GOP Governor Won’t Vote for President Trump

Charlie Baker, Pi.1415926535 / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has announced he will not vote for President Trump.

The governor, who has bipartisan support in his Democrat-leaning state made the announcement on Wednesday.

According to Fox News:

Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts – a Republican critic of President Trump – won’t be voting for the president in November’s election.

“The governor cannot support Donald Trump for president and is focused on seeing Massachusetts through the pandemic,” Baker communications director Lizzy Guyton wrote in a statement. “He’ll leave the election analysis to the pundits.”

The statement came on Wednesday, hours after Baker – taking questions from reporters – said he would “take a pass” when asked who he would be supporting for president.

Baker joins Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont, a fellow New England Republican governor, in signaling they won’t vote for the GOP incumbent in the White House.

Baker has not yet endorsed Biden or indicated that he will be voting for the Democrat nominee.

    1. No don’t, and here is why. First of all, who cares who he votes for in Navy Blue Massachusetts. Trump will never win this State. Secondly, it is quite obvious that coming out and saying this is a re-election ploy. And it is great, if it works, because regardless of who this clown votes for , he is still a Governor with an “R” after his name in the 50 State Governors Conference. Having a majority of “R” Governors is a good thing, regardless of who they announce who they will or won’t vote for, for their political survival.

      1. Don’t forget Californians moving to Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, etc. and spreading democratritis in those once proud conservative states.
        Indeed the demwits know that it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bushel.

  1. GOP governor? No, RINO.
    And as for “democratic leaning,” try deep blue. The last republican to take Massachusetts was Ronald Reagan in 1984.

  2. Who cares how these two RINO’S vote. Their anti-Trump stand wont change any vote decisions in their state.Go ahead and endorse Biden ( to help Trump more!).

  3. The President is fighting many evils inside his own party. When we pray, we always ask God to protect him from foreign and especially DOMESTIC ENEMIES!
    Keep the faith. Get out and vote in person.
    Vote RED up and down the ticket.
    Trump/Pence 2020

  4. Gov. Baker is a typical RINO, he should just change his party to “D” because he has done all the same stupid things as democratic governors in the northeast. As a resident of MA, he is a disappointment. He could have been a leader, but he is just a RINO anti-Trumper. I hope President Trump just cuts off MA from federal funds to send him a message. I cannot wait to retire and move out of the peoples republic of Massachusetts.

  5. That fish head is a demoncrat in a fake conservative suit. It should be on display at a zoo.
    Maybe Romney can share it’s cage.

  6. His vote would be useless in this state anyway. I’m assuming that he will write in Bill Weld or Mike Dukakis, both of whom would get more votes than Trump even if Trump was the only name on the ballot. Hell, they still write in Ted Kennedy for Senate.

  7. If he said he was voting for Donald Duck for president instead of Trump I’m be a little more inclined to understand his reasoning but he is more than likely going to vote for Biden so he may as well switch partys as far as I’m concerned,RHINO!!

  8. He is a sorry excuse for a Republican. Trump
    has been raked over err r the coals for 3.5 years
    and now PROOF IS COMING OUT. of the
    involvement of Biden with Bursima and the
    knowledge he had of all these dealings that
    Hunter was involved in with Russia and China.
    Biden is a traitor..Obama is a traitor..and you
    are a POS if you fail to endorse the one person
    that fights to keep us free.
    Trump fights for all of us regardless of race or

  9. You would think that the first states that started these United States would never vote to become socialist!! Isn’t this what the founders fought against? These states have become the most liberal of all. It beyond me!!!

  10. I guess that means the twit will vote for the thoroughly corrupt and dishonest Biden? That’s far worse than a traitor to the GOP. That’s a traitor to the very foundation of our nation. May he never win another election.

  11. Because hi is not Republican most likely Collins or Snow in pants. Maybe Romney, did not he was “governor of Massachusetts”, Obama Care architect.

  12. Governor Charlie Baker has always been a jackass. Glad to see he still is. He is always doing something looking for publicity. Welcome to loserville Charlie. You Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins make a beautiful group. I’m sure Groupen Joe will appreciate your support.

