Trump Campaign Set to Release Explosive Ads Slamming Biden

Gage Skidmore Flickr

The Trump campaign is set to release five new ads targeting Democrat nominee Joe Biden at midnight. The ads focus on a range of issues from Hunter Biden’s dirty dealings with Ukraine to Biden’s proposed tax increases. The ad buy centers on Trump’s “promises made promises kept” campaign theme and blast Biden as a career politician who had done little in his nearly five decades in office.

See the powerful ads on the next page! Will these be the nail in the coffin for Joe?

  1. My Review:
    Ad 1 (first lady) passable, not inspiring C+
    Ad 2 (piggy bank) poor, silly. D
    Ad 3 good B
    Ad 4 good B+
    Ad 5 excellent A
    One Trumper’s opinion!

    1. Here’s my counter vote to yours, Bobert

      Ad 1 – it is inspiring if you have children who have been held back for months in attending school – B plus
      Ad 2 – Piggy bank is brief and to the point….A
      Ad 3 – A –
      Ad 4 – A-
      Ad 5 – A plus

    1. The new Trump ads are good. But will the left ever get what’s coming to them? I doubt it because the media is owned by them. They keep sucking down all the Chinese money they can get.

  2. At least we Trumpers can proudly boast that THERE ARE NO LIES in these Trump ads like ALL OF THE LIBERAL COMMIE ADS! 🙂

  3. I wish he had released these weeks ago, so many confused people have already voted for Biden. They needed to see these ads.


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