Democrat Elected Official Sends Shocking Message to Trump Supporters

Trump Rally

A New Jersey Mayor is in hot water over some choice words for the President and his supporters.

Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver went on a Facebook tirade calling President Trump an “orange monster” and calling right-leaning Supreme Court justices “religious zealots”.

She went on to say the Supreme Court will enact the “Christian version of Shariah law” and that if you “voted for the orange monster with COVID, go f*** yourself. If you plan on voting for him again, unfriend me and go f*** yourself again.”

Photo from Historic Flemington Website [Public Domain]

Driver has now deleted the post but this hasn’t stopped New Jersey GOP leaders from responding with calls for her resignation.

The Hunterdon County Republican Chairman Gabe Plumer issued a statement saying it “is time for Betsy Driver to resign”:

Like many of you, I had the unfortunate task today of reading a particularly shameful and insulting public statement from Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver.  (Provided below for reference)

While I don’t quite know where to begin, I do know where to end: Mayor Driver, you should resign and you should do it now. Your statement is antithetical to the principles of representative democracy. It is further proof that you do not represent the people of Flemington, the character of Hunterdon County, and the values of at least a part of the Democrat party. While I trust Republicans agree with me, I also call on Freeholder Candidate Heller and all current Flemington candidates to join me and many others in a bipartisan call for Mayor Driver’s immediate resignation. 

This election will soon pass and the business of governing will and should again become the focus of our elected officials. And painting over blue lines with orange monsters is no way to govern. It is time for Betsy Driver to resign.

New Jersey GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt cited that 43% of Driver’s constituents voted for Trump in his statement:

“President Trump earned nearly 43% of the vote amongst Mayor Driver’s constituents,” said NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt. “I think we all know she will never step down, but is it too much to ask for her to apologize? Her comments are bigoted and hateful and quite frankly the silence on the left speaks to the character of party leaders like Tom Malinowski and Phil Murphy who lack the courage to stand up to people in their own party.”

Driver has not apologized but instead called those offended by it triggered and called the Hunterdon GOP “dishonest” (FOX NEWS):

“That they are triggered and clutching their pearls over my being upset and angry at the threats to my LGBTQ family by a Supreme Court enabled by their support of a president who is hate-filled and unhinged every day is sad,” Driver said. “It reflects their privilege that refuses to acknowledge America’s diversity and their own intolerance of anyone who disagrees with them.”

Driver – who considers herself “intersex” — is a former segment producer for CBS News who was narrowly elected Mayor of Flemington in 2018.

    1. Votedemout: the vile, foul mouthed bigoted mayor needs to be removed now!!! She hasn’t apologized because she has no shame!

      1. No SHAME??!! Apparently, she has NO Character and absolutely NO INTEGRITY!!!! I grew up in New Jersey, so I AM a Jersey Girl, and this “person” (I will NOT call her a lady because she is NOT one in any sense of the word!) is an absolutely DISGRACE to the human race!!! She absolutely SHOULD resign as Mayor and her ‘constituents’ should be totally ashamed if THEY don’t call for her resignation!!!

    1. Yeah, isn’t that an oddity. A hateful, bigoted Democrat???? The sane Dems are the minority, for as long as they can stand it. TRUMP 2020, RED ALL THE WAY, the ONLY choice if you want to keep America as America.

      1. Thank God there’s a place hateful, mean, homely women can go and be in a coalition of others just like them…..
        it’s called the democrat socialist party.

  1. who is this insignificant POS?

    embarrassing for all, particularly those in NJ

    how did we produce such ignorant trash.. and who votes for this garbage?

  2. She calls herself “Intersex”? I can’t see any self-respecting man coming within earshot of her. She epitomizes the democrat party, sadly.