    And may the good people of Massachusetts vote your sorry ass out of office.

  13. Saying Republican governor in the same sentence as Massachusetts is a contradiction in terms. As we see MR a once ‘Republican’ governor is no such thing. Never was never will
    I grew up in Massachusetts in the 50-60’s when it was still part of the United States. Luckily I escaped in the 70’s and I have NEVER looked back, Goldwater was very prescient in his day.

    The last real Republican governor was John A. Volpe and that was a very, very long time ago.

    What we really need is a Conservative Party. I am sure that if all the true conservatives banded together they could ditch the GOP, which is not conservative, just less liberal, and gather support and $$$ just as they do now.

    You can’t do it piecemeal as the Libertarians have tried. Has to be en bloc so that they have sufficient numbers to be effective as a bloc vote. A solid bloc would be powerful instead of a bunch of prima donnas bickering amongst themselves. Solidarity is a lesson they could learn from the Democrats – which is about the only positive trait Dems have. 🙁

  14. We should insist that HHS research the horrendous number of senior rest home deaths due to his policy of returning them from hospitals to rest homes when they were diagnosed with Covid 19. He, Cuomo, and several other Governors are guilty of geronticide.

  15. what do you want democracy or socialism?? I guess he wants higher taxes,
    more gov’t. and idiots telling him what to do. He may not like Trump but he has to
    admit we have lower taxes, lower unemployment, higher wages and more minorities

  16. Since he’s not really a Republican, I wouldn’t get too worked about this. His state is as blue as blue can be.

  17. I just finished watching world news on ABC.
    NOT one word about the dropped bombshell about Biden and his CORRUPT son and family.
    I know we don’t want to believe the polls. But, if I said I wasn’t worried about it, I would be lying. We keep saying that this is a repeat of 2016. I’m not sure that I see it exactly that way.
    Hitlary was hated, slow joe not so much. Old people see his as cute and harmless and a uniter.
    Hated, but reelected! States I’m concerned about: FLORIDA, ARIZONA, WISCONSIN, NORTH CAROLINA and the list goes on.
    ALL sectors of the media are in the tank for joe.
    Your thoughts????

    1. Unfortunately we are seeing the ‘wisdom’ of Stalin in full force. It doesn’t matter who votes the power is in who COUNTS the votes.

      I believe that the Left is foolishly pushing as hard as they can for a Jeffersonian ‘refreshment.’

      Not to be wished for – the Left needs to be very careful what it wishes for. This is not Russia circa 1914.

      1. Well stated, but unfortunately these people’s hate is their motivation!
        God help us and look over our country.

  18. Baker is not a Conservative and he is a counterfeit RINO. I am a native born MA resident living on Cape Ann, the home of the National Geographic series Wicked Tuna. I am a Vietnam vet with a 53 year old degree in Governmnet and think this Governor who columnist Howie Carr of the Boston Herald calls derogatorily, Tall De Val for his Democratic predecessor who was not worth a damned thing unless you were a party member. Of course, the party is the equivalent of the American Communist party. So far left has Massachusetts gone many of our former citizens are living in NH and many more are leaving. One of the reasons for THAT is we also are being dictated to in total violation of our Constitutional rights! THAT is the benchmark of the Democratic Party and my 2 Senators and my 6th District Rep in D.C. are the East Coast equivalent of the 3 stooges of the House of Representatives and ought to be investigated as they SHOULD be, The West Coast version of the stooges are of course, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler, East Coast version is Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ed Marky, and Representative Seth Moulton who wanted to be in the Democratic presedential debates but is so despised by VETERANS he could not qualify; this though he is on the Armed Forces Comittee and what does that fact display to you? Tall Deval is NOT a decent Governor and he is NOT in my eyes a decent human being with little moral conscience, few traditional AMERICAN Values and no military service I ever heard of. We ought to make it a priority to allow only those who have served in the military to run for office, at least they for the most part have the necessary values and integrity to function and srerve as they should; AND, THEY HAVE ALREADY PROVED THEIR WORTH BY HONORING AND NOT VIOLATING THEIR SWORN OATHS AS THE POLITICIANS MOSTLY DO! Charlie Parker, as Joe Biden calls him would be an asset for Biden but a liability for individual liberty and personal choices if Biden-Harris were fraudulently elected. People ought to VOTE on ACCOMPLISHMENTS,not broken promises and the ONLY candidate to actually keep his promises once elected in my 75 year lifetime is PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!

