5 mins to discuss the topic with each being given a 2 min rebuttal period. The moderator simply reads the topic for discussion they do not read a ?. For example topics could be: taxes, health care, foreign involvement, the economy, etc.

  17. What bad stuff is the mooch talking about? He told Scully to ignore the president because he’s going to have more bad stuff.

    we are supposed to be paranoid about the left, and some right, being “out to get” the president. But after 4 years of constant “ got ya” crap from the left…… I’m damn paranoid!

  18. When the list of moderators first published I looked up each name and found the Biden connection immediately and said that Scully character had NO business being a moderator. Also said the same for Chris Wallace. To me it seemed very strange the Commission would pick the ones they did to moderate. The bias was plain to see! FACT there was no name that appeard that would be an unbiased moderator! Might as well choose Md Cow Maddow or Andrea Mitchell or Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson! Biased and Biased some for Biden and some for Trump! Surely the Commission can find decent, unbiased moderators! If not then I suggest the Commission not choose and let a panel of citizens be moderators! I will volunteer!

  19. Unilaterally, without any consultations with all parties involved, changing the rules of the debate in favor of one candidate over the other, shows extreme bias, as has also been the selection of all the debate moderators, as not one has favorable view of President Trump, but instead the exact opposite view, and also a very favorable view of Joe Biden.

    This shows, as well as the questions asked of each candidate by the biased moderators, a serious bias and bigotry deeply rooted in the debate commission.

  20. If, God help us, if the Dems get in, what makes them think that Immigrants would still want to come to the USA which would quickly
    become another Venezuela or Cuba?

  21. I nominate Chris Salcedo as the new moderator in the debate which must face to face, and Biden doesn’t get the questions ahead of time and he does not get to wear a wire or in any have any outside help of any kind and the debate will be 90 minutes with zero breaks.

  22. The presidential debate commission apparently needs some guidance.

    Have each participant write 10 questions for the other side to answer.

    Pick a moderator who can read guestions and determine whether the question was actually answered after it is asked. Follow up if response is evasive or misleading.

    Each question should have an uninterrupted 3 minute response (turn off the other participants microphone) and then a one minute response from the other participant.

    The objective of debated is so we can see the differences in the policies proposed by the candidates. Policy, not personality, should determine our choices for public office. This is not a beauty pageant, elections determine the type of country you want to live in and support.

    The commission should get their act together and do something intelligent for the American people. Their choices for moderator and rules thus far have been a joke and they should be ashamed for their performance to date.

  23. No Democrat is qualified to be a moderator. None understand the word. They are all Liberal, lying, cheating vermin, and can not be expected to be fair and unbiased. Besides the FBI and the DOJ should arrest Obama, Hillary, Biden, and Mueller, and Comey for treason. They tried to pull a coo and oust Trump even before he became president, and then followed up with false investigations without merit or actual facts to support their false accusations. They should be publicly hand cuffed in front of Fake News and encarserated before being imprisoned for life! Nancy Piglosi should also be arrested for obstruction of justice and treason.

  24. Just show the detailed platform of the Democrats. And show their tendency to flip flop to avoid being pinned down to the truth. They intend on raising taxes, destroying fossil fuel industry, give illegals our SS money, confiscate our weapons of defense, Pack the courts with Liberals, create new states with Democrat senators and congressmen, so they can rule the roost. They want us to be their slaves pure and simple. A vote for them is a vote for socialism and slavery!

  25. Just to make it “fair” make sure ALL “debate” moderators are ANTI-TRUMP biden supporters!!

    Effing IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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