    1. She’s so ugly she probably sodomizes herself with her toothbrush before brushing just to get her jolly’s.

    1. ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! There is a special place in hell for all these dems and many republicans, who continue to take (dirty) money from big tech, China, etc…

  3. boy I wish we could meet and discuss… maybe you can voice your crap live..

    you are a freak…. and not referring to any identity nonsense here.. you are a freak of nature.. just too stupid to be human

  4. Intersex? How soon will Intersex be on job applications? Looks as if, she/she/it, will need one soon. Maybe as a hooker or is it hookem? She can run her/his/it’s FILTHY mouth at her Johns and clients.

  5. Nothing different than what we have been hearing and tolerating for the past four years.I have come to expect it from Democrat socialist.If you think she and her ilk are terrible now, just wait until they gain some control over you, if some are ignorant enough to vote for them.

    1. I’m afraid there are many TDS afflicted in our country who will vote for corrupt ,cognitive impaired Biden out of shear hatred for Trump then complain that they are living in Venezuela. You CANNOT fix stupid.

    2. you are absolutely correct government take over why do think they want to get every gun away from us

  6. without consequence you get bad behavior. There needs to be serious consequence for serious behavior. Shut down the haters, they need therapy!

  7. It is sad that supposedly respectable adults in possition of authority would sink so low. She should be ashamed.

    1. She won’t be ashamed. The ones, who allowed her to attain her current position, are the ones, who should be ashamed and fired.

  8. And yet…. this old (sea hag) will never get censored by Facebook!!! Their double standard is absolutely obvious and these (big tech) bullies continually get away with doubling down on stripping us of our first amendment rights as American citizens, which up to now, has been permitted by our electewd congesss.

  9. Like the KKK .. and BLM … the best course of action is to ignore these abominations of humanity and their hate filled rhetoric. To do otherwise… breaths life into their twisted and sick cause. Bye Bye Betsy!

  10. The mentality of democrats is slowly sinking to the bottom of the cesspool. When the big truck comes in and pumps it out hopefully we will be able to start over with a clean tank.

  11. Why would anyone vote for a piece of trash like this? If there are enough conservatives in Flemington ( which I feel is doubtful) this reprobate should be voted out, or better yet initiate a recall petition. This disrespectful amoral woman has embarrassed the state of New Jersey, denigrated the office of mayor, and last but not least, denigrated herself. People like this mayor,who use hard core profanity demonstrate their lack of respect for the state and themselves. She shows her lack of the ability to use other words that are not offensive. If I were the governor I would call her in and give her a dressing down that she would never forget. Get this woman out of office Flemington citizens!

    1. does she kiss people with that mouth when you have no real defensible position resort to profanity and of of course always play the race card

    2. I wonder if this is how she speaks during City Council meetings. THIS person is why I think the Mayor should NOT be over the police force. EVER. The police force should be run by the police, not some “elected” Mayor who knows nothing or next to nothing about policing a community. She can’t even “police” her MOUTH.!!!!!!!! This gives me the chills just thinking about the police having to deal with slime like her.

  12. Intersex means that she was born with both male and female sex organs. It’s extremely rare. In other words a hermaphrodite. That’s highly unlikely. She’s just a typical ugly leftist. Most leftists are ugly and dorky looking. Us righties are better looking. Lol

      1. What the heart contains shows on your continence. I don’t remember who said that, but when it comes to the Leftist Lunatics it sure fits.

  13. All that I can say about the 2020 Presidential Election is that if the WORSE should happen and The BUMMERCRATS win the Presidential Election, we ALL who believe in a This Free Nation that all of our forefathers fought and died to build must again take up arms even if it means a Second Civil War. To not do so will welcome in Communisim, and even worse.

    Chauncey M. Freeman

  14. Hate is a killer. I have never before seen this level of hate. I know where it comes from the pit of hell. This broad needs her mommy to put lye soap in her dirty mouth. Just think she kisses her loved ones with the dirty mouth.

  15. Disagreement is one thing, but being so crude and crass is blatantly irresponsible and low class or maybe just ignorantly uneducated and stupid. Time to go back to school and get a better vocabulary mayor. Or is that the best the dems can do?