  19. These Never-Trumper Govenors are publically announcing their non-vote for Trump because Pelosi or Schumer have promised them a chunk of fed money for their state (to be spent on special interests only) or promised a future committee seat should Biden win the presidency. These Rhino Republican govenors aren’t sticking their neck out like this for nothing!

  20. There are a lot of Dishonest democrats that pretend to be Republican when they run for office so They can deceive the voters…..once they get elected they show their true colors……they should all have to take a lie detector test before they run for any office ….we should be able to get honest answers to our questions especially which party and values they truly represent..

  21. These people forgot what the President did for them and in the end they will never be punished These people never are, they have done nothing but tell Joe that he will be protected and in the end they will win.. to the detrament of our country

  22. I’m this alleged Republican Governor can not, and will not support the president, then he obviously has his head up his ass, and will support the braindead duo of Sleepy, Weepy, and the KUNT……..SCREW HIM, my opinion

  23. It looks like Charlie Baker is so busy protecting his political ass in Mass that he’s willing to give up any semblance of a principled man. Pathetic. Where do these fools come from, it just goes to prove you can’t trust career politicians. There’s a real need for term limits in every aspect of political life.

  24. He is a disgusting coward I guess when politicians go to DC something happens to the backbones of people, it just disappears and along with the spins the mind and any remains of common sense just stop it must be a symptom of TDS

  25. It is Massachusetts and Vermont. A genuine Conservative has a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected in either state.

    1. I am Massachusetts born and raised and went to college in VT at St. Micheal’s in Colchester , Winooski Park, VT. I graduated from there in 1967 AND, like so many of my contemporaries did my graduate studies at SMU, Southern Mekong University. My degree was in Government and,what was TRUE then is even more so NOW, and to the detriment and increasing expense to every REAL AMERICAN CITIZEN! Baker is a FRAUD as a “Republican,”and like all Democrats IS a control freak who wants to deny you every right and freedom guaranteed in the Constitution; Party affiliation is a choice, and THAT is but one reason the Left and bums like Baker want to prevent YOU from having the right! The others have one goal in mind; TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE AND THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHIDREN. WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN,

  26. These governors are FOOLS! Biden & most demoncrats are out to destroy America & TAKE your freedoms. Biden has NOT been for America, Biden is NOT for the working public. Biden is FOR himself & wealth.


    MAGA VOTE PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020 President Trump is FOR America & FOR WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  27. Just a coward trying to save his job in a majority liberal state – but many of them aren’t for Biden. This is going to blow up in his face.

  28. Massachusetts is not a left leaning state, it is and always has been a democrat/socialist stronghold. They support rioters, arsonists, thugs, and thieves, as proven by the recent riots in Boston! Baker is obviously a democrat/socialist in sheep’s clothing! He should be ashamed to pretend he is a republican! As for Vermont they support socialist Bernie Sanders! Talk about two looser states!!!!!!!

  29. Again this site has put my comment on hold! Why, I used no bad language, no racial slurs, no lies. What is their problem???????????????????????????????

  30. Anyone who gets elected to ANYTHING in “forever democrat Massachusetts” has to be a democrat….
    To claim they are republican is ludicrous and political suicide.
    How could someone proclaiming they are a republican get elected in Massachusetts to anything?????
    This guy was never an elected republican in Massachusetts. It goes against the laws of nature

  31. That just tells you he’s not a real conservative but a phony RINO. I lived in Mass. fro a while and found nothing I liked about it and I see why.


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