Here are ALL of Hunter’s Disgusting Dealings That Have Been EXPOSED

The Biden family has been making headlines for months now but lately, the focus has not been on the patriarch, Joe Biden, but instead the nefarious dealings of his son, Hunter Biden has captured the nation. Evidence of Hunter Biden’s corrupt decisions while serving on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings has created a major conflict-of-interest for the former vice president. 

In a report released by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, multiple people raised their conflict-of-interest concerns with the then-vice president on multiple occasions, which he repeatedly ignored. 

The report also released details of Hunter’s business association with multiple Chinese nationals connected to the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army, resulting in millions of dollars in cash flow. In addition to the $4 million Biden was paid by Burisma he also received millions from “foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds.”

While working with Burisma Holdings, Biden also accepted a $3.5 million wire transfer from the former mayor of Moscow’s wife, Elena Baturina. Not only did he accept millions from a known associate of Vladimir Putin but he then went on to pay multiple Russian nationals connected to “Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

The former vice president Joe Biden has previously claimed he, “had never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings,” however Hunter Biden’s emails paint a very different picture. The emails reveal that Joe Biden was introduced to a top executive in Burisma Holdings by Hunter. This meeting occurred less than a year before Joe Biden pressured Ukrainian officials to fire the prosecutor leading the investigation against Burisma.

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  1. The Biden Criminal Cartel has been active all over the world for a long time. Right now, thanks to Donald Trump’s draining the swamp, they are dying dynasty slapping at the water.

  2. So what being that the MSM is covering it up and therefore the vast majority of dem voters will never hear of it. Always something but nothing ever gets done! Just look at Barr and his “tuff” investigator who talks tough but looks like a pansy!

  3. Hunter Biden is no worse than crooked old Joe Biden, except Hunter was or still is a crack head, he just got caught, Joe Biden lies through his nose, he’s a proven racist. According to his propaganda he came from a working class family, but now he’s worth FIVE MILLION dollars after being an elected official, no real job. I guess lots of people must give him a lot of money for special favors! Funny how so many politicians go into politics poor, but retire rich!!!! We must make sure this loser does NOT get elected president! Vote straight republican!!!!!!!!

  4. ROBOT Joe Biden has been bought and paid for by both China for $1.5 billion and by Ukraine for hundreds of millions more bribes recently discovered!!!! In China’s case, he paid back the bribe by “accusing President Trump of creating the corona virus when the solid proof shows it was Wuhan Labs and the Chinese government who caused it”!! The will our American government be “for sale to the highest foreign bribe buying President Biden”???? It sure looks like that ti excatly wha eh si ogin 0oy do0

  5. I am so sick and tired of reading about investigations into criminal acts and NOBODY being arrested for committing them. The only one I see is General Flynn being jerked around by a judge without a DA pressing a case. Why don’t all you news outlets band together and demand that someone with the power to arrest them do just that?

  6. Joe Biden, a Catholic! Just what this freeking nation needs, another pope lover! I will NEVER support that S.O.G! Catholicism is always wrong and will never amount to anything good! The Chameleon, always changes its’ skin to fit the surroundings, and so it is w/the C.C! Maybe people ought to study the History of the C.C. and SEE! P.S. YThe new selectee for the court says she/we won’t stock the court, BULL, it already is stocked, w/Catholics, and she would be one more, and that would make 7 of nine! STOCKED HELL, it already is stocked!!

  7. Hello and what is wrong with Catholics, or Jews, or Baptist or Muslims. We are all lumped together to be something bad! Joe Biden is a farce as a Catholic he supports late term abortion up to and including birth. That is the stance of the Democratic Party and they call Trump a Nazi? You might just be a bit prejudice in your stance
    as we are individuals who happen along with many religious people to believe in a higher power and with that we are expected to act kindly to out fellow man.
    Joe and his party have failed to condemn the riots causing death and destruction through tour country, that is not what peace loving people do!


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