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Fox News
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Fox News star Tucker Carlson just broke a new record.

Carlson posted the “most-watched month of any program in the history of cable news”, according to A.J. Katz from TVNewser.

Carlson, who hosts Tucker Carlson Tonight, during the 8 PM hour had 5.3 million viewers.

His show was so successful its viewership even surpassed CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell in the key 25-54 demographic. This is the first time since the program’s launch that it reached that feat.

According to a press release from the network, Carlson isn’t the only one carrying his weight at Fox.

The network finished October as the “most-watched” cable network in both total day and primetime total viewers and experienced its highest-rated October in history which marked the 10th consecutive month the network finished number one in all of cable in total primetime viewers.

Obviously, Fox News has been helped by the upcoming election, and last evening’s exclusive appearance of Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski on Carlson’s show last evening didn’t help either.

Bobulinski – a veteran of the United States Navy– stated he met with then-Vice President Joe Biden twice. During his appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight said Biden will be “compromised” (Daily Caller News Foundation):

“I think Joe Biden and the Biden family are compromised,” Bobulinski said.

“I just don’t see, given the history here in the facts, how Joe can’t be influenced in some manner based on the history that they have,” Bobulinski said. “So as a citizen and an American taxpayer, I’m very, very concerned.”

Bobulinski explained how he met with Joe Biden in Los Angeles on May 2, 2017, at the request of Hunter and his uncle, Jim Biden, to discuss the Biden family dealings at a high level.

“They were sort of wining and dining me and presenting the strength of the Biden family to get me more engaged and want to take on the CEO role” of the joint business venture between the Chinese energy firm CEFC China Energy Co. and Oneida Holdings, a Delaware-based LLC.

Here’s the clip:

  1. I have known a large number of U. S. Navy lieutenants and have found them all to be extremely intelligent, dedicated and loyal Americans, regardless of political persuasion. I would take the word of one of them over the word of an Army Lt. Col, like Vindman.

      1. So what? He’s got the evidence, he was there with Joe, Hunter and Jim Biden. I trust this guy, I do not trust any of the Bidens.

      1. Vindnan is a paid hack and a Russian, it’s in his blood. He had no evidence just his viciousness and desire to damage Trump propelled by the promises of the democrats to make him famous. Where did it get him?

        1. People seriously need to stop lumping all Russian’s together. Russia, like the US, are made up of the ones who still want Russia to be Communist, and then there is Putin’s Russia (which is MOST of them), who want Freedom. Putin has done a great job of getting rid of the Soviet Russian’s; but, of course, they still exists there. There are more Commie Russian’s here in the US than in Russia. As we all know, there are those here in the US trying to turn this country Commie; but the majority of American’s REJECT that.

    1. The Rangers who trained with Vindman did not have ONE nice word to say about him. Tom Morrison, head of the Dept. he worked for, said Vindman’s bosses had problems with him going behind their backs, not reporting actions he was taking, and was mad because he was taken away from duties in Ukraine.

    2. But I like his motivation for coming forward….. it wasn’t for the country it was personal!!
      lol lol

  2. I believe the Lt., the only problem is America hasn’t seen or heard his message thanks to the liberal media. They continue to run interference for Biden. What a shame.

    1. True, but there has been enough “hidden” that curiousity is fueling the spread of this information. That is why Tucker’s show garnered the record of viewers…that it did. This fact, gives me hope!!

        1. Hitler was a mass murderer without reason. He did it for personal fun. He is now burning in hell for eternity. Everyone who is evil will have their turn. For some reason they never escape their turn, it comes no matter how powerful or well connected they are, ultimately, God rules. His judgement will eventually come for them.

  3. With the record breaking number of viewers Fox News is garnering, there is no question there are millions of liberals joining conservative people watching Fox! I only hope the news of what is on “Hunter’s Laptop From Hell” got out in time to avert some people from voting for the Chinese, Ukraine, Russia, etc owned Joe Biden and his commie comrade Kamala!
    I believe this “whistleblower”, every word of it but, even if he was lying what is on the laptop can’t lie and technology is out there to verify where emails, texts, etc. have come from. The tech experts report this is REAL! That is good enough for me and should be enough for anyone unless they don’t believe their lying eyes and brains! AND yes, there are some of those out there!

    1. It is sad but there are many who have heard/read/seen this and still will vote for communism with Biden than freedom with Trump. Some voters are just died in the wool blue and cannot be convinced otherwise.

      1. Yes, just look at CA and NY, just look at those people, it’s beyond comprehension for normal, logical people and yet it still happening.

    2. Three conservative cable news outlets. Fox, OANN, (one America news network) and NEWSMAX. Now if we could only find some fair, unbiased social media we would be all set.

      1. He should be gone today! Or, should have been gone the day Trump learned that he is a traitor. I wonder how much information implicates him.

        For him to not have briefed Trump, tells me he is in DEEP, with the deep state.

        1. I am also. Christians have to be on our faces before Almighty God and plead for America. I believe that the confirmation of ACB is a direct move of God. We’ve prayed so long and hard for American babies to have the right to Life that it’s my belief that our Lord is lining up events to strike down Roe V Wade. We’ve got to destroy Planned Murderhood if we want Jesus to bless America again.

  4. I wouldn’t say the MSM is “quivering.”
    They all work COLLECTIVELY”
    as ONE to censor and suppress and spin the news in favor of the left and fascist socialism.
    Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and the rest of FOX cannot do it by themselves.
    Just like Trump cannot do it by himself.
    Sadly, that’s the way this is playing out.

  5. The truly SAD part about all of this is the FACT that this MAKES NO DIFFERENCE to the spin doctors (Google, twitter etc) who will SUPRESS these FACTS and assist an obvious criminal “try” to become the President of the United States. I’m afraid we have reached a NEW LOW !!!

  6. Congratulations Tucker! I watch every night, Tucker tells it like it is, he doesn’t cut anybody any slack, he is a true Journalist ! HELL YES

  7. Then Tucker screws up his success by sending an unsecured package through UPS. It’s lost and found opened, the proof missing. Now the only thing anyone talks about is the stupidity of mishandling very important information. Remember Tucker; you can be the greatest success in the world but they will only remember if you tripped on a banana peel.


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