White House Press Secretary Locked Out of Twitter

Kayleigh McEnany, Gage Skidmore, Flickr.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was locked out of her Twitter account Wednesday.

The social media platform – which has been under fire recently for its censorship – took action against McEnany for simply sharing a New York Post story.

McEnany’s “crime” was the story was about Hunter Biden’s hard drive and emails which tied him to a Ukrainian executive.

McEnany received a message after posting the story which said “Your account has been locked.”

Twitter stated that they determined her account “violated Twitter Rules” for posting the story.

After being reinstated, McEnany tweeted “Censorship should be condemned…NOT the American way!”

The story gets even worse. Twitter is going so far as to suppress the story it’s blocking links from the Federal government.

“So now [Twitter] and [Jack Dorsey] are blocking access to a government website…all to protect Joe Biden. This is not only dangerous and corrupt, it’s clear election interference,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

The leaks of Biden’s hard drive also included some unsavory photos of Hunter Biden which we wrote about here (CLICK HERE).

There’s no way this ends well for Twitter.

  1. So fake stories of fake “crimes” committed by Trump are fine; Nancy Pelosi can lie on Twitter all day long and thats fine; people can call for Trump’s death on twitter and that’s fine; republican leaders can be mocked and lied about on Twitter and that’s fine; but a true article about Hunter Biden that exposes the crimes and fraud that disqualify Joe Biden is blocked and those who post it are censored. These social media sites are the ones who said there was voter influence, yet things like this show how they are influencing voters! They are such hypocrites!

  2. We need to deal with this monopoly in the same matter as Mountain Bell Telephone. Break it up, get some competitors in the picture. I would bet the dictatorship & censoring will come to an end!

  3. They had NO issue when they allowed Trump hacked taxes to be allowed but now use the excuse they will not permit Hunter Biden emails found in an abandoned laptop and sent to the FBI to be released since they considered it hacking. This says it all about the organization and control of speech to promote their agenda.

  4. It’s sad there is NO INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING in America. Sad so many Americans do not care their FREEDOMS are disappearing. Liberals have managed to DESTROY this country without much back lash. They will however answer to God for all their actions.


    1. Nah,
      Doing a REAL “investigation” is hard work….
      something that today’s generation of Americans are unable to do.
      Heck, we would have to “outsource” our so called journalists AND FBI since both have shown they are unable to conduct REAL investigations!!!!!!

  5. When the dirt settles for the GOP it is time to take these social media Aholes to the table and break em up. Remove their PC justice tools and moderate the whole industry. I have not joined them suspecting all along this was where they were headed. And they did not surprise me at all. What else can one expect from small minded idiots?

  6. Crap, with REPUBLICAN BUREAUCRATS attempting to go up against these huge fascist organizations…. we don’t stand a chance of anyone being held accountable.

  7. Perhaps it’s time for a truly open forum, funded by taxpayers. We all know the rules of everyday civility bereft of profanity, obscenity, carnage, pornography and the like. Government committees wrote the Constitution so surely a similar committee could write and maintain rules for an open forum, kinda’ like a system on steroids that facilitates public speaking before congress.

    Facebook and Twitter have earned their billions and now that they’ve become the largest source of public discourse, they’ve become tyrannical and have moved to control personal expression if they don’t like the content. Taxpayers already fund public parks, public schools, buildings, law enforcement and a long list of other things. Why not a public forum? Anything would be allowed within a few rules of civility.

  8. Where is the government we pay for. This is censorship of a public forum. Twitter needs to be fined a huge sum. It would be so big if I were in charge that it would put them out of business. Twitter and Facebook are as corrupt as hell and our pathetic government does nothing because they are EVEN MORE CORRUPT.

    Liberals no longer follow the law because they know that there is no consequences for not following the law.

  9. Oh no! You mean Twitter won’t allow the dissemination of hostile propaganda?! How terrible! And you mean all those poor Republicans who constantly whine about Fake News are supporting an unsourced, anonymous, hacked, partially-fabricated piece that was identified by Trump’s own government as false? How weird! It’s almost like they’re partisan! Or idiots.

  10. Twitter needs to defend “How and Why it determined the information to be HACKED”?

    This should be a key question at the Senate Hearings to be called by Senator Hawley.

  11. So what’s going to be done about it? Have we completely thrown the First Ammendment in the toilet to get Slo-Joe and Commie-Kamala “elected? Where are the conservative American “social media” sites that could carry the Truth?

  12. Got kicked off of FB about a year ago. Too bad as I enjoyed many fine friends and conversations. Miss it for awhile.

  13. If the FCC was worth five cents they would pull the plug on FB and Twitter until they convinced them they would stop being a biased two faced AH. They do not honor the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. They should not have immunity from prosecution, and the FCC should throw a very heavy fine on them and a stern warning, do right or forfeit your license to operate!


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