  16. What a low class piece of garbage!!
    What has become of Jersey Pride. A special election should be held to oust this low life. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s politic’s have a little class and keep it to yourself. Hey A.I. you need to be sent back to the factory to be reprogrammed!!

  17. every time I read a nasty post by some democrat political hack like this witch the hypocrisy is nearly overwhelming everything she said applies to her and others on the left who brook no disagreement another I am glad I moved away from New Jersey

  18. What a freak. Why do these people elect these mentally dwarfed freaks? She should be removed. If this was a teacher saying such things, I imagine they would be fired

  19. So what’s new? This nation would be short a whole lot of mayors if all of them who should resign, did so. And the National would be a whole lot better off. Applies to governors, too.

  20. Just look at her picture. No wonder she hates the world. Betsy Driver is a perfect example of a liberal. They are all full of hate and all they do is blame others for most of their bad life choices.

  21. So that includes all you black’s and Spanish speaking citizen’s that love being in this country…That’s what the left thinks of you and your right’s in the USA…Trump sounds pretty good doesn’t it ???

  22. Sounds like a really classy lady! Ought to fit right in if she decides to extend her “career” to Washington DC.

  23. People like her should never ever held any position in any branch of government .They are disgrace for American citizens. She should never find place in American nation.

  24. Betsy suffers from, what others in the liberal left are also afflicted with, an ABNORMAL THOUGHT PROCESS AND DISTORTED VALUES.


  25. As usual, a Democrat Party which has become entirely untethered from reality, has vomited up yet another poisonous, unhinged harpy. She spews invective about non-existent events and a President which has supported the” LGBTQ family”. Fantasies which exist only in her delusional, diseased imagination (“…threats to my LGBTQ family by a Supreme Court enabled by their support of a president who is hate-filled and unhinged…”). She then has the unmitigated gall to accuse responsible elected officials and a constituency she is supposed to represent, of “pearl clutching” after she publicly villifies them. Projection, much???
    This loon needs to be removed from office then locked in the psychiatric ward of the nearest hospital.

  26. So she thinks governing with Shariah Law is bad apparently, so she should be denounced by Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, right?

    Liberals are so emotional and nasty, calling everyone names and telling the to go screw themselves, and all we do is call them liberals, which apparently they find very offensive, very interesting.

  27. Anger to such extremes, is NEVER appropriate in any setting, not just politics, and indicates that this lady, apologies to ladies everywhere, Driver, must be simply “gutter trash”, and certainly should NOT ever be representing anyone. Considering her comment, any apology would be woefully inadequate!

  28. If you merely look at this woman you can see the eyes of a demented individual. A fool’s smile. If you listen to her filthy worded rant is obvious that her mendacity is meant to be a perfidy, treacherous in nature based on the stupidity of sheer ignorance. Her prejudice, her bias, is a sign of the mental illness that runs rampant through Democrats and their supporters. A simple comparison that proves the reality of TDS (Trump derangement syndrome); no one hated President Trump before he was elected, however, one elected the hate mongering Democratic Party with from their propaganda arm the fake news media, began the big “hate” lie. Tell a lie, support the lie, repeated ad infinitum and it becomes the truth – a tactic used in Germany during World War II. Fifty-eight years later this political tactic is been resurrected by the Democratic Party and ignorant Democratic Party supporters simply parrot the word “hate.” To prove this point what’s the fake news media a new attack word will be started by one reporter and from that point forward every fake news media reporter will use the same word – these pernicious people marching in step and they don’t care how much damage they do to America. These people are the biggest danger to America, because they operate from within our nation it’s not China, not Russia, not Iran, not even North Korea who poses a danger to the destruction of America’s way of life…those of you who are foolish enough to vote for the Democrat agenda are unfortunately too ignorant to realize that you will be victimized just like every other American because you don’t belong to the ranks of the elite Democrats.

  29. Notice her email is listed with her picture, Just for fun, I think she needs some comments directed to her inbox

  30. life was much easier when there were only two sexes—-male and female.
    intersex means what exactly—-sex with anything that has a sexual organ?
    I know that she says those who don’t agree with her should intrasex themselves.

  31. Homosexual “family” – that kind of says it all,doesn’t it. Remember how wonderful, friendly, and (just) gay these leftist radicals were before they took power? Now the truth comes out, and we are going to have a hard and ugly time getting rid of them.
    And they wonder why they are consider the Democrats Domestic Terrorist party.
    But will WE learn from this?
    You can never bargain nor turn your back on evil!

  32. The poor woman….I guess she is unaware that I am NOT a friend of hers nor would ever consider to become one. Who the h…l is she ? I👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👿

  33. Betsy is a repulsive puke, who should not be allowed to resign. She should be fired, this very day. What a disgusting display for the young people.

  34. What the hell is intersex? Republicans are triggered? She must be doped up after her vocal upchuck. She is mayor?? Mayors used to be people who had some dignity, obviously she does not know what that means.

  35. Nancy Pelois does not need to be back in the . woman has really lost it she needs to stay home or be in a mental institute

  36. Betsy does not have to worry that I won’t unfriend her because I don’t friend unhinged left wing lunatics. Fortunately for her, our 1st amendment, the one she would get rid of if she could, allows her to say such mean horrible things. I have the ability to answer her tirade, and thought she needs to be taken out and flogged, but she might enjoy it. Ignoring her appears to be the best course because she is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. Ignoring her and ending that fame will hurt her more than a good flogging

  37. WOW… this from an elected official… where is your tolerance, your supposed bipartisan duty, and WTF is intersex??? I’m appalled that you are in office! resign now and save us a whole lot of trouble!

  38. Wow, I used to live pretty close to Flemington, I’m from Clinton NJ. Both were very conservative as is Hunterdon County. The liberals started to arrive at the same time I was leaving. She’s only showing her ignorance. Go f myself, right back at you babe and twice on Sunday.

  39. Geez this woman is a lunatic. Great choice Jersey. Get her off the seat ASAP! So glad I never do the socialist media ever and will never do so. Twitter, FB, and any other that likes to steer the sheeple. This is the sum of what it gets in politics, an insane idiot.

  40. Oh Betsy, you should have your mouth washed out with non diluted bleach after those nasty words. Did your mother know you used such words? This DB will be offered her own spot on MSNBC for her tirade. She is so typical of ???????. No words can describe her.

  41. This is not a mayor of any moral standing whatsoever—it is a lowlife swine and needs to be returned to its pig pin to wallow in its own hate and filth. Something is very wrong with this swine upstairs. Decent people need to unload this thing as soon as possible and send it packing and preferably on an isolated island in the middle of nowhere and over run by wild bore swine like herself. This thing is a total disgrace to herself and to those who voted this thing in the position of mayor.

  42. This Bitch loves to give orders. Is she a dike or just sound that way? Poor thing must have a difficult time attracting a virile man. But I feel sorry for those who voted for her. They must have heads devoid of brains. Wonder if they rattle when they wobble?

  43. Another classic example of the kind of person who represents the current Democrat party. The use of vulgarities to attack, not just the person they disagree with, but also any American who dares to support that person. Hatred is what they sell with regularity.
    MAGA 2020 AND VOTE REPUBLICAN down the ballot!! Send them a message their antics won’t be tolerated.

  44. Class act she tells people to go F themselves, yet the only that would screw her is herself, but I am sure she would even get board doing herself!!!🙈

  45. The far left Dems are everything they accuse Trump of being. Just like this VERY low life idiot, they preach hate, division, destruction, and the end of free choice! They have not talked real politics for years now, just name calling and labels that do not stick! All need to ask ourselves, what has Trump done that hurt me or my family? Not is he likable or a Repb. I voted Bill Clinton, that was the last time I will ever vote for these VERY low life Dems.

  46. Hmmm,
    What is it about female democrats, particularly female democrat politician bureaucrats????
    You could pick them out of a lineup….
    unless everyone else in the lineup was also homely, mean and angry.


  48. Elections have consequences and this is what the people of Flemington got for their votes. Maybe next time they will vote for someone a little more sane.


  50. Intersex? I have to admit I’ve not heard that one yet. I don’t know what it is and I don’t particularly care to I guess. I just put it in the same category as mentally deranged.

  51. Betsy Driver, you’re a terrible political hack. Your city voters deserve better. You should tender your resignation ASAP!

  52. Well Betsy sure doesn’t have to worry about anyone wanting to go F her thats for damn sure! just the thought of it EWWWW yuck!!!

  53. The only hate I’m reading from this article is coming from the Mayor. She’s talking about all the hate coming from Trump but she’s doing all the hating.

  54. Unbelievable she must of had a terrible experience….and she’s pressing a grudge and her mouth, and thoughts and feelings on everybody…I grew up in NYC and lived in Jersey…and never ever seen or heard anybody go off like this on anybody and my work group couldn’t get more diverse…she’s not well and has no business in civic government or anything that people would vote for…politically …she’s no longer viable…don’t know a soul that buys it…opinions may vary…

  55. This is a typical example of the marxist Dem party of today! They accuse us of being “hate” filled well, what would you call her and all those exactly like her and some are worse! As of this moment she at least hasn’t been violent but, give her fifteen minutes….who knows what she will do!
    The Democrats are unable to accept that they lost the race, they hate that DJT has had the most successful administration in history, they hate that DJT has done more for all races than they ever thought about doing. I could literally write about all the good things done, positive turn arounds and new things done during the last four years than ever before!
    The Dems are so hate filled it has run them all crazy. DJT has lived in their raging heads 24/7 for four years and they have all gone insane! The dangerous thing is a lot of them are violent! I’m not afraid for us I think it is more likely……they will injure themselves! 😳💥🤯

  56. Another Dem shows how stupid, ignorant and totally disgusting they are. And anyone that votes Dem especially after these last 4 years falls into the same category.

  57. Betsy Driver, with your filthy mouth you don’t belong in office. Shame on you. you have no respect. but i guess that is what you democrats are all about no shame, no heart.

  58. Sincerely wish this pos of humanity a miserable and quick departure from this earth…..and that its voters become desolate and rot in hell

  59. another unhappy beast ,only pleased when she can make others unhappy like herself.a common malady shared by all dem communist party members and voters.insanities home.

  60. What in the world is wrong with people? She is deranged. Yes it seems she needs to resign. If she was my mayor I would be asking for her to be replaced.

  61. Vote to get her out of office. Get enough signatures and let her go. These type of vulgar people should not get pensions after they leave.

  62. Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver sounds like a piece of goods that one could do without! It’s past time that she learned to behave in a far more civilized manor!
    Frances Weingarten


  64. How is your buddy Jon Corzine doing after raping investors money with EDFMan.
    Anotjher democrat govanors and senator from New Jersey.
    Go to Hell you Pinko-lefty!
    I see your preparing o riot because the real America will vote Trump in and you will have nothing else to do but continue your same old SICK saga!
    Betsy your not alone. But YOU SUCK!

  65. This is NOT how to win voters over. What this kind of thing does is cause Trump voters to be even MORE determined to get out & vote IN PERSON. I hope the red wave is so huge there won’t be much left of the opposition after the election……..if anything at all. People who think/speak like this are going to learn a big lesson……..and the more who vote for Trump, the bigger & better the lesson!

  66. We already know that the liberals have an elitist attitude, and know that they can get away with anything they say by “momentary loss of judgement or “I apologize”—not!

  67. A good example of who NOT to vote for. The American people need to pay MORE attention to who the candidates are. We need BETTER people leading this country your FREEDOMS & RIGHTS DEPEND ON YOUR VOTING SMARTER.

    1. Having a difference of opinion can make for a healthy debate, but to hate those who disagree with you is insane. Since when did politics become it has to be my way or I hate you and everything you represent. I implore every free thinking American to open your eyes and your mind to the atmosphere surrounding this President and those that support him, is your heart so filled with hate and rage and are you being manipulated by the press and Liberal Democratic Leaders. America isn’t Pre WW 1 Germany, not Pre WW 2 Germany, not Kosovo or Croatia, not Japan Pre WW 2 and definitely not China……so why are so many Americans allowing themselves to be led (manipulated) by the biased media and Politicians so hungry for control that they will say and do anything regain control (authority) over our great Country and more importantly the people. I ask all Americans before casting your vote for the next President of the United States two simple question:s: Are you personally better off today than you were 4 years ago and is our Country on stronger footing today than it was 4 years ago. If you can honestly answer those questions then you can see why re-electing President Trump is so important to you and our Country.

  68. Well the photo of her looks like she could be inbread, but it’s hard to tell because from every Demonrat I have ever seen they are pretty damn FUGGLY inside and out. it must be the HATE that makes them ugly as sin. ???? something in their DNA, we know the Brain is defective so I guess the body can be too.

  69. She has the nerve to call the President “hate-filled and unhinged every day”.???? SHE is the one that’s coming apart at the seams. Sorry to tell you Mayor, but you are nothing special. You are Mayor of a town, and barely won THAT race, then you think you are so special to be throwing insults at the President and those who voted for him. You had better watch out before those “pearl clutching” Republicans knock you right out of office.

  70. So  L”Lunicrats”  have no policies to stand for, Nothing to campaign on.

    so they resort to  BASHING  President’s  hair color?   


  71. and the gay communities wonder why they get the short end of the stick because of bigoted people like her, she has shown her real self, she must really dislike herself and her life style, an awful lot, to say stuff like this, that’s no way to help her fellow gays by being so nasty to the over all public shame on her, Flemington voters should be appalled by her infantile outburst and RECALL her, as she is not a responsible adult at all. so glad I left this state with the moron governments in charge.

  72. Typical unhinged ,angry ,Democrat. People, You need to vet the candidates that you vote into office. She has no business being Mayor of anything. Beware.

  73. Wow! New Jersey must be a really classy place huh? I think the evil witch with TDS should be removed, tarred and feathered, hanged, shot, and then punished.

  74. An example of the Party of Overgrown Children (well maybe teenagers). And they have proposed reducing the minimum voting age to 16? Maybe raise it back to 21.

  75. She’s nothing more than a sheep and making a name for herself on her out-of-touch, monicle party. If she’s so concerned about the LBGTQ constituents, she REALLY should go look at what and how Trump has done for them. He does NOT discriminate against them. He has greatly improved things for the blacks, the Hispanics, women, the wrongly accused incarcerated, seniors, drug prices, no pre-existing conditions, manufacturing….etc., etc. etc. AND LGBTQ. ALL AMERICANS. He hasn’t been able to do everything he WANTS to do because crazies like her stands in his way of doing ANYTHING and ANYTHING he does is deemed ridiculous and fought. Fortunately, the PEOPLE have woken up. Record numbers of Black, Hispanics AND GAYS are supporting him now. They just need to turn their BRAIN ON and quit listening to the uninformed and opportunists.

  76. You know that Betsy may indeed be able to do what she told others to do. I have found that too many people who resort to her style of word usage means either her education is very low or she thinks others can do what she has tried. Time for her to do the citizens of that town a really big favor and leave not only the position but perhaps a move to Siberia.

  77. She is the one who is unhinged. President Trump is anything but racist. She has him confused with the left who have made promises to minorities and women, then conveniently ignored them once they were elected. Her remarks are baloney and her language is atrocious.